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One, two, three, run! Funny relay races for kids

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One, two, three, run! Funny relay races for kids
One, two, three, run! Funny relay races for kids

Relay is a team competition during which players take turns passing the distance. Often, the participants pass each other an object. Children love these competitions. They teach children to follow the rules, work in a team, improve their he alth, and develop motor skills. Funny relay races for children can be held at a physical education lesson, on a walk or during a festive event. See article for more details.

Sport games for kids

You can link the relay to any topic. For example, invite teams to participate in the Olympic Games. To conduct competitions, you will need simple equipment: balls, baskets, rackets. Organize the following sports games for children:

  1. "Jumping". The first child jumps in length, the second stands at the place of his landing and does the same. The team whose members end up farthest wins.
  2. "Sportswalking". Participants walk the distance, putting the heel to the toe of the leg standing behind. They return back by running.
  3. "Shooting". Children take turns throwing cones or other objects into the basket. The most accurate team wins.
  4. "Tennis". The ball must be put on the racket and run the distance without dropping it.
  5. "Basketball". Players make a run by dribbling the ball in front of them. At the end of the distance, you need to throw it into the basket held by the team captain. They return back running, holding the ball in their hands. The team with the most scoring shots wins.
  6. "Night orientation". With a blindfold, you need to reach the start, listening to the advice of your team. Children come back with open eyes.

Summer Relays

If it's a sunny day outside, have some fun outdoor competitions. Relay races for children may include the following tasks:

wet sponge relay
  1. "Artists". At the end of the distance, a circle is drawn on the ground with a stick - the sun. The participant takes a twig, runs to the drawing and depicts a ray. The first team to complete the painting wins.
  2. "Scuba diving". A bucket of water is placed in front of the participants, at the end of the distance - empty. The player puts on flippers, fills a glass with water and carries it over his head, trying not to spill it. The team with the most liquid wins.
  3. "Rope". Players take turns jumping rope, overcomingdistance.
  4. "Vodohleby". On a stool is a bottle of lemonade and a straw. Players take turns drinking sparkling water until the host's whistle, which is served exactly after 5 seconds. Who will empty the bottle faster?
  5. "Fisherman". Matches float in a bucket of water. With a spoon, you need to catch as many "fish" as possible and put them on a plate. Each player is given one attempt. The team with the richest catch wins.

Winter relay races for kids

Snowdrifts and frost are no reason to be sad. Outdoor games will help the kids warm up, recharge their batteries and have a good mood. Invite them to participate in the following relay races for children:

hoop relay
  1. "Sniper". It is necessary to run a distance and shoot down a target with a snowball, which can be an empty plastic bottle.
  2. "Running on ice floes". Circles are drawn on the snow, along which you need to jump to the finish line and back. Who missed - "drowns in the Arctic Ocean" and starts to go the distance again.
  3. "Horse and rider". One player runs the distance, carrying the second on a sled. Then the one sitting on the sled becomes the "horse" and carries the next member of the team.
  4. "Racing on the hands". Participants lie on their stomachs on the sled. They need to overcome the distance, pushing only with their hands. The children come back running, carrying sleds.
  5. "Pull and push". Two players sit on the sled with their backs to each other, in this position they move to the finish line and back.

Zoological relay races

Kids love to imitate animals. Arrange relay races for children, during which they will have to transform into various animals and birds. For example, these:

relay race "kangaroo"
  1. "Kangaroo". You need to jump with the ball between your knees.
  2. "Penguin". The ball is still between your knees, but now you have to waddle.
  3. "Snake". The team squats down, holding each other by the shoulders. You need to go the whole distance without disengaging.
  4. "Cancer". Children run backwards.
  5. "Monkeys". Narrow, wavy "vines" are drawn on the ground, along which you need to go the distance without stepping over the line.
  6. "Spider". Two children turn their backs to each other, lock elbows and run to the finish line and then back.
  7. "Cuttlefish". One player walks on his hands, the second holds his legs.

If you are going to hold relay races for children, think in advance about the prizes for the winners. They can be paper medals, sweets, toys, stationery, stickers or badges.

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