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Wedding contests: ransom, pranks

Wedding contests: ransom, pranks
Wedding contests: ransom, pranks

"There was little room for this merry wedding…" - remember the words of the famous song by Muslim Magomayev? They perfectly reflect one of the main properties of the mysterious Russian soul - breadth, the ability to indulge in fun, rejoice and celebrate to the fullest.

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Preparatory competition and prize

When planning the scenario of the event, it is necessary to come up with different wedding contests in advance: for the ransom of the bride from the bridesmaids, for the ransom in case of abduction, and others. Their task is not only to amuse the audience, liberate the atmosphere, add a degree to the general atmosphere of the holiday, but also demonstrate to the guests how well the newlyweds have studied each other and to what extent they are prepared for life together. Usually the groom with his friends (youth, his close friends) comes to the bride's house to lead her down the aisle. The girl is surrounded by girlfriends and, if any, younger siblings. It is they who decide whether to give the “young” to the “young” or not. Here andthe first wedding contests begin. Such “tasks” are suitable for ransom: the groom must tell in detail about the first meeting with the future betrothed (furniture, clothes, what they talked about, etc.). The bride agrees or denies. For each “mistake” from the groom, money or sweets, fruits are due to girls and children.

wedding contests for ransom

We continue to describe wedding contests. For ransom, the second “test” can be as follows: the girlfriends must pick up in advance either a chamomile with a large number of petals, or a lush rose. The groom cuts off the petals, on each one he says something kind, good, affectionate to the bride. Or a confession of love. Do not repeat - fraught with a fine! Since the young man is the future head of the family, he can be offered to knock down a stool or a bench (blanks must be prepared in advance), chop firewood (if the event takes place in the village), friends can actively help. Or take care of a “sick” wife, turning into a brother of mercy. These are fun and interesting wedding contests. They are suitable for ransom in the same way as in the breaks between feasts. Another original option - the groom must get the key to the betrothed's room. For example, from a full bucket of water, but you can’t pour out the liquid, and wet your hands too. Friends, witnesses can advise and try together with the groom. The prize for who will be able to complete the task is a kiss from the bride and each of her bridesmaids. But it’s forbidden to wipe lipstick off the lucky person’s face! Thus, wedding contests (for ransom) are an excellent prelude to the mainfun.

Hold the bride

But now Mendelssohn's march has died down, signatures have been put, the cherished rings are put on, and the heroes of the occasion, together with the invitees, move to the banquet hall (or tent, apartment, cafe, park, lakeshore - depending on where the feast takes place). And then the jokes, jokes can continue. So, the rite of abduction is common. Young people invited from the side of the bride can quietly take her away during the dance. And the groom to announce that the competitions for the wedding continue. To redeem his beloved, he may be offered to drink champagne from her shoe, dance with each of her girlfriends, or perform a cooler “feat”: tell the newly-minted mother-in-law how he plans to treat her daughter - his wife, how he will build relationships with them - new relatives. Friends can form an active support group and help, prompt the young husband until the opposite side is satisfied and does not return the loss. I think everyone will like this bride price - a contest with photos.

bride price competition with photos

The essence of it is as follows: 8-10 different photographs are taken, including the bride. The groom stands with his back, the guests are shown a photo, and the groom should say something on an erotic topic (he would kiss on the shoulder, stroke the leg, etc.), knowing that the photo of his wife is one, and the rest are strangers, not only women but also men. There will be a lot of laughter!

Have a happy wedding and a happy life!

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