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How to choose the right size of bed linen?

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How to choose the right size of bed linen?
How to choose the right size of bed linen?

Choosing bed linen is an exciting, but rather difficult task. A huge number of colors, many varieties of materials, different types of finishes, decoration options, but the most important thing when choosing is the size of one and a half bedding. Therefore, in order to choose the right bedding, you should measure the width and length of your pillows, mattress and blanket in advance with a centimeter tape.

Also, when choosing bedding, one should start from the quality of the fabric and tailoring of the product. Do not forget that home textiles should fit perfectly into the interior of your room.

Sizes for 1.5 bedding

Today, there are several types of bed linen that differ in their names and sizes, these include the following sets:

  • single;
  • standard one and a half;
  • one and a half euro;
  • standard double;
  • double euro;
  • family;
  • teenager;
  • childish.

Russian and European sizes of one and a half bed linen are presented in the table.

Name Pillowcase size in mm Duvet cover size in mm Sheet size in mm
Basic 500700, 600600, 700700 15002100, 15002200, 21502480 15002150, 16002100, 18002600, 21501480
Teenage 500600, 500700, 700700 14502150 14502200
Euro 500700, 700700 20002200, 20502250, 22502450 24002200, 24002800

Each manufacturer has its own size charts for bedding sets. All Russian companies have standard bed sizes, which cannot be said about European manufacturers.

When buying a bed set, carefully study the numbers on the package. The specified sizes of bed linen may differ from the actual ones. Therefore, it is better to take the bed out of the package and measure each unit of the product included in the kit with a centimeter. This way you will know the exact size of the sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover.

Baby Bedding Design

Every year, designers never cease to amaze us with new models of bed linen. The best master artists work on a variety of styles and decoration options. A huge range of bedding sets in different styles is available on the market for every taste and color!

size of single bed linen
  1. Folklore direction: large bright drawings on a plainduvet cover. Lush roses, large dandelions and bright orchids are depicted on the most popular models of bed linen. Such sets are decorated with beautiful frills, lace and ruffles.
  2. Retro Style: Romantic bedding sets with patterns and flowers, decorated with ribbons and satin bows.
  3. Popular Art Nouveau trend: 3D drawings on the bed, images in the form of hieroglyphs, funny animals, exotic landscape, space scenes and more.
  4. Business style: striped or plaid bedding sets made from natural fabrics (coarse calico, linen or bamboo).
  5. Country direction: small and at the same time bright patterns, drawings and abstractions.

How to choose good quality single bedding?

The range of home textiles includes a wide range of bed linen from domestic and European companies. To choose a quality product, you should know what types of natural fabrics one and a half bed linen is sewn from:

sheet size
  • percale;
  • calico;
  • cotton;
  • bamboo;
  • coarse calico;
  • linen;
  • poplin;
  • ranforce;
  • biomatin;
  • satin;
  • silk.

Bedding made of natural fabrics is breathable, does not cause allergic reactions, resistant to deformation, strong and durable. In addition, this bed linen is very light, soft and pleasant to the touch, retains the brightness of the color well even after numerous washes.

Colors:which bedding is better to choose?

Successful design solutions and the emergence of new fabrics have turned bedding sets into works of art. Modern sets can transform your room.

what are the sizes of duvet covers

Solid colors have faded into the background, so calm seascapes, bright tropical motifs, strict geometric abstractions and Egyptian-style drawings are in fashion now. Fashionable color schemes lift the mood and calm the person at the same time.

The most popular trend in 2017 was the tech-style bedding set, which depicts technique that shimmers beautifully in all silver-metallic shades. This design will fit perfectly into a modern style room.

Criteria for choosing a one and a half bed set

Choosing one and a half linen is not an easy task that takes time and money. Before making a purchase, you need to determine for yourself several indicators that will help you make the right choice:

single bed linen
  1. Bed sizes (most often the furniture has standard dimensions, but in some cases the beds have designer non-standard solutions).
  2. Manufacturer of one and a half linen.
  3. The size of a one and a half set (what sizes of duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases do domestic and European companies have).
  4. Length and width of the mattress, duvet and pillows.
  5. The style direction of the bed set.
  6. Type of fabric and decoration elements.
  7. Bed linen colors.

Guided by this article, you can find out what are the sizes of one and a half bedding. This will help you quickly navigate and make a great purchase!

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