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Riddles about chocolate for children

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Riddles about chocolate for children
Riddles about chocolate for children

A riddle is a question to which you already know the answer. Why ask questions to which you already know the answer? Riddles are needed in order to convey to the child their knowledge, but to do this not in a boring form, because then, most likely, he will not remember anything, but effortlessly. We all know how important it is for a child to make his own discoveries. So he learns and absorbs information faster than if we just gave it to him in an affirmative form.

How riddles appeared

Mysteries have been around for a very long time. In the old days, people, in order not to bring trouble, did not call the things they were afraid of by their proper names. Instead, they described their properties and qualities. And the interlocutor had to guess what was being said. This eccentric language was quickly picked up by children, turning guessing into a game. A lot of time has passed since then, and riddles have not only taken root in many languages, but have also become one of the best teaching tools for children.

The essence of the riddle lies in describing some obvious object, while implying something completely different. The characteristics of both items are similar, but it is the hidden object that needs to be guessed. This method of teaching childrenhelps not only to transfer knowledge, but also to develop logical thinking in general.

Riddles for the little ones

Riddles are often presented in verse form. In riddles for toddlers, the answer is part of the verse and must rhyme with the previous line, which helps young children intuitively grasp the answer. This makes them more confident that they were able to solve the riddle on their own.

Riddles build a child's confidence

Today we will offer you a selection of riddles about chocolate that kids love so much.

  • If life is really hard, you need to eat … (chocolate).
  • Black and crisp, inviting from a distance. It's sweet like marmalade. Everyone knows … (chocolate).
  • Delicious and good, candy … (chocolate).
  • On New Year's Eve under the tree you will find a treasure, lined in squares with delicious … (chocolate).
  • Masha doesn't want to eat, pushes the porridge away. Where is the clue? Masha ate … (chocolate).
  • Sweet, black and crunchy in a crispy package. Everyone is happy to eat it, it's delicious … (chocolate).
It's brown and sweet…

Chocolate riddles for older kids

For school-age children, more complex riddles are usually used. The answer is no longer present in the riddle itself, it must be found by yourself. Such riddles often use prose rather than poetry.

  • What kind of chocolate has no calories? - In uneaten.

  • What melts so sweetly in your mouth, lifts your spirits? - Chocolate.

  • Very delicious, verysweet. You can eat it ste althily. What are we talking about? - About chocolate.
  • Black, not charcoal. Sweet, not sugar. Melt, not snow. What's this? - Chocolate.

There can be several equivalent answers, you need to guess the right option.

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