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How to wean a kitten from chewing wires? First aid for electric shock

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How to wean a kitten from chewing wires? First aid for electric shock
How to wean a kitten from chewing wires? First aid for electric shock

Cats are energetic and curious animals, which sometimes causes a lot of problems. Kittens are especially destructive. Often their attention is attracted by wires, which is fraught not only with a malfunction of electrical appliances, but also with a fatal electric shock for the pet. Let's talk about how to wean a kitten to chew on wires. What to do if he gets electrocuted?

Why do cats chew wires?

A little kitten who just got into a new home, everything is interesting. He examines new possessions, sniffs everything and tries it on the tooth. He is playful, and therefore he is interested in everything he can get to. Wires that can be moved with paws and bitten are especially attractive for a little prankster. The situation can be aggravated when a kitten changes milk teeth to molars. This happens in the interval from 5 to 9 months. Usually cats get rid of this bad habit with age, but sometimes they like this unsafe idea.

Kittens and technology

Cats have strong jaws and sharp claws, becausethere is a possibility that the animal will receive an electric shock. Another danger: the pet can get tangled in the wires during the game and suffocate. That is why this bad habit must be fought. Let's figure out how to wean a kitten to gnaw wires. What is the first aid for electric shock?

Hide the wires

What to do so that the kitten does not gnaw the wires? First you need to reduce the number of wires that lie or hang on the floor. It is advisable to store chargers from phones and other equipment in a place inaccessible to the kitten. When you charge your phone or laptop, you need to watch the animal or do it in a room closed to it.

Wires that cannot be removed can be twisted together and hidden in a special box or under a baseboard. It is necessary to reduce the number of bottlenecks that a cat can climb into: the space behind the refrigerator, TV, computer desk. It is important that the beast is under supervision, and does not do its "dark" deeds in a secluded place. It is advisable to temporarily restrict the kitten's access to rooms that contain the largest number of available wires.

Make wires unattractive

There are still effective ways to wean a kitten from chewing wires. Cats are sensitive to strong odors. Wires can be treated with citrus juice, vinegar, oils with the smell of pine needles, ground pepper. There are also special sprays that are used to scare away the cat. It is undesirable to use chemicals that the animal can lick off.

The cat lies on the wires

There are also special protective tubes that are already impregnated with the right smell. You just need to wrap the wires around them. Wires can be wrapped with double-sided tape. Cats hate sticky surfaces. When the cat approaches the wires, you can spray it with water from a spray bottle. It is a painless form of punishment that is often quite effective. But you need to be careful not to get water on electrical appliances.

Distract the kitten

A kitten should have toys that it can safely chew on. You should not save on a pet, you can try different types of toys and choose the ones your baby likes. The toy can be sprinkled with a little catnip or valerian for more attractiveness.

The cat gnaws on a garland

It is often boredom that causes a kitten to chew on wires. What to do in this case? Kittens need to play a lot. Cats are not averse to playing until old age, to say nothing of kittens. They have a lot of energy and desire to explore the surrounding areas. A little kitten needs to be given a lot of attention, play outdoor games with him, direct his energy in the right direction.

A kitten should have enough space to play. It should not be locked in small spaces. There should be enough space for the baby to run and jump. Special game centers are sold that you can gnaw on, you can sharpen your claws on them, you can jump, climb and sleep on them. In addition, there are various hard treats that the kitten may well scratch its teeth about, and alsobenefit to receive.

What should I do if my cat is electrocuted?

It happens that the kitten was not followed, and the trouble still happened. It is necessary to immediately de-energize the wires: unplug the plug from the outlet or de-energize the entire apartment through the meter. Until this moment, the cat should never be touched, otherwise there is a chance to get an electric shock yourself.

cat and computer

The following consequences may result from electric shock:

  • heart failure;
  • cessation of breathing;
  • burns.

If the animal has lost consciousness, it is necessary to give artificial respiration. To do this, put the cat on its side, then with the palm of your hand slightly press on the chest in the direction of the neck 6 times. After you need to exhale into the cat's nose. Artificial respiration may be effective for up to 3 minutes after an electric shock. If the animal has been brought back to life, it is necessary to seek help from a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Thus, curiosity is a rather dangerous trait in cats. The situation is further complicated by the fact that cats are difficult to train, and it is quite difficult to convince them not to do something. It is important to know how to wean a kitten from chewing wires. Do not ignore these bad habits of your pet, because it can cost him his life.

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