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What is a sling scarf. Winding for newborns: "Cross over pocket", "Cradle", "Kangaroo"

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What is a sling scarf. Winding for newborns: "Cross over pocket", "Cradle", "Kangaroo"
What is a sling scarf. Winding for newborns: "Cross over pocket", "Cradle", "Kangaroo"

The life of a newly-made mother is full of worries, but today there are many devices that greatly facilitate the existence of women with babies. Slings are great help. Recently, this accessory has firmly entered into use, because it allows mom to solve many problems. The most popular of all slings among mothers is the scarf due to its convenience and versatility. For example, a sling scarf will help you easily and quickly cope with household chores, visit public places, live a full life. The newborn wrap will provide the little ones with much-needed mommy warmth and mommy hands.

sling scarf winder for newborns

More recently, regular baby carriers and baby carriers have been in high demand among mothers. However, with the advent of slings, they enjoy less and lessdemand. There are many reasons for this.

What is a sling scarf?

Sling scarf is a simple strip of rectangular fabric without any buckles, belts, rings or other adjustments. Available in several lengths and widths. So, for a slender mother, a shorter scarf is suitable, while for women of a large physique, a longer sling will be ideal. Thus, sling scarves have sizes S, M, L. The right size will ensure the most comfortable position for the baby. The weight of the crumbs will be distributed evenly on the mother's thigh, stomach or back, which will reduce the load on the back, eliminate the feeling of heaviness.

Fabric matters

When choosing a sling, it is important to pay special attention to the material from which it is made.

Baby carrier

The sling fabric can be thinner for warm weather and thicker for cold weather:

- natural cotton sling scarf is very soft, yet dense enough and able to point support the baby while wearing, suitable for babies of different ages;

- jersey slings are pleasant to the touch, light, while perfectly fitting the baby's body and fixing his position well, ideal for little crumbs aged 6-10 months;

- silk scarves are ideal for summer and great for newborns, however, due to the special properties of the fabric, beginner slings may have some difficulties in winding;

- bamboo sling scarf has a special tenderness and softness,universal, as it is suitable for both the smallest crumbs and grown-up children;

- linen scarf has a very dense structure, designed for the summer period and for grown-up crumbs;

- Wool-blend slings provide warmth, softness, they are simply made for autumn and winter, versatile in terms of support.


No baby carrier is as safe as a newborn sling. Reviews of mothers and recommendations of doctors allow you to opt for a sling scarf. The benefits of wearing babies in it are confirmed by specialists in the field of pediatrics and orthopedics. The most important advantage of a sling scarf is that the load on the spine and shoulder girdle is evenly distributed. It should be noted that no other baby carrier guarantees a physiological, and therefore safe, position for the baby. The scarf is great for both babies and older children. This accessory is ideal for long walks and travel. And various ways of winding a sling-scarf help a mother to carry a child in any position, it is only necessary to master certain skills. In a horizontal position, the sling holds the baby like a mother's arms. And in the vertical legs of the child are widely bred, which ensures the correct formation of the hip joints. How to tie a sling scarf for a newborn, we will tell further.

"Cradle" for the little ones

In the first weeks of his life, the newborn is still very weak, he cannot hold his headindependently, his back is weak. Mom's closeness and warmth - that's what gives peace to the baby during this period. Winding the sling-scarf for newborns "Cradle" will help to ensure a complete replacement of the mother's hands, as the head and back of the baby are in the correct position. To master this type of winding, you can first practice on a soft toy or doll. And most importantly - the desire and understanding of how important it is for the development of the child. Newborns generally respond well to being introduced to a sling.

wrap sling scarf for newborn cradle

So, first of all, you need to attach the sling scarf in the middle to the waist and bring the tails back, crossing them, throw them over the shoulders. Then grab the tails from the front, bring them under the transverse strip of fabric located on the stomach, and cross again. Thus, the outer and inner parts of the cross appear, while the latter is closer to the mother's body. It remains to bring the tails back and tie a knot on the back.

After trying several times, the mother will understand and determine for herself how to tie a sling scarf for a newborn, how much space to leave for the baby in the resulting "cradle". The main thing is to make sure that the panels lie flat and do not twist.

