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Stroller "Navington Caravel": description, features, specifications and reviews

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Stroller "Navington Caravel": description, features, specifications and reviews
Stroller "Navington Caravel": description, features, specifications and reviews

The appearance of a baby is not only a wonderful and amazing process. It is accompanied by a huge number of purchases. The choice of children's goods is now huge, it is rather difficult to find something specific and better. Therefore, today we will try to pay attention to the purchase of a stroller for a child. What can be said about the "Navington Caravel"? Can you trust this product? What characteristics does it have? What are the pros and cons? Numerous customer reviews will help you decide in all this. True, get ready for the fact that there will not be an unambiguous opinion. After all, for each assessment of the baby stroller is based on different characteristics. So you should not be surprised at some ambiguity.

navington caravel

Extensive selection

The first advantage of the "Navington Caravel" is an extensive selection of models of prams. Yes, most of them are similar in their characteristics, differ mainly in prices, colors and design. However, there are some differences between the models. For example, byits functionality.

You can find simple cradles for your baby. A very common product that is in great demand among parents. The Navington Caravel (carrycot) is ideal for babies up to approximately 6 months of age.

There are also "2 in 1" models. They are more versatile. Are equipped with several blocks - a cradle and "walk". No less successful solution. "3 in 1" is also found, but less often.

In principle, as buyers say, "Navington Caravel" offers different strollers for every taste. Here and "walks", and universal, and cradles. But transformers are impossible to find. But that's no reason not to buy.


And now a little about the characteristics of children's vehicles from the selected manufacturer. It has already been said that most models have similar features. So you can consider strollers in general terms.

stroller navington caravel

True, they differ from each other in design. Not significant, but still. Most often, as buyers assure, there are models in the "retro" style. No special features, simple minimalism. At the same time, all "Navington Caravels" look fashionable, albeit "simple".

Thus, this manufacturer offers a product for those who like to keep up with the times. The color scheme is varied, but there are no "flashy" colors. Rather, they are all calm. At the same time, you can choose models for boys, andfor girls. Universal strollers are also found in colors. So there will be no problems with this characteristic.

On wheels

One of the most important indicators that play a huge role in choosing a children's vehicle is nothing more than wheels. Many parents pay attention to them first of all. The right decision - due to this component, the patency of the goods on the roads as a whole is ensured.

Fortunately, the Navington Caravel (no matter what model) has a pretty good performance in this area. She has 4 big wheels. As a rule, they are rotary. Rubberized, with metal spokes. Easy to remove and wash.

navington caravel cradle

So these are not simple plastic or inflatable "options". Not at all. Rubberized wheels are in great demand among buyers, but they are very rare. The only thing that parents do not particularly like is that the wheels of our today's product are swivel. Especially when it comes to cradles. It will be difficult to manage with such a design. Nevertheless, her cross-country ability is wonderful - she moves perfectly in the snow, both on asph alt and on the ground. Just what many need! In particular, when it comes to the "2 in 1" model.


You should also pay attention to the chassis. It is approximately the same in terms of characteristics for most Navington Caravel models. And parents are overwhelmingly satisfied with their purchases.

Designs are made of stainless steel. This means that strollers are not afraid of temperature changes, frost, rain or sun. Further, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the chassis is folded "book", which allows you to store the structure in the house without any problems.

At the bottom of the stroller, as a rule, there is a shopping basket. And just for her, "Navington Caravel" reviews earn not too good. After all, it's not too big. And all because of the fact that a shopping basket is a metal frame. In some models, it is additionally covered with fabric. Don't put a lot of things in here. And this indicator upsets buyers. But not enough to refuse to purchase.

stroller navington caravel cradle


Next, a few words about wheelchair blocks. They also play an important role. It is not enough to buy a solid construction. It should also be comfortable for the child. Otherwise, you will have to look for another stroller. Fortunately, parents have no particular complaints in this area. But too much excitement too.

Stroller "Navington Caravel" (cradle) covered with eco-leather. This means it won't cause allergies. Her size is not too big, although it is more than enough for a newborn. All cradles have an adjustable back (3 provisions). True, such a block is used only for about six months. Next, you will either have to buy another model (if you just have a cradle), or change it to a walking block.

For walking

It also has its advantages. Found inmodels "2 in 1" and "3 in 1". It has approximately the same characteristics in all "Navington Caravels", where it only takes place.

Equipped with an adjustable backrest (several positions, namely 3), soft upholstery. There is a pen in front of the baby. Only here one drawback is emphasized - it is extremely difficult to remove the bumper in the walking blocks. There are five-point safety harnesses. They provide a stable position for the child in the block. This is exactly what many parents need. The guarantee of safety and quality is a perfect combination. There is a large sun visor. It is also available in cradles. Does a great job.

navington caravel reviews

Price tag

But if we talk about the price, then "Navington Caravel Retro Royal Snow" (and in general models from this manufacturer) upsets buyers. More precisely, disappointing to some extent. After all, the majority indicates that we have an elite product. So, it is expensive.

Indeed, the way it is. On average, a stroller will cost parents 40-50 thousand rubles. At the same time, according to the experience of parents, she does not stand out in anything special. Is that the finish - eco-leather. You can find a less expensive analogue that will be upholstered in fabric, but in terms of general characteristics it will not differ in any way from the Navington Caravel.


We found out the main characteristics of our today's strollers. But now it’s worth making a conclusion - is it possible to buy these models? Honestly, here the parents can not decide.Someone says that you should pay attention to the Caravel strollers - this is an elite and high-quality product. True, all models are bulky and heavy (about 17.5 kilograms). And someone points to the overestimated cost of the structure and advises looking for analogues.

navington caravel retro royal snow

How to act - it's up to you. In any case, there is no frank negativity towards the Caravel strollers. So you can trust them. Basically it all depends on your budget. Can you afford these elite quality models? Then, without any problems, get something from today's manufacturer. Not? Look for analogues. It's not as hard as it looks.

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