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Australian Kelpie is a great friend and good helper

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Australian Kelpie is a great friend and good helper
Australian Kelpie is a great friend and good helper

Some breeds of dogs are used to herd sheep. And one of these dogs is the Australian Kelpie. He can combine the qualities of a wonderful friend and a shepherd for the flock.

Australian kelpie

History of the breed

There is very little historical data on this breed at the moment. There are only some assumptions about the breeding of such a breed of dog as the Australian Kelpie.

The first literary references related to their existence date back to the end of the 19th century. Since that time, the kelpie has developed rapidly and has been used on the farm and as a pet. Most people use this dog breed as shepherds, just like other sheepdog breeds.

shepherd dog

The appearance of this breed remains a mystery. Some scientists believe that the Australian Cattle Dog was introduced to mainland Australia at the same time that the area began to be explored. It turns out that the first settlers brought this breed with them.

There is also a version that this assistant was born and raised in Australia. And he began his pedigree from the Australian wild dogs dingoes. Only this version, like others, is nothave full evidence.

There is another version in which English collies appear, which belong to the Rutherford line from the North County. These, like many other sheepdogs, were brought to the mainland at the end of the 20th century.

Characteristics of dogs

The Australian Kelpie is an energetic breed of shepherd dogs that cannot sit still. They constantly need to move. Due to their mobility, they are not suitable for the role of a sofa friend or just a homebody.

australian kelpie puppies

Serious pluses of these dogs are excellent attention. They can concentrate excellently and at the highest level on any subject. Therefore, nothing and no one can fall out of sight of this wonderful dog.

The Australian Kelpie dog breed is a very hardworking animal. Sometimes it feels like these wonderful animals will never get tired and stop working.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that representatives of this breed can easily find out where they need to work, and very well, and where it is possible to relax and start having fun with people. During the last session, these dogs also show maximum activity. If the owner of the dog is engaged in outdoor activities, then the kelpie will become a wonderful friend and companion in these matters.

It is also necessary to pay attention to cases when a cheerful dog can become a sad animal. This may be due to the fact that the dog is not properly provided with physical activity, which shouldbe for the Australian constant and intense. To prevent this from happening, the dog owner should pay attention to the necessary activity of his pet.

Kelpie he alth status

Practically all animals are in perfect he alth. And the Australian Kelpie dog is no exception to this rule, it can even be said that it is a prime example of a great he althy body.

dog breed australian kelpie

Indeed, representatives of this breed have good he alth and strength. They are very hardy, strong and rarely sick animals. As mentioned above, they need physical activity and constant movement. They need not short, but long walks in the fresh air.

Caring for the breed

Unpretentiousness and ease during care make this breed of dog even better. Also, while caring for dogs, you do not need to purchase any special products, as is necessary in cases with other breeds of dogs.

Combing wool in general can only bring pleasure not only to the dog, but also to the owners. In this case, only a soft-bristled brush may be needed, no special tools are needed anymore. The Australian Kelpie has a short coat, so a few minutes each day of combing and brushing will suffice.

Washing doesn't require anything supernatural either. Do not pay much attention to this process. In the summer, however, it is worth washing the dog more often under cool running water. This is especially necessary inhot days.

Australian kelpie dog

And now a few words about animal food. Australian kelpies can eat natural and dry food. An adult herding dog that works well every day should eat at least twice a day. And it is also necessary to constantly keep clean drinking water in the aviary. This dog drinks little, but water should always be available.


If there is a desire to train these animals, then there will be no big problems with this. Anyone with the necessary knowledge can start training Australian Kelpie dogs. Puppies are especially good at this process. Especially great results can be achieved in the guard sphere.

Regularity during training is of great importance. If you constantly follow the necessary program, then after the first year of life, a true friend will be at the desired level. In addition to independent work, it is advisable to seek the help of professional cynologists and animal trainers.


As a result, we can say that the Australian kelpie is a good friend and an excellent helper. On the monetary side, a puppy of this breed does not cost a lot of money, so almost everyone can afford such a dog.

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