Stroller Inglesina Trip: review, specifications, reviews

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Stroller Inglesina Trip: review, specifications, reviews
Stroller Inglesina Trip: review, specifications, reviews

Video: Stroller Inglesina Trip: review, specifications, reviews

Video: Stroller Inglesina Trip: review, specifications, reviews
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When choosing a vehicle that can be trusted with the most valuable passenger, every parent strives not to miscalculate. Before buying, it is important to weigh all the details and read the reviews of the owners of the model you like.

Our article will tell you about the Inglesina Trip stroller, which has been well-deservedly popular among young parents for more than one year.

Producer history

The Italian company Inglesina was founded in 1963 by Liviano Tomasi. He was a passionate lover of racing and sports cars, and simply adored children. The founder of the brand believed that only what is done with love and from the heart can be truly successful.

Tomasi made the right decision. The first released Apollo model brought fame to his company. By the way, for collectors, this vintage stroller is of interest today.

As the years passed, the skill of engineers and designers grew, quality standards rose. Nowadays, the company holds a strong position in the international market.children's goods, annually replenishing the line with new products. All Inglesina products are made in Italy and meet strict European quality standards.

Model concept

Let's start our review of Inglesina Trip with a general description. The model is positioned as an easy "walk" for the city and travel, which is convenient to fold, carry and transport.

folded inglesina trip
folded inglesina trip

This stroller is primarily designed for the warm season.


The model is built on an aluminum frame, thanks to which it has a fairly high strength and reliability, but at the same time it has a relatively small weight - only 6.6 kg. Inglesina Trip wheels are paired, the front pair is equipped with the possibility of free rotation, the rear has brakes. All wheels can be locked in the straight-ahead position to facilitate driving on rough roads with poor pavement.

Stroller handle is not reversible, height adjustment is not provided.

The running characteristics of the Inglesina Trip allow you to comfortably manage it, go around obstacles. On a flat surface, this is an obedient maneuverable transport. Snow, deep mud and sand are contraindicated for this stroller, as well as for any other model from this class. For walking on such surfaces, a stroller with large inflatable wheels is suitable.

Fabrics and materials

Inglesina Trip is considered a budget model compared to other products of the brand, so the quality of fabrics differs, for example, from those used for the new Quad line. Butthe company has always been famous for using only quality materials.

inglesina trip stroller
inglesina trip stroller

All covers are made of durable natural fabric with a slight addition of synthetic fiber (to increase wear resistance). The shoulder harness straps are protected with soft pads to prevent chafing.

The fabric of the outer covers is well cleaned, thanks to a special dirt-repellent impregnation. Sun fade resistant materials.


The model has been produced for more than one year. In reviews of the first releases, it was often mentioned that the lack of a regular bumper is a serious drawback, so the manufacturer decided to complete its offspring with this accessory. In addition, the basic package includes a removable cup holder, a small mesh shopping basket, a rain cover.

inglesina trip with rain cover
inglesina trip with rain cover

The hood of the model has a medium size, for convenience it is equipped with a folding visor.

Optional accessories

The manufacturer produces a number of branded accessories that are compatible with the Inglesina Trip stroller. Owners can complement their model with a stylish removable umbrella that will provide additional protection for the baby in the summer heat. Convenient bags for children's and parent's things are in great demand. For those who decide to use this “walk” all year round, a capacious insulated cape for legs will certainly come in handy. The insert for the little ones, dubbed with delicate cotton fabric, increases the comfort of the child.

If you didn't find what you wantAmong the assortment of the company, you can also consider universal accessories from other brands. Judging by the reviews, all kinds of organizers, enlarged sun visors, liners for babies, and blankets are suitable for this model. This chassis cannot be combined with the bassinet and car seat.

Child comfort

Unlike the first editions, the modern model has a more comfortable back. It can be unfolded almost horizontally.

The footrest is also adjustable. When the child is resting, you can lengthen the bed.

