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How to sign a card from the heart and with love

How to sign a card from the heart and with love
How to sign a card from the heart and with love

Are you invited to a festive celebration? Whether it's a friend's birthday, a family's birthday, or a friend's wedding, a birthday card is a great way to end a gift. Postcards are given for any occasion and to any person. They can be presented not only on some special day, but simply to cheer up a loved one. It is important to be able not only to choose the right postcard, but also to design it.

how to sign a postcard

If you give an unsigned postcard, the very meaning of such a gift is lost, besides, it's just impolite. So, how to sign a postcard? The first rule is that when inventing a text, be guided by the addressee, take into account the properties of his character, features of nature. Decide what associations the person you are writing to evokes in you. Sunshine, flower, cat? Or maybe we’ll get by with the official one: “Dear Ivan Ivanovich”? It is unlikely that a playful address will suit your boss or cool poems for a postcard to your grandmother. Choose a few epithets that most accurately reflect the character, appearance of the addressee. For girlsit would be especially useful to write a few compliments. For example: “My radiant sun! Today you are as bright as ever and outshine everyone with your light!” So, a start has been made. We decided on the appeal.

nice sign postcard

Go to the text itself. Beautifully signing a postcard is a great art. First of all, we repeat, the reference point is the addressee. So, we write congratulations to the boss exclusively in a business tone. It can be in the form of a poem, but, of course, not frivolous, but also strict and businesslike, without excessive familiarity and any subtext. Ready-made poetic texts from the Internet will help you solve the problem of how to sign this type of postcard. An option is also suitable when the poem is already printed on a postcard. You will only add a title and a signature.

However, ready-made template texts will not be well received by close friends and relatives. Here you have to show ingenuity. When deciding how to sign a postcard yourself, pay attention to the structure of the greeting. The classic ingredients are:

- address to the addressee and the theme of the holiday;

- compliment;

- your wishes;

- signature.

Try to take the time to present the person you are writing to in all the details (only positive ones, of course). You can add ready-made poems, but only in combination with your personal warm words and wishes. Depending on the nature of the addressee, decide how to sign the card. Will humor and friendly jokes be appropriate or betterstick to an even gentle tone.

how to sign a wedding card

Special attention should be paid to wedding cards. After all, a wedding is an important event, sometimes even the only one in life. So, how to sign a wedding card so that it is kept and re-read by the young for many years? Poems, wishes in prose, or even a wedding toast can serve as congratulations. The last option, by the way, is a win-win. You will prepare in advance and, when you need to say wishes to the newlyweds at the table, read your text on the postcard. Please note that congratulations must be carefully verified. Mistakes in the text are not allowed!

In conclusion, one important piece of advice - do not rush when signing postcards. Write with love and from the heart. Then the card will become not just an addition to the gift, but a message to a loved one, which will be dearer to him than the present itself.

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