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DIY clutch envelope

DIY clutch envelope
DIY clutch envelope

The envelope clutch is a very feminine and elegant accessory. It decorates and complements the image of a woman. And if earlier it was a companion at social events and festive events, today it is a functional and versatile thing for every day. In stores you can find clutches of any size, color and style. But why not create a unique, exclusive model for yourself? This handbag will best suit your taste and needs.

clutch envelope

How to make a clutch envelope with your own hands? In fact, there is nothing difficult about it.

Before you start, decide on the size, material and style of your accessory. When choosing the size of a future clutch, remember that this is still not a wallet, but a handbag. The most optimal parameters would be: 15x20 cm, but you can also sew a large clutch bag.

Now regarding the choice of material. A winter clutch is best made from dense fabrics. For example, from drape, wool or leather. The summer version will look great from materials such as satin, silk or velvet. The fabric will need about half a meter, and do not forget to purchase lining material.

So let's get started! Before sewing a clutch envelope, you need to make a pattern. Cut out from cardboardrectangle the size of the future handbag. Now our pattern needs to be transferred to the wrong side of the fabric. Lay the fabric face down and trace the cut out template with chalk or a bar of soap. Repeat the procedure twice to get three rectangles on top of each other on the fabric. Do the same for the lining fabric.

how to make a clutch bag

From the upper rectangle, make a valve-pocket. It turned out something similar to an unwrapped envelope. Do the same for the lining fabric.

The next step is stitching. The fabric for the lining should be placed face up, folded and sewn. Got a pocket. Next, you need to do the same with the main fabric, only turn it inside out. Next, connect the base of the clutch to the lining, quilt the seams. We turn the product inside out and sew a lock on the finished clutch envelope. It can be a button or a clasp, depending on your taste.

You can make a leather clutch. It's just as easy as regular fabric. The skin for the clutch should be chosen softer. Think over the design of the future handbag. You can even sketch. Brightly colored leather and a contrasting black zipper will look very stylish and beautiful.

big clutch

So, prepare all the necessary materials and tools: leather cut, pins, zipper, scissors. When choosing a zipper, please note that it should be the size of the future clutch.

According to the above scheme, make a pattern. Cut it out. First of all, you need to fasten the zipper to the long side of the clutch with pins. Further you canattach it to the canvas. And only then lay the side seams.

The clutch envelope has simple shapes. Therefore, making it yourself is not difficult. In addition, you can sew it from the same material as your outfit. This combination will look very stylish. Now you do not need to search for a long time and choose the clutch design you like. Sew it yourself to your liking!

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