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Legendary fawn hat: what is it?

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Legendary fawn hat: what is it?
Legendary fawn hat: what is it?

Unfortunately, only echoes of the former glory of the legendary fawn hat have reached modern man. Now it is quite problematic even to find the most complete information about the origin and history of this headdress. So what is a fawn hat, who wore it and when, are there any modern analogues of this product?

fawn hat

Fawn hat. History

Of course, to get to know any thing better, you need to look into history. It is there that you can learn the most unexpected and interesting, but for some reason unknown facts.

So, fawn hats. What are they made of and why are they called that? According to the definition, "fawn" is the fur of a young, month-old or six-month-old reindeer calf. Their color is mostly light or dark brown.

According to some historical data, before the revolution, fawn hats were worn exclusively by St. Petersburg students who studied at the Fontanka at the Imperial School of Law. These hats complemented the green student uniforms and made their owners look like a siskin. Therefore, the guys who wore a similar uniform were called inpeople "chizhik-pyzhik". Hence, by the way, the roots of the song known to every child about the fawn-fawn.

Fawn hat in the USSR

The fawn hat got its “second youth” during the Brezhnev era. In the 1960s and 1980s, she became an invariable symbol of the party elite. Then it was almost impossible to get this headdress in the trading network, even with a decent “blat”. Therefore, a fawn hat was an unattainable dream of a simple Soviet hard worker. A certain Konstantin Voinov even directed the famous film "Hat", which tells how an ordinary writer died of a stroke when he found out that instead of a fawn hat, he would get the most ordinary and cheapest one.

The times when the fawn hat went down in history came with the coming to power of Gorbachev. It was then that it was replaced by the famous pies with small lapels.

Fawn hat, photo

Some interesting facts about fawn hats

Such hats, like many other things, were practically unattainable and the most desirable thing for any inhabitant of the USSR. They were obtained with great difficulty, they were looked after, they were shamelessly forged. Therefore, such a hat was the subject of discussion, jokes and gossip.

It is known that the fawn hat was one of the many symbols of the Brezhnev era. It was worn mainly by the highest ranks. And sometimes there were entire party quarters where these hats were worn everywhere. For example, in Minsk - Voyskovoy and Armor lanes, Pulikhov street.

In 1956, at the 12th World Olympics, the athletes of the USSR were dressed in expensive fawnhats. So the rulers in the Central Committee wished after watching the previous - Swiss - competitions, in which ours looked rather poor. And the fawn hat (photos of athletes in this headdress flew around almost the whole world) became even more popular.

Why do fawns stand in the USSR, and rabbits go?

The choice of fawn hats and their purpose exclusively for top management gave rise to an interesting playful defining expression: "Why do rabbits go to the USSR, and fawns stand?"

What are fawn hats made of

This anecdote-riddle was jokingly asked in the days of the USSR and perestroika. The answer to it is quite simple. In Brezhnev's time, the entire party elite, including the Secretary General, flaunted such hats. As a rule, at numerous Soviet parades they stood against the backdrop of the famous Kremlin and watched the unfolding action from above. At the same time, below, in cheap and common rabbit hats, military personnel and ordinary citizens of a great country were marching. Therefore, this interesting riddle appeared, characterizing the situation of people in that difficult, but very entertaining time.

Famous fawn hats. What are they made of?

As mentioned a little earlier, a fawn is a reindeer cub. Its fur is soft and densely fluffy. It is also elastic and shiny, which is especially important for cutting. These skins are much larger than other materials from which hats are usually sewn. The width of the material is 30-40 cm, and its length reaches 50-60 cm.

The hat can be sewn from one or more skins. It is fromIt depends on which method is best used in a particular case. The main rule is that when cutting, all parts should be located along the ridge of the selected skin. Some ask the question: "What are fawn hats made of if there is one whole skin?" In this case, the visor is cut out from the spinal part, the headphones and the back of the head are cut out from the neck and the remains of the spinal part, and the front parts of the headdress are cut out from the remaining parts.

Fawn hats, what are they made of

If two skins are used, then the direction of growth of the fur should be taken into account. At the same time, the front parts are machined from better material, the rest goes to the front side.

Work depends only on the size of the available fawn. If you wish, you can find step-by-step instructions with detailed and illustrated descriptions.

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