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A child has prickly heat. How to treat it at home?

A child has prickly heat. How to treat it at home?
A child has prickly heat. How to treat it at home?

A newborn baby's skin is very delicate, and various rashes often appear on it from improper care. Especially many problems exist in the summer. When it is hot, the child often develops prickly heat. How to treat it, all parents should know. After all, this is not an infectious disease, but the shortcomings of caring for a baby, and you can cope with this

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on our own.

To start treatment correctly, you need to know what prickly heat looks like in a child. After all, these rashes can be confused with an allergic rash and with manifestations of certain diseases. Miliaria manifests itself in the form of a small pink or red rash, sometimes vesicles with transparent contents. This disease appears due to imperfection in newborn sweat glands, so the rash most often occurs in the armpits, elbows, neck and buttocks. If the baby overheats, the access of air to his skin is disturbed, then prickly heat appears in the child. How to treat it at home, all mothers need to know.

prickly heat in a child how to treat

It is best to preventsuch problems. To do this, do not overheat the child, do not wrap him up. At home, it is advisable not to keep the baby in a diaper and wet diapers for a long time. Give your child sun and air baths more often and carry out hygiene procedures on time. You need to bathe the baby every day, you can even several times, best of all with plain water, without soap. For an older child, choose the right clothes - it is undesirable to use things made of synthetic fabrics.

But it happens that even if all these rules are observed, a child develops prickly heat. How to treat her in this case?

It is best to bathe your baby in decoctions of herbs: chamomile, succession, celandine or oak bark. You can add a very weak solution of potassium permanganate, but not often, as it dries the skin. It is recommended to wipe the affected areas with cotton wool moistened with chamomile decoction, and after drying, lubricate with baby cream. Use powder to dry places where prickly heat appears.

Some babies are restless when prickly heat appears, screaming and refusing to eat. In this case, you need to support their defenses. The pediatrician will advise what means to raise immunity can be given to the child. But the best thing a mother can do is breastfeed her baby. After all, breast milk contains all the substances necessary for it. It is very good if the mother drinks carrot juice, it is good for the skin, and from 9 months you can give it to the baby himself.

In more advanced cases, more radical remedies are required. How to smear prickly heat in a child if hygiene procedures do not help?

how to smear prickly heat in a child

Soda solution relieves itching well. Dissolve a spoonful of soda in a glass of cool boiled water, moisten gauze and apply to the affected areas. You can also lubricate them with a weak solution of calendula tincture. If prickly heat disturbs the child, it is recommended to use zinc ointment or panthenol-based cream. Sometimes you can find advice to lubricate the baby's skin with baby oil. But this is unacceptable in the heat, and it does not cure rashes. If you use a baby cream to lubricate the skin of a child, then choose one that includes chamomile or string.

Almost all mothers face such a problem as prickly heat in a child. How to treat it, you can ask your doctor. But the best way is to prevent the baby from overheating, dress and bathe him properly.

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