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Massage pillows: reviews, prices, recommendations

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Massage pillows: reviews, prices, recommendations
Massage pillows: reviews, prices, recommendations

Massage is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress and fatigue. Unfortunately, in the modern rhythm of life it is very difficult to find time to visit a massage parlor. A way out of this situation was found by engineers who developed a massage pillow.

What is it?

This is a small, versatile device that allows you to massage your neck, back, thighs, calves and feet. It got its name because of the similarity in shape and appearance with a regular pillow.

Most manufacturers produce massage pillows that work on the principle of roller massage. This means that rollers that constantly rotate act as massage elements. During their movement there is an impact on the human body. Some types of massage pillows work on the principle of vibration massage. As a rule, such pillows are small in size and are quite inexpensive. Combination type massage devices can also be found on sale.

massage pillows


Recently, the demand for massage pillows has been actively growing. This unique item has manyadvantages: convenience, ease of use and compactness. In addition, this device is relatively inexpensive and accessible to everyone.

The most important advantage is the small size. So, compared to a massage chair, bed or cape, the pillow takes up very little space. At the same time, it can be placed on any surface, which frees your hands and allows you to do any business. Also, due to its compact size, the massage pillow can be taken with you even on the road.

The second important advantage of a pillow is its shape. It is it that provides more benefits from massage compared to other devices.

Simplicity of design and inexpensive materials are the reasons for the low price. Therefore, massage cushions are very popular in today's market for therapeutic devices. The only difference that affects the cost of the pillow is the design and the availability of additional features.

massage pillow reviews


Massage pillow is used to relax muscles, relieve fatigue, improve blood circulation. Also, this device can be used in cosmetic procedures. For example, in the process of accelerating cell regeneration.

Massage pillow can be used on the recommendation of a doctor for the treatment of certain diseases. Also, the periodic use of this massage device has a positive effect on the general condition of the body and has a preventive effect.

The massage pillow is a versatile device that is always at hand. You can even take it to work or torelaxation. In addition, the massage pillow can relieve fatigue when a person is on a long journey or just standing in a traffic jam.

neck massage pillow

Recommendations for selection

Today, massage pillows are produced by many different companies. Therefore, the buyer has the opportunity to choose the most suitable option both in terms of price and technical parameters. As for manufacturers, the German firms Beurer and Casada produce the highest quality massage pillows. But the products of these manufacturers are more expensive. For less demanding customers, there are massage pillows made in China. The quality of some of these products is not inferior to products of famous world brands.

To choose a quality pillow, it is recommended to be guided not only by price and brand. During the purchase, first of all, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Ergonomics and shape - it is important to check how comfortable it is to use the pillow you like. The fact is that each person has his own anatomical features. Therefore, the massage pillow must be selected strictly individually. If a thing is comfortable, it will bring much more benefit.
  2. Availability of additional functions - adjustment of the speed of rotation of the massage mechanisms, heating, changing the strength of the massage.
  3. Warranty - It is very important that the product comes with a manufacturer's warranty.

Massage back cushion

Healing device manufacturers produce massage cushions for the back. They are usedfor therapeutic effects on the muscles of the back and spine. Pillows can be used both independently and in combination with certain medical techniques.

back massage pillow

Massage back cushion allows you to:

  • relieve physical stress after long sedentary work;
  • restore muscles after heavy physical exertion;
  • keep back muscles in good shape;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • strengthen back muscles;
  • correct posture;
  • relax stiff back areas.

Also, the massage cushion copes well with s alt formation in different parts of the back.

Neck products

The neck massage pillow allows you to relax your muscles and effectively relieve stress. As a rule, it is released in the shape of a horseshoe.

The neck massage pillow is designed for tourists and motorists. It is also ideal for the office and indispensable at home.

The main benefits of a horseshoe pillow are effective relaxation of the muscles of the neck and shoulders. In addition, massage pillows for the neck improve the supply of oxygen to the brain and prevent curvature of the upper spine. This is very important for office workers and people in other sedentary professions.

Most neck massage pillows are battery powered. They do not need to be inflated or somehow prepared for work. Simply turn on and adjust the desired massage settings.

welllife massage cushion

User reviews

Amongof medical devices for home use, the massage pillow has the highest demand. Customer reviews about it are mostly positive. First of all, users note the convenience of using this miracle of technology. Thanks to its compact size, people who need constant massage can carry the pillow with them.

Relieve stress after a hard day's work is the most common reason people need a massage pillow. User reviews confirm the result promised by device manufacturers. Many have noticed that after using the pillow periodically, their back and neck stopped hurting, and their well-being improved.

gezatone massage cushion


The price range of massage pillows is very wide. So, depending on the manufacturer and technical parameters, the price of a product can vary from two and a half to thirteen thousand rubles. One of the most expensive massage devices is manufactured by Welllife. The massage pillow of this brand costs 12,900 rubles. The manufacturer argues for such a high cost with a unique design, the presence of a control panel and massage rollers made of natural stone - jade.

Cheaper models also have good opportunities. So, the Gezatone branded massage pillow costs about seven thousand rubles. This price is due to the presence of an additional function - infrared heating. This function activates metabolic processes and allows the muscles to recover quickly. Also, IF-heating enhances roller massage. Well, for those who want to buy morecheap model manufacturers produce massage cushions made of simple materials with a limited set of functions.

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