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Universal stroller Silver Cross Surf 2 in 1: review, description, specifications and reviews

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Universal stroller Silver Cross Surf 2 in 1: review, description, specifications and reviews
Universal stroller Silver Cross Surf 2 in 1: review, description, specifications and reviews

The right baby stroller will provide comfort for both the baby and his parents. The stores offer a huge selection of such vehicles for kids. How not to get confused and buy a quality, practical and easy-to-use product? Moreover, today baby strollers are quite expensive and are often purchased, as they say, “for generations”. In our article, we will consider such a model as the Silver Cross Surf: we will describe the technical characteristics of the model, configuration options, point out the advantages and disadvantages, and share consumer reviews.

silver cross surf

Silver Cross stroller models

The manufacturer produces the following types of strollers in this series:

  • Silver Cross Special Edition.
  • Silver Cross Elevation 2 in 1.
  • Silver Cross Surf 2.

Feature and description

The design of all types of strollers in this series are similar to each other. They differ in configuration and some functionality. Let's describe the main characteristics of baby strollersSilver Cross Surf.

We note right away that these products are made in England. All materials that are used to make strollers are certified and are the safest for children.

The manufacturer indicates that this series of children's transport is intended for babies from birth to three years.

The frame is made of durable alloy (magnesium instead of standard aluminum). The weight of the assembled stroller of this series ranges from 11.5 to 13 kg, separately the frame - 7.3 kg. The width between the wheels is 58 cm. The chassis folds like a book without any difficulty or effort.

silver cross surf elevation

What keeps a newborn comfortable in a Silver Cross Surf stroller? First of all, this is the presence of a convenient insert for the smallest. It ensures the correct position of the baby's body. Thanks to this accessory, the child can be placed in the stroller not only during walks, but also at home, for example, during daytime sleep.

Silver Cross Surf strollers consist of a metal frame and a walking block. The latter can be installed in two ways: facing in the direction of travel and facing the mother. In addition, it is possible to change the inclination of the seat - there are three levels of fixation.

A distinctive feature of the Silver Cross Surf strollers is that you can change the inclination of the seat unit as a whole, and not just the back. Namely, you can fix it in a horizontal and vertical position, as well as at an angle of 45 degrees.

The safety of the baby while walking in a stroller is also thought out:There are five-point seat belts, a bumper bar and a support for the child's legs. Also, in order for the mother to be able to watch the baby even when the walking block is set to the “facing in the direction of travel” position, there is a special “window” in the hood.

Wheels, depending on the stroller model, are solid (as in Silver Cross 2) or inflatable (in Silver Cross Surf 2 in 1). It is extremely difficult to damage or pierce them, as they are made of durable material. The front wheels are smaller than the rear wheels and are swivel. There is a foot brake system.

Also note that the upholstery of the stroller is made of water-repellent and breathable fabrics. This allows you to ensure a comfortable walk in any weather: the stroller will not get wet during the rain and will provide air exchange, and in hot weather, the baby will not get tired under the covered hood.

silver cross surf strollers

Stroller accessories

The main standard equipment of Silver Cross strollers consists of a frame and a walking block. In addition, the manufacturer includes additional accessories for the children's vehicle.

The frame is made of high strength material, air suspension. Thus, the stroller is durable, as well as a soft ride.

The seat unit has high edges, which increases the safety of the child during the movement of the child vehicle. Soft mattress for newborns provides anatomically correct positioning of the baby's body. The walking block is easily attached to the frame and is just as easy tonecessary is removed. Therefore, it can be used as a carrycot.

What accessories are included with the Silver Cross? Depending on the stroller model, the manufacturer includes the following useful and practical little things:

  • sun umbrella;
  • a raincoat that reliably protects against rain and wind;
  • a cape for legs that will warm the baby in the cold season;
  • hood with a folding "window";
  • basket for baby toys or light shopping;
  • bag (standard and baby changing bag).
stroller silver cross surf 2 in 1

Additional features

The stroller of this brand is equipped with a comfortable handle that can be set to different heights. Depending on the model, there are three or four (for example, as in Silver Cross Surf Elevation) fixation levels.

Strollers are equipped with an attachment system for a child car seat. But it is impossible to install such an accessory from another manufacturer - it is required to purchase only "Simplicity" of the specified trademark. The car seat is installed on a model such as Silver Cross Surf 2 in 1.

silver cross surf 2

Pram Benefits

Systematizing all of the above about the main technical characteristics of strollers of this manufacturer, we can note the following advantages of such a children's vehicle:

  • pneumatic suspension that provides a comfortable soft ride of the stroller;
  • suitable for babies from birth to 3 years old;
  • converts to stroller;
  • strong tires;
  • foot brake;
  • three positions of the backrest in the walking block;
  • five-point safety harness;
  • if you have a car seat of the same brand (not included), the stroller transforms into a comfortable system designed for long-distance travel;
  • four (or three) levels of handle adjustment;
  • two positions of the walking block;
  • Easy book-fold chassis.
silver cross surf reviews


The price corresponds to the high quality of Silver Cross strollers. The cost of such products is not affordable for everyone. But, given that such a children's vehicle will last a long time, and the baby will feel comfortable and safe in it, then the costs can be considered justified.

So, the Silver Cross Surf 2 in 1 stroller, as well as Surf 2, costs about 80 thousand rubles, and the Elevation model costs 90-100 thousand rubles.

silver cross surf elevation

Positive Feedback

What are consumer reviews about Silver Cross Surf? Despite the fact that the strollers of this manufacturer are in great demand in the domestic market, the opinions of buyers about these products are ambiguous. First of all, we will share the positive feedback from consumers. What are the advantages of the stroller of this brand noted by mothers of crumbs? There are many of them:

  • high quality materials and safety;
  • the presence of a cushioning system that provides a soft walk even onuneven surface;
  • functionality, the ability to use a stroller for children of different ages;
  • stylish design and wide range of colors;
  • mobility: it can be easily unfolded and placed in the car, the stroller does not take up much space;
  • presence of a removable cradle;
  • lightweight stroller.
silver cross surf 2 strollers

Negative reviews

But there are also some complaints, for example, consumers often pay attention to the impossibility of "throwing" the handle to the other side, the inconvenience of the foot brake, the small size of the bag.

But the main disadvantage, according to mothers, is the difficulty in managing the stroller on “slippery” surfaces, such as paving slabs or cast floors in a shopping center. Under such circumstances, maneuverability is significantly reduced. It is also difficult to drive a stroller in the winter season: the front wheels simply rotate in different directions or are fixed “across”.

Buyers do not always like such an accessory as an umbrella. Moms of babies claim that it is held by a spring, which means that during a trip on a rough road, the umbrella will tilt in different directions, thereby making it difficult to control the stroller. In addition, the accessory does not fulfill its function, i.e. it does not protect the baby from the sun.

In this article, we described the advantages and disadvantages of the Silver Cross Surf 2 stroller, shared consumer opinions about this product. But the decision to purchase such a children's vehicle should be made carefully. After all, the purchasestrollers are not just an expense for the family budget, but also an investment in the he alth and comfort of the child.

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