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Smoky cats: breed, photo
Smoky cats: breed, photo

Smoky cats have always attracted the attention of animal lovers. They have a certain mystique. Such a coat is characteristic of many breeds of cats. We will introduce you to some of them in this article.

Australian smoky cat

This is a small animal with a pronounced oriental type of appearance. Cats of this breed are the owners of a short coat, but not close to the body. Their main feature is a special smoky coat pattern.

smoky cats

These animals were bred in Australia in 1975. Breeders set themselves the goal of breeding a breed similar to the Burmese, but with a spotty shade of wool.

A special breeding program has been developed for this. Sociability, physique and four colors of the Australian cat got from the Burmese "sisters". Two more colors, cheerfulness and ticking, were added by Abyssinian cats. Not purebred tabbies left a spotted pattern “inherited”. The first kittens of the new breed were born in January 1980. At first they were called spotty-smoky. Eight years later (in 1998) the breed became known as the Australian Smoky.

The breed was fully recognized only in Australia. It is considered very rare in the world.

Character traits

These smoky cats are very sociable. They are playful and accommodating, extremely attached to the house. Easily establish contact with other pets, they love to play with children very much, they endure loneliness quite calmly. They don't need to be taken out for walks and can stay indoors for long periods.

Asian smoky cat

These are gentle and affectionate creatures that need attention and care of the owner. Asian smoke cats are very intelligent. So, they quickly understand what can be done in the house and what actions should never be done.

smoky cat breed

That is why the Asian gray smoky cat will not cause any trouble to its owners. They only need to teach the kitten to order from an early age.

Be warned that the Asian Smoky cat breed is not suitable for owners who prefer their pet to act as a "sofa cushion". These animals are very mobile, do not like to sit still for a long time, they always find entertainment for themselves (and sometimes not the quietest).

Description of the breed

As the name implies, this breed of smoky cats belongs to the Asian group. Distinctive features are a silvery, light, and sometimes almost white undercoat, as well as a dark top coat.

American Ringtail

The history of this breed began only in 1998. In the small town of Fremont found a tiny kitten,who was named Solomon. Susan Manley left the baby, interested in his unusual tail, twisted on his back, like a Siberian husky.

smoky cats photo

Later, Susan found several more individuals with curled tails in the vicinity of Fremont. The woman decided to try to breed a new breed. To do this, she crossed her foundling with a domestic cat, which after a while gave birth to kittens with twisted tails. However, their ponytails were not as tightly twisted as their father's. Only in 2000 did Solomon's daughter have kittens with gray smoky hair, which could be fully called ringtails.

Despite the fact that specialists in Canada and the USA are actively engaged in this breed, the American ringtail is still a rather rare breed that has been registered with TICA since 2005.

British cat

These are strong and large animals. Because of their masculine appearance, these smoky cats are very often the favorites of men.

gray smoky cat

The ancestors of this breed were ordinary shorthair cats. At one stage of breeding work, they were mixed with the blood of long-haired individuals to improve the general type.

As a result, a modern and very popular breed now appeared - wide-chested large animals with a large head, stocky and short legs and round large paws. The most popular cats are smoky. The first British Shorthairs were shown at an exhibition in London in 1971.

External data

The British cat is compact, well proportioned, muscular and strong with short muscular limbs. Round head on a short and thick neck. Broad skull, small ears. The muzzle is round, with a powerful and strong chin. Rounded forehead, straight, wide and short nose. The eyes are large, round, set wide apart. The body is massive, squat and short, the chest is wide and deep. The tail is thick, medium length, with a round tip.

Wool is thick, coarse and short. It is desirable that the coat be so dense that when the animal moves, it seems that it “breaks”.


Despite their masculine appearance, these smoky cats are very affectionate, have a wonderful light character. They get along well with other pets. These animals are not too fond of jumping on cabinets: because of their massive physique, they are unimportant climbers, and some individuals are even terribly afraid of heights. Representatives of the breed are balanced and intelligent, do not have a strong temperament. British smoky cats, photos of which can be found today in the mass of printed publications about animals, are moderately active and playful. The animal is unpretentious, easily adapts to any living conditions.

California Spangled

The name of this breed contains a word which in translation from English means "spangled". It is called Californian in honor of the American state in which it was bred.

smoky cat color

The smoky color of cats of this breed createsFeeling like they are really covered in sparkles. The initiative to create this uniquely beautiful creature belongs to Hollywood screenwriter Paul Casey.

Breeding work started in 1971. The founder of the breed was a long-haired spotted silver tabby cat and an old type Siamese cat. In the course of further work, the blood of the Abyssinian, British Shorthair, American Shorthair, etc. was added. In addition, outbred individuals also participated in the process.

Ten years later, breeders achieved the desired result, and Casey demonstrated the Californian Spangled in 1986 in the hope of convincing people not to exterminate wild animals that look so much like their pets. These cats were registered with TICA in 1987.

Characteristic of the breed

Excellent hunters. Extremely active. They need a lot of attention from a person, constant physical activity, outdoor games. Breeders are attracted by the good-natured nature of these animals.

Cats with well-developed strong muscles do not need careful care.

Persian Smoky

It must be said that the coat of different breeds of cats can differ significantly in color. For example, Persian smoky cats, the photo of which is given in our article, have a gray-black contrasting coat. In a calm state, the animal appears black, and in movement, a silvery-white part of the coat appears.

smoky cats

Persian smoky cats can have a different width of the light part - froma thin stripe on the legs and head, noticeable only upon close examination of the coat, to an almost silvery-white coat on the collar, belly, tufts of the ears and the lower part of the tail. The standard allows for a slight silver M pattern on the head.

Siberian Smoky

Unfortunately, there is no documentary evidence of when these beautiful fluffy creatures first appeared in Siberia. There is a version that they were brought by Russian settlers several hundred years ago. Caught in a harsh climate, cats had to survive. It is quite obvious that only individuals with increased wool density could withstand such difficult conditions. From this we can conclude that nature itself formed the breed, using the unmistakable method - natural selection.

smoky cats

In addition, there is an opinion that wild forest cats, who passed on their genes to offspring, also contributed to the formation of this breed. The Siberian cat is considered an aboriginal breed that has formed naturally. And the felinologists had only to bring to perfection what Mother Nature had in mind.

Animals of this breed have different colors - from solid to two - and tricolor. According to lovers of this breed, smoky cats are especially attractive. Moreover, in this breed there are such varieties as “blue smoke”, “black smoke”, “red smoke”, etc.

In conclusion, I would like to say that, no matter what breed the smoky cats are, the main thing is that they are loved and desired in your home.

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