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Which are the best can sealers

Which are the best can sealers
Which are the best can sealers

Many housewives love to preserve: someone is pleased to show off their culinary talent in front of guests, others want to provide households with delicious jams and marinades made from natural products without industrial flavor enhancers and flavors, but one thing is for sure - no preservation is possible without a special machine. They are different, but we will look at them and determine which can sealers are worthy of “registering” in the kitchen, and which are not worth buying.

Seamers for cans

Auto approach

Such jar sealers are the simplest, even those who have never rolled anything can handle them. You just need to put it on top of the cover and lower the special levers down, this procedure must be done several times, turning the key around the axis. Simplicity is provided by internal springs that press the sides of the lid to the jar neck. Just half a minute - and the bank is ready. Pay attention to the material of the pusher. The plastic element will be disabled after 10 cans, but with duralumin, the can seamer (reviews of the hostesses unanimously confirm this) will be almost eternal.A polycarbonate core will last even better.

Twist and turn, I don't want to cheat

People call these jar sealers “snails”. The surface of the key is covered with a spiral groove along which the probe moves. Rotating its handle, the hostess presses the edges of the tin lid more tightly with each new turn. Having reached the very central small turn, you should turn the handle in the opposite direction, returning the probe to the starting position.

Automatic, but not quite

These units are a mix of the two previous options and are semi-automatic. They are easy to operate, just turn the knob of the key 6-8 times until a characteristic clicking sound appears, however, these can sealers require power, since the roof must be pressed firmly against the neck of the can during clogging.

Push, don't push

Two-roller cars are a box with a special clamping mechanism. It is placed on the tabletop, bringing the jar to the clamps, fixed in the nest by turning the screw three times. After that, a seaming cartridge is directly applied to the jar. Now the process begins. Thanks to careful and frequent movements, the edges of the lid are tightly folded around the neck circumference of the jar. It is brought to full condition by sliding rotational movements.

can seamer reviews

How to choose and care

Pay attention to the fact that all elements are of the correct form, without dents and other defects. Try several times to make the movements,which will be performed when working with banks, while nothing should jam or wedge anywhere. It is convenient to take with you, going for a new machine, a half-liter jar and a couple of lids, this allows you to check it in action without leaving the cash register. Lubrication will be a separate plus, the course of such a machine will be easy and require little effort. Now the handle - it should not be slippery or feel uncomfortable in the hand. Color also matters, with black most often manufacturers try to disguise recycled plastic. Rubberized options are much better, they do not slip during operation and are more durable.

how to use a winding machine

After each session of use, the machine should be washed and dried thoroughly, and at the end of the season it is advisable to disassemble the mechanism and lubricate all parts. Now that you know how to use the seamer and how to buy it correctly, it's time to head to the store.

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