Calm, only calm

"Cradle" is a very convenient way to wind baby slings. Reviews of experienced slings report that the baby becomes much calmer. After all, what could be worse than crying your baby. However, such a simple but effective option for carrying a childhelps to cope with evening crying and increased excitability and even relieve infantile colic. Experts have established a relationship: the closer the child is to his mother, the less reason for him to worry. Winding "Cradle" satisfies the very first and such important children's needs and helps the mother to easily survive the period of carrying on her arms. What else is needed for happiness? Hear the sound of my mother's heart, smell her, feel a strong connection with the closest person.

Cross over pocket

What else is so convenient sling scarf? Winding for newborns and grown-up children "Cross over the pocket", or KNK, as it is called by sling consultants, is a very comfortable and popular way of carrying. In this winding, mom will be able to do household chores, walk, ride public transport. At the same time, the child will always be warm, fall asleep easily or be able to observe what is happening around, which means that he will fully develop.

how to tie a baby sling scarf

In addition to being comfortable, wearing this position ensures the physiological position of the legs, bent at the knee joints and divorced at the hips. This position is useful for the prevention of dysplasia and is even applicable in the treatment of mild dysplasia.

How to master CNC winding?

"Cross over the pocket" is quite easy to learn. So, for starters, mom needs to find the middle of the scarf and put it on her stomach. At the same time, cross behind your back and place on your shoulders. Gather the tissue on the abdomenin a tourniquet. Thus, a pocket is formed in front. Having slightly tightened the edges of the panels, you need to pull the pocket along the chest, while it is important to ensure that the upper side of the fabric is slightly higher than the chest, and the lower one is at the level of mother's belly. Next, you need to put the baby on your shoulder, while placing your free hand down, under the pocket, and catch the baby's legs. Spread the fabric along the back of the baby. The lower side of the resulting pocket should be tucked under the baby's ass and legs.

Cross over pocket

Now mom should take the baby under her knees and place it in the scarf pocket. It is important to ensure that the legs do not hang down. It remains to pull the child on both sides so that it is more securely fixed in the pocket. To do this, you need to pull the scarf panels so as not to drop the baby, you need to lean back a little. For the next winding step, you need to cross the panels on the back of the baby so that the edges are tucked under the buttocks. The ends of the sling scarf should be tied in a double knot at the back, this will help relieve stress from the shoulders and back. The final touch will be the removal of the fabric from the neck and the spreading of the fabric panels along the back.

Kangaroo winding

Another very convenient type of sling for mothers who decide to master the sling scarf is the Kangaroo winding for newborns and premature babies.

You need to put the child in the middle of the scarf, pull up to the navel between the legs of the lower side and turn the baby on the side. Support the head with one hand and the back with the other. Then you should carefully lift the baby along with the scarf and place it with your stomach to yourbelly. It is important to remember that the fabric on the back of the baby should be stretched. Then the panels are folded back, behind the back. The top and bottom edges of the sling are reversed. Next, mom throws a cloth over her arm and shoulder. The bottom edge is in the hand, and the top - at the neck. The same actions are done with the second panel. The baby's head is just below the mother's chin, and the legs are separated to a width that is comfortable for the baby. Now it remains to pull up the panels, put them under the baby's ass and tie a knot.

Closer to Mom

It is no coincidence that for young children such a device as a sling scarf has become indispensable. Winding for newborns "Kangaroo" is ideal even for babies born prematurely, because they, like no one else, need their mother's warmth.

Ways to wind a sling-scarf

This winding method gives the child a powerful incentive for further development, growth, as it fully satisfies the need for closeness and security. Being in the mother's arms gives impetus to the development of the musculoskeletal and vestibular apparatus, develops the endocrine, immune and nervous systems, provides stimulation of respiration, digestion and blood supply.

Strength is in mother's hands

In conclusion, we can summarize: you can use a sling scarf from birth, and up to what age, each mother will decide for herself. At first, it may seem that the windings are quite laborious, however, trying over and over again and appreciating the comfort of using them, the mother will no longer be able to refuse to use a scarf. For colic, malaise andmood, when teething, the sling will facilitate mother's movement and soothe the baby. A woman with a child in her arms will be able to do almost everything and not feel thrown out of life. It is no coincidence that from time immemorial, parents have tied children to themselves in all available ways.

slings for newborns reviews

After all, every woman wants her child to grow up he althy and happy. Carrying a baby in your arms lays the most powerful foundation for psychological and physical he alth for the rest of your life.

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