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What to feed your pet? What is holistic food?

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What to feed your pet? What is holistic food?
What to feed your pet? What is holistic food?

Let's start with the fact that holistic food is not a name, but a product class. Surely everyone is accustomed to such a division, choosing a sausage, washing powder or a dress. Every day we are faced with something that is cheaper, but worse, and there is excellent, but expensive.

Existing categories

Holistic food is the best thing on the shelves of pet stores today. In fairness, it should be noted that it cannot be found on the free market, but you can order it via the Internet.

This is a new generation of super premium food, such as Acana, Canidae, Orijen, canned food for cats and dogs Berkley. Natural ingredients of the highest quality, no flavorings and GMOs make them a great find for loving owners. Not far behind them are Calibra, Eukanuba, Hils.

Holistic food

Premium foods are inferior in nutritional value and digestibility. The amount of meat in the composition is minimal, since offal is used (bones, veins, entrails, fat). They cannot give the body all that is needed. These are Happy dog, Royal Canin andothers.

What we see in the retail chain is mostly economy class. These are solid preservatives, "chemistry" and flavor enhancers. Animal products in the composition are practically horns and hooves. Representatives of similar brands - Diamond, Darling, Whiskas, Frieskies and others.

What Holistic food is made of

Only from fresh and natural products! No freezing and long storage.

Dog food holistic reviews

The very word "holistic" means integrity and reflects the philosophy of this food system. The latter includes all the main food groups your pet needs. The manufacturing recipe was developed according to the latest research in veterinary medicine in the field of nutrition. Any "chemistry" and artificial ingredients are excluded from the feed. The packages publish a complete and detailed list of what was used in the cooking process, with a description of each item.

What are the benefits, or Why pay more?

Every loving owner wants to give their pet the very best. If you have already been to veterinary clinics, then surely the doctors introduced you to the basics of feeding and the consequences of neglecting their recommendations. More than 70% of all visits to the veterinarian (which are expensive) are due to malnutrition and subsequent deterioration in he alth.

Holistic food can be consumed even by people, its production is carried out under strictly observed sanitary and hygienic standards. It is completely natural andgreat taste will appeal to even the most fastidious pets. Based on the nutrition of a predator in its natural habitat, not one, but four types of meat were included in the composition.

Feed holistic class

Manufacturers very carefully approached the addition of grain components. Since not all of them are absorbed by the dog's body, only brown and white rice remained in the composition. Natural omega-3 and omega-6 supplements, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, live probiotics and digestive enzymes are a treasure trove of he alth, not just holistic dog food. Reviews confirm a significant improvement in the pet's appetite and vigor after switching to such food.

Product composition

This is the most important thing to look for when buying. Just on cheap feeds you will not find information about what they are made of. Holistic-class foods include several types of meat: beef, turkey, chicken and fish. Often, when using other feeds, an allergy to poultry is noted. This is easy to explain: the composition does not contain meat, but an extract from veins and bones, beaks and feathers.

Holistic grade food for cats

Meat is the basis of food, this is the diet that a he althy animal should have. White and brown rice is a necessary but not predominant supplement. The composition of the product includes the necessary oils: sunflower and linseed, linoleic acid. Alfalfa, sage, rosemary, yucca and kelp promote he althy digestion, while cranberries and apples provide essential micronutrients. Eggs provide an important proteincomponent. Yeast, probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals enrich the diet.

You don't have to select food based on the age or weight category of the animal. It is equally useful throughout your pet's life.

Ready-made food or homemade food?

When it comes to balanced nutrition of the highest class, it is worth giving it an advantage. Among other things, it saves the owner time, allowing him to communicate more with his pet. In world practice, hundreds of large catteries and thousands of loving owners already use holistic-class food for cats and dogs.

For dogs of all ages and sizes

If it is unprofitable for you to buy food of this level, then choose natural food. Do not forget to adhere to the same principles: at least 50% of the diet should be meat, not bones or cheap trimmings, where there is only internal fat. It needs to be supplemented with grains, fruits, vegetables and a vitamin-mineral complex.

Choose only the best for your four-legged friends, because we are responsible for those we tame!

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