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Dwarf cats: types and description. Domestic small cats (photo)

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Dwarf cats: types and description. Domestic small cats (photo)
Dwarf cats: types and description. Domestic small cats (photo)

There is no person who would be indifferent to little kittens. After all, they cause tenderness, even when they are naughty and outrageous. There are many breeds of cats that even in adulthood remain the size of an ordinary kitten, they are called dwarfs. And what do they represent? Let's find out now.


Dwarf cats come in several different breeds. For example, the most popular small cat is the Napoleon. An adult individual reaches the dimensions of a one and a half month old ordinary, familiar to us kitten. The coat is most often a gray-striped color, but there are other, darker and lighter variations. These cats are fluffy and have short legs.

dwarf cats

Small breeds are known to the world relatively recently, but such cats have already gained universal love, for example, Munchkin or Dachshund (yes, this applies not only to dogs), Minskin and many others. These species were obtained by crossing and long breeding.

The main part of the breeds is the product of crossing the Munchkin and other, ordinary ones. Now let's look at an example. BreedNapoleon was obtained by crossing the Munchkin and the Persians. There were other types as well. For example, the mini-cat Minskin was obtained by crossing a Munchkin and a Sphynx, and then connecting with a Burmese. This breed has short legs and looks like a sphinx.

However, not all purrs appear by crossing small and ordinary breeds, the Singapore cat is an exception. She appeared in the city under the same name, and quite naturally - by crossing yard animals.

Great choice

Among the dwarf breeds, it is quite easy to find a beast to your taste, Singapura and Minskin are suitable for those who do not like fluffy cats. Others, on the contrary, like furry animals. Cats that meet these criteria are Napoleon. If at all you want an unusual animal, the pygmy rex and skukum are suitable, they have non-standard curly hair. Small cats are unusual and like the owners because they always remain "kittens". So, the most popular dwarf cat breeds are listed below.


It is known that Emperor Napoleon was short and was also afraid of cats. The breeders of this breed, for fun, decided to name their offspring after him.

dwarf cat breeds

Jim Smith in 1993 wanted to create a breed reminiscent of the Persian and the Munchkin. He crossed a Persian cat with long hair and a Munchkin with short legs. The result was a breed with short legs, round cheeks and large, expressive eyes. The flattened nose was not transmitted, and therefore Napoleon did notsniffles. Dwarf cats of this breed have a plush coat, and it can be either long or short. The color is presented in all its diversity and can be any.

animals cats

These cats are distinguished by excellent he alth, which is not always typical for representatives of artificially bred breeds. Representatives of this breed do not actually get sick, although there is a risk that a disease such as polycystic kidney disease can be transmitted from Persians. It is important to study the medical records of the parents before getting such a pet. The nature of this breed is flexible. Napoleon is very devoted to his master, and also distinguished by patience and non-aggression.


Dwarf Munchkin cats are strong, muscular animals with one characteristic feature - short, like a dachshund's paws. When the Munchkin moves, he vaguely resembles a ferret.

domestic cats small

When the need arises to look around, the munchkin sits steadily on his hips, and uses his tail as a lever to maintain balance and improve coordination. In this position, the animal can be for a long time, hanging short legs along the body, thus resembling a kangaroo. For this, the Germans gave cats such a nickname - "kangaroo cat". A distinctive feature of such purrs is the inability to jump high.

These animals are very affectionate, sociable and contact. Domestic cats are small and very attached to their owners, one might even say dog-like faithful to them. They are non-aggressive and non-offensive, not averse to playing withrepresentatives of other breeds and species of animals, as well as with children.

Munchkin dwarf cats

Munchkins are great for traveling and moving and are ideal for those who have to move often or go on business trips, as well as lovers of traveling with animals.

The breed's short legs are a mutation and may cause he alth problems.

This animal is endowed with a small, triangular-shaped head, it has large and open eyes, large high-set ears, a rounded body with well-developed muscles. The tail is of medium length, the coat is loose and does not depend on the season, these are not very fluffy animals. Cats of this breed have short limbs and normal other bones of the skeleton. As you understand, this property appeared during the mutation.

