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Cycle seat for children is a great helper for active parents

Cycle seat for children is a great helper for active parents
Cycle seat for children is a great helper for active parents
bicycle seat for children

Until recently, going on a bike ride, parents could not take their kids with them. The reason is simple - a bicycle seat for children could not be found on store shelves. I had to either fold the blanket several times and screw it onto the frame, or put the baby on the trunk and hope for the strength of his children's hands.

But the situation has changed radically! Now you can find an excellent suitable model and at a very reasonable price. The variety of models and knowledge of the main characteristics allows you to determine how to choose a bicycle seat for a child with the highest degree of protection. Pay special attention to the fact that the baby's feet should never touch the pedals and wheels of the bicycle. It is better if the chair is with special stands and fastening straps, so that even when riding over bumps and rocky roads, the legs cannot slip off the footboard and get into the rotating elements of the bike.

When choosing a bike seat for children, it is also important to pay attention to the height of the back of the chair, the depth of the seat and the closed profile on the sides. In the event of an accident, this is the profilewill ensure a minimum of injury.

front bike seat for child

Of course, a rear bike seat won't let your baby enjoy the view of the road, but this model has its advantages. There is no danger for a child to be afraid of something unfamiliar on the road, all the landscapes are perfectly visible, and you can always hide from the headwind behind your father's back. Doesn't such a chair interfere with driving, doesn't restrict turns? and the cyclist sits in a comfortable position.

Comfortable front bike seat for your child will provide not only a good view, but also the complete safety of your baby. Such a device is fastened very simply and reliably, and in the event of an unexpected fall of the bicycle, the seat belts will reduce its consequences. In addition, such a bicycle seat for children provides constant access to the baby. You can always see how the child feels, what he wants and whether he is comfortable. It happens that the smallest passengers fall asleep while driving, and therefore make sure that the seat has a cross strap, and is upholstered in a comfortable and soft fabric. And if the angle of the backrest also changes, this will be the best option! Children are very fond of sitting in front, holding on to the steering wheel and imagining that it is they who are driving a big bike, and the front seat just fully meets all the needs of the child and parents. And one more important point - your trunk will be free for other things that are absolutely necessary for a walk.

how to choose a bike seat for a child

Before you choose and buy a bike seat for children,read the instructions. On sale there are models for different age groups. This will provide more comfort to your baby. And read the installation methods carefully. Although they are quite simple and uncomplicated, it is better to once again check the availability of all the necessary parts and accessories.

Biking with kids is a great way to spend time with your family. Picnics, trips to the country, to the river, picking mushrooms and much more - all this is now available even with a one-year-old baby. Don't forget to bring helmets, warm clothes and a supply of water to make your walk even more enjoyable and safe.

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