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Study in warm colors: wedding autumn bouquets

Study in warm colors: wedding autumn bouquets
Study in warm colors: wedding autumn bouquets

Autumn, its early golden season is a great time for weddings. There are many more delicious fresh fruits, a huge number of vegetables - they allow you to make the festive table rich, rich and very attractive. No less and a variety of colors, with which you can decorate both the table and the room where the celebration takes place.

Bridal bouquet - what should it be?

wedding autumn bouquets

If someone thinks that wedding autumn bouquets look poor and faded compared to, for example, summer ones, they are deeply mistaken. After all, the “dull time” gives us such a riot of colors, such a variety of shades and tones that you won’t find in summer! Moreover, autumn flowers have a special natural magic, as the earth gives them its last juices, its last strength before a long winter stupor. They are like a swan song of nature, a message of her love and tenderness to all living things. That is why wedding autumn bouquets are so luxurious, varied in composition and includevarious additional decorative elements in the form of branches with rose hips, viburnum, mountain ash or multi-colored foliage.

Making a bouquet

When choosing flowers for a composition, you should first of all pay attention to different combinations of white and gold (yellow). Combinations of red, orange, lilac, purple are no less spectacular. Wedding autumn bouquets

wedding bouquet in autumn style

should, on the one hand, look gentle, touching, helping to create the image of innocence, freshness, and youth traditional for the bride. On the other hand, they focus the attention of guests on the solemnity, festivity of the moment. And therefore, the flowers should stand out well both against the background of the bride's dress and the outfits of the guests. And, of course, during the entire event, maintain a “marketable” appearance, i.e. not fade, but look alive and beautiful. What exactly can be offered?

  • Wedding autumn bouquets of traditional roses, orchids of different shades, complemented by decorative leaves of maple, aspen and other brightly colored trees. Suitable shades of ivory, chocolate, red, pumpkin, etc. The main thing is that the bouquet does not look flashy, clumsy. It's even nice if the autumn-style wedding bouquet harmoniously echoes the color of lipstick on the lips and the color of nail polish on the bride's fingers.

  • Bright, positive energy will be emitted by a composition composed of amaranths, chrysanthemums, asters, dahlias. You can combine royal white or marble, cream roses and more democratic, simple asters.lilac and purple shades. Or large, luxurious dahlias with modest, small-colored scabioses. And how magnificent are ordinary chrysanthemums, whose golden balls blaze in every village front garden, in combination with hypericum! No summer will give florists such freedom to embody their creative fantasies as autumn does!
  • autumn wedding bouquets photo
  • You can also decorate autumn wedding bouquets, the photos of which you see, with such natural “accessories” as grape brushes, small, but so elegant heavenly apples, twigs with hawthorn fruits. Of course, the bride will not take such a composition in her hands, but if you put it in a miniature, elegant basket, the hero of the occasion can hang it on her elbow, and the tradition will be observed.

Have a happy wedding and beautiful bouquets!

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