Wool comes in short and long and in different colors. In animals with short hair, acromelanic markings (variants of the Siamese color) are more common - colorpoints, minks, as well as patterned colors of various types.

Long-haired individuals are less common, but more often have beautiful smoky, silver, two-tone colors.


Singapura is an amazing breed. These are dwarf cats, the photo of which is presented in the article, of natural origin. The breed was formed by the efforts of American specialists, but is of eastern origin.

dwarf cats photo

Cats of this breed have an unusual appearance and a very good character. Such an animal surprises with its enthusiasm and grace. They haveonly one variety of color - "sepia agouti". It is a golden cream background and dark brown ticking on the tail, along the back and on the head. The eyes of the cats are huge and very expressive, which everyone immediately pays attention to, they cannot leave you indifferent. They have no undercoat, and the coat itself is short and silky in texture, so stroking such a cat is a pleasure. Singapura is the smallest cat, you can see the photo below. The weight of such a murylka is about 2 kg. Cats, on the other hand, weigh a kilogram more.

Fun Lover

This cat is tireless in games, she is ready to jump for a long time. Very devoted to the owner and follows him on his heels. She has absolutely no aggression and accepts all manifestations of the owners' love with gratitude. Singapuras are quite smart and will not bother if the owners are not in the mood for games and entertainment. However, as soon as the opportunity arises, they are able to spend a lot of time playing with people, children and other animals. Other oriental cats are talkative, but not the Singapura - they “speak” little, and their voice is gentle and quiet. This cat is the best pet in a family with children, because she is completely gentle and loves to play.

smallest cat photo

Despite the apparent fragility of these animals, they are full of energy, their size does not affect their he alth in any way. They are playful and full of ideas. Dwarf cats of this breed develop longer than other representatives of the eastern group. There are few kittens in a litter, usually no more than three or four. Babies at four months of agebecome ready to leave their mother.

Singapura is perhaps one of the rarest breeds, there are very few catteries in Russia that breed these cats. And in other countries they are an order of magnitude smaller than other species. The Singapura cat is an ideal pet for those who love active games with animals and appreciate their pleasant disposition, quiet voice and unobtrusiveness.


Dwarf Minskin cats are also one of the rarest breeds. These are short-haired purrs, the color of which is very diverse. The wide-set eyes of the seals are large and very expressive. Paws are set high, ears are medium in size. The tail is completely proportional to the length of the whole body. Wool with a silky texture reminiscent of satin or cashmere, but if such a cat is bathed without the use of special shampoo, then it loses these effects.

mini cat


Minskins in general are very inquisitive animals of a good disposition, besides they are very smart and quick-witted. They are resourceful and confident, as well as very friendly. Such cats feel very good in a new place and are well oriented. They also get along with other animals in the house, be it a cat of a different breed or a dog. Minskin is a cat that does not get bored, but it is still not recommended for the owners to be absent for a long time. Despite their restraint and tact, they still do not like loneliness and are unable to endure it for a long time, preferring frequent communication.

The Minskin mini cat is distinguished by excellent he alth and good appetite,unpretentiousness in food. And they are also very clean. The disadvantage of the breed is that combining two mutations can lead to some diseases.


When choosing a dwarf cat, you should pay attention to many details. It is better to study in detail the characteristics of the breed and compare them with the conditions in which the animal will be kept. For example, how a cat gets along with children, how it will perceive the absence of owners or frequent moves, what hereditary diseases it can develop and how to treat them. Dwarf cat breeds are diverse, so based on the needs and characteristics of each of their representatives, you can find the most suitable animal for yourself. However, it is important to remember that any thoroughbred pet needs special care, this applies to both hygiene and nutrition. It is also necessary to show her to the veterinarian often to prevent the development of diseases, only then the cat will be completely he althy, which means that she will always be in a good mood.


As you understand, dwarf cats are very funny companions. They bring peace and joy to the home. If you like these animals, then be sure to get yourself such a pet.

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