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How to train a puppy?

How to train a puppy?
How to train a puppy?

How to train a puppy? This question will inevitably arise almost immediately after buying a dog. After all, it's nice to look at how a big well-mannered dog proudly walks next to his beloved owner and obeys all his commands. The man, whom the dog drags to where he needs to, looks pitiful. And sometimes his pet is a danger to other people and animals. Therefore, education needs to be given a lot of attention and strength.

how to train a puppy

To prevent your pet from causing a lot of trouble and unnecessary trouble in the future, you need to instill in him some useful skills. If you are thinking about how to train a puppy, the first thing you need to know is the behavior of your dog. Many breeds have individual traits. For example, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are stubborn and independent, Bull Terriers are mobile and also independent, and Black Terriers are distrustful of strangers. Therefore, beforeTo train a German Shepherd puppy, carefully study the psychology of this breed.

In general, the principles of training different breeds are largely similar. Below is a chart that you can rely on when raising your dog.1. Raising a puppy up to one and a half months. Such a small pet should play with the owner and other dogs. The more time he spends with other dogs, the better he will know dog language, and in the future he will react correctly to other dogs. The game is useful for mental and physical development, for building relationships with other animals and with the owner. Moreover, in the future it can be used as a reward for some completed command.

how to train a german shepherd puppy

2. How to train a puppy aged 1.5 to three months? Now is the time to pay attention to the command "to me" and "next". To call a pet, you need to use his favorite toy or treat and, of course, gratitude and affection. Good praise will reinforce the acquired knowledge and skills. However, you should not punish your dog if he did something and then approached you. Otherwise, he will think that approaching the owner is a punishable matter. Even if the dog just came up to you after committing an offense, do not punish him!

A very small puppy needs to be taught at home while he is in quarantine. It is in his own home that he must first hear the command "fu". Don't hit the puppy if you're wrong. A strict shout and a menacing look will be enough. you alsoit will be useful to read a book on dog psychology.

Teach the puppy to bring you objects, play with him. It will be good not only for physical development, but also for mental development.3. How to train a puppy older than three months? From now on it can be

how to train a labrador

teach the general course. At first, the requirements should not be large, but gradually they should increase. Bring the execution of commands to the ideal, but do not rush. As a result of the general course, the dog should know the following commands: "down", "sit", "stand", "to me", "next", "place", "bring". As a result, you will get a controlled and obedient companion.

These are the basic principles of training. Remember that each dog needs an individual approach. But do not forget that each breed has a certain character. Before training a Labrador or Giant Schnauzer, be sure to read a couple of books about your dog's breed.

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