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Children's tricycles with a handle: review, features and reviews

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Children's tricycles with a handle: review, features and reviews
Children's tricycles with a handle: review, features and reviews

One-year-olds strive for independence. Many of them refuse to ride in a stroller, try to get out of it, act up. At the same time, babies walk unsteadily, often fall, and quickly get tired. Long walks turn into a real problem. A tricycle for children with a handle can save the situation.

Transport for active kids

Young explorers are happy to change to a bicycle, as this greatly expands the field of view. They are also pleased with the ability to independently turn the steering wheel, press the bell. The child has the illusion that it is he who controls the movement. Many models have game panels with luminous buttons and funny songs. They will attract the attention of the crumbs, entertain him during the trip.

At the same time, parents are in full control of the moving process thanks to the handle. It is connected to the front wheel and does not allow the baby to turn in the wrong direction. The bike is quite stable and completely safe. The child cannotfall out, as it is fixed with straps. Mom constantly sees him, which makes it possible to quickly respond in case of unforeseen situations.

girl on a tricycle with a handle

It is recommended to buy such transport for children from the year. A children's tricycle with a handle develops independence and initiative in kids. After a while, they realize the principles of controlling it, try to turn the steering wheel, turn the pedals. And transform from passive passengers into confident drivers.

Types of bicycles

Three-wheeled models are selected according to the age of the baby. The classic bike without a handle is suitable for children aged 2 to 4 who are already able to steer, avoid obstacles on the road, adjust the speed of the ride, brake.

However, such actions cannot yet be performed by babies from 1 year old. Tricycles with a handle are designed for the youngest riders. There are two varieties on sale:

child in a wheelchair
  1. Cycle carriages. They have a deep seat with a comfortable back, safety straps and headbands, and a footrest. Often, a vehicle is equipped with a sun visor, a basket for various things, and a music panel. Such models are small in size and last up to 2-2.5 years.
  2. Transformers. At first they are used as a pusher, and then they are transformed into a full-fledged tricycle. This is achieved due to the large number of removable parts. Parents can remove foot trays holding headbands, handlecontrols, seat limiter. Often these bikes are adjustable depending on the height of the child, they fold.

Selection rules

If you decide to buy a children's tricycle with a handle, listen to the advice of professionals. They make the following recommendations:

  • Choose a wheelchair, focusing on the growth of the baby. His legs should easily reach the pedals, his hands - to the steering wheel. Do not take the thing "for growth".
  • Specify the weight of the product, because mom will have to regularly take it out of the house.
  • Check all supporting documents.
  • It's great if there is an opportunity to seat the child in the models you like, watch his reaction.
baby under the awning

Technical parameters

To keep your handlebar tricycle comfortable and last long, pay attention to the following features:

  • Rama. If it is plastic, there is a risk of quick breakage. It is better to take bicycles with a metal frame, paying attention to the quality of welding, the reliability of the parent handle.
  • Seat. For a one-year-old child, purchase a model with a plastic high chair. Well, if it has rubber pimples to prevent slipping. Safety headband and seat belts will help protect your baby from falling.
  • Pedals. It is important that they turn easily and be slightly elongated. For small children, footrests are a must. They are more comfortable when they are wide and can be easily removed.
  • Wheels. Experts prefer rubber. However, hereasy to pierce, besides the weight of the bike increases. Plastic wheels are cheaper and lighter, but wear out quickly, do not protect a small rider from vibration, and create a lot of noise.
  • Pen. Check out its maneuverability and strength. It is better if this element is made of metal with cheaper inserts. Mom should be comfortable pushing the bike with both hands. According to reviews, a single holder with an expanding "donut" at the end is preferable.

Additional features

Many handlebar tricycles are equipped with optional parts. These could be:

grocery basket
  • Trunk for shopping or toys. Mom does not have to carry packages in her hands, and the baby will be able to ride her favorite dolls.
  • Pedal switches and brake. Their presence greatly simplifies the control of the bike.
  • Protective awning. Under it, you can hide from the sun or rain, but at the same time, an adult cannot see what the child is doing. If you take a model with a visor, let it be removable.
  • Game panel. It is able to attract the attention of the baby, but is not a mandatory accessory. Many parents are annoyed by music. If you decide to take a model with sound effects, listen to all the tunes in advance.

Best Handle Tricycles

Let's take a look at the 5 most popular models for babies:

  1. Jaguar. These bikes attract with their design, reliable construction, ease of movement. Some models have an awning, musical toys. The seat has a handlewhich the child can push his vehicle. The average price is 3000 rubles.
  2. "Lamborghini". These are convertible bikes with an adjustable seat and many removable parts. They are safe and stylish. The kid will like burning headlights, the sound of the engine, the ignition key. Inflatable wheels guarantee a smooth ride. The cost of models is from 4 to 7 thousand rubles.
  3. Lexus Trike. The bike is reliable, equipped with everything you need, the frame is metal. Most models have high-quality inflatable wheels. The children's wheelchair is easily transformed into a full-fledged tricycle. The price ranges from 4 to 10 thousand rubles.
  4. Puky. Models from the German manufacturer captivate with their quality and safety. There are brakes, pedal lock. There are two control modes: "urban", when the bicycle is pushed by an adult, and "game", when the child pedals himself. The cost can be from 3.5 to 20 thousand rubles.
  5. "Chizhik". This is a simple, but quite durable wheelchair in bright colors without any additional features. Wheels are plastic, with rubber inserts. The bike is perfect for ruthless use in playground conditions. The average price is 3500 rubles.
first tricycle

Positive Feedback

Tricycles with a handle will be appreciated by those parents whose kids flatly refuse to ride in a stroller and prefer active pastime. They are convenient to take the child to the park or playground. Some little ones alreadyat 1.5 they try to pedal, ride on the tracks, pushing off with their feet.

At 2.5 years old, a child is able to independently control a bicycle. When he gets tired, mom will easily block the pedals and take him home. All parents consider a basket for transporting things and toys a must-have accessory.

handle bike ride

Negative reviews

However, such a purchase is not always successful. It is more convenient for parents to transport one-year-old babies in a folding stroller. It is easier to lower it down the stairs, transport it in the trunk of a car. The baby can sleep in the stroller. And not every toddler likes to ride a bike. Someone grows up to this occupation only by the age of 3-4.

When deciding to buy a tricycle with a handle, watch your child. If a one-year-old baby rides comfortably in a stroller, wait until next summer. Another thing is if the little one actively besieges all oncoming bicycles on the playground, trying to climb on them. When buying the first transport for a young rider, first of all pay attention to quality and safety, as well as ease of control.

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