The hood can protect from the sun's rays, but it is powerless against wind, snow and rain. In bad weather, it is better to take a raincoat with you for walks.

Parent comfort

A lot of criticism is caused by the fact that the handles cannot be adjusted in height. And in comparison with other “walks”, for example, with the Swift model from the same brand, the Inglesina Trip has a rather high height. She can become a real favorite of tall moms and dads, but for parents of average height, the handles may seem a bit high.

But most owners find this transport quite convenient. The viewing window in the hood allows you to unobtrusively control the baby. The parent grips are covered with foam to prevent slipping and keep the elements from getting too cold in the cold and hot in the heat.

inglesina trip review
inglesina trip review

Many moms say that being able to completely remove covers is very convenient. You don’t even need instructions for this, everything happens intuitively. The whole set of covers fits easily into the drum of a washing machine, washes well at 30 ° C and dries quickly.

While walking, the lower bar does not interfere, you do not have to hit it with your feet. Access to the basket is open even when the seat back is fully unfolded. The stroller can pass into any elevator, thanks to the small width of the base.


Independent experts testing various products have concluded that the Inglesina Trip stroller can only be called safe if handled with care. The design is quite stable, but in no case should you load the handles with heavy bags and packages. The stroller is relatively light, so there is a risk of an instant tip over.

inglesina trip colors
inglesina trip colors

In general, the model worked well. It does not contain any traumatic elements that could harm the child. The five-point seat belts do their job perfectly. But the bumper is soft, hard could better protect the little fidget.

Folding and unfolding

Inglesina Trip requires both hands to fold. In more expensive models of the brand, a different mechanism has long been used, which allows you to use only one hand. But the folding system itself, as the reviews assure, is simple and straightforward.

Potential buyers should pay attention to the fact that the wheels go in different directions when folded. In inclement weather, this may not be very convenient. However, the wheels are quite far from the hood when folded, dirtying itthey won't.

To prevent sudden unplanned unfolding, a simple and convenient latch is provided. It is convenient to carry the stroller by the regular handle, like a suitcase.

inglesina trip reviews
inglesina trip reviews

As the reviews say, the Inglesina Trip is quite compact when folded, it can easily fit under the compartment shelf or in the trunk of a car. But it cannot be carried into the cabin as hand luggage.


Young parents who choose this model, in most cases, are satisfied with the purchase, as mentioned in the reviews. Inglesina Trip with careful and reasonable operation will serve faithfully for more than one year. It is also important that the secondary market abounds with offers for sale. Even the stroller, which has already been in use, perfectly copes with all its tasks. This suggests that the resource of this transport is designed for several years.

The Inglesina Trip stroller with bumper, judging by the reviews, was liked by customers, but some prefer to replace this accessory with a more durable and rigid one. Perhaps the manufacturer will take this into account when developing updates for this popular model.

Light weight pleases residents of high-rise buildings. Compact lightweight stroller can be carried up the stairs with the child. The shopping cart is small and its load capacity leaves much to be desired. Nevertheless, speaking about this accessory, parents also note positive points. It is convenient to use the basket, and when driving it does not cling to ledges and stones, since it is located quitehigh.

inglesina trip stroller
inglesina trip stroller

Some owners complain about the hood. According to them, it would be more comfortable if it was larger.

It is worth noting the wheels separately. For many strollers, they are a weak point, but in the case of this model, there are not so many problems. The depreciation declared by the manufacturer is present, small irregularities are not terrible. The wheels are generally quite large compared to analogues. Polyurethane coating ensures a quiet ride. Over time, some nodes may begin to creak, but the problem is solved by lubrication.


The cost of the Inglesina Trip stroller from the collections of recent years averages 10,000 rubles. Many stores periodically hold promotions, offering model buyers additional accessories as a gift, discounts and other bonuses. Offers on the secondary market depend on the age of the vehicle and its condition.