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Vet clinic "Bagira" in Penza: services, location, work schedule

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Vet clinic "Bagira" in Penza: services, location, work schedule
Vet clinic "Bagira" in Penza: services, location, work schedule

Vet clinic "Bagira" in Penza has been successfully treating animals for many years. Citizens come here to treat their pet or just consult with specialists, because pets can get sick just like people.

About the Veterinary Center

The main principles of the Bagheera veterinary clinic in Penza are:

  • attention to all patients;
  • providing quality veterinary care;
  • responsibility;
  • medical ethics;
  • constant acquisition of new knowledge;
  • help homeless animals.
  • veterinarian

During five years of successful work, two "Bagira" veterinary clinics were opened in Penza: on Ukhtomsky and on Ternovsky. The main goal of doctors is not only to cure a sick animal, but also to do everything possible to maintain its he alth and performance in the future.

Modern equipment and experienced doctors in the veterinary center are the key to successful treatment. Here alwaysconsult on any issues, prescribe a course of treatment or operate, if necessary. If the owner himself cannot come to the clinic for some reason, then for such cases there is a doctor's house call service.

Specialists of the center treat cats, dogs, rodents and birds. For each pet here will find an individual approach. But it is not necessary to bring a pet to the clinic only in case of illness, the veterinary center provides scheduled medical examinations with advice on further care.

The clinic has its own sales area where you can buy products for the treatment and care of animals, as well as various brands of food and accessories.

veterinary doctor

Services of the veterinary clinic "Bagira" in Penza

Here you can get veterinary services in different areas:

  • help from a general practitioner;
  • surgery,
  • traumatology;
  • ultrasound;
  • diagnostics of skin tests by laboratory method;
  • blood and urine tests in 10 minutes;
  • call a doctor at home;
  • groomer services;
  • professional advice from doctors on the maintenance, care and treatment of animals;
  • castration and sterilization;
  • vaccination.

Information about all services provided and prices can be clarified directly at the veterinary center.

dog at the doctor's office

Rules for visiting veterinary clinics

In a stressful situation, animals can behave differently. In order for the visit to the veterinary clinic to passcalmly, you need to follow some rules:

  1. While in the clinic, the dog must be on a short leash. In the event that the dog is aggressive, you must take a muzzle with you.
  2. It is best to bring cats to the clinic in carriers, and small rodents in special containers.
  3. Reception in veterinary centers is often carried out in the order of the general queue. Some clinics have an appointment service. Animals in serious condition, as a rule, are accepted out of turn. Also, in some centers, pregnant women, visitors with children and people with disabilities are admitted earlier than others.
  4. Dog owners should bring their pet passport, if they have one, so that the doctor knows about vaccinations.
  5. If the animal is aggressive, the doctor may suggest using sedatives for examination.
  6. Any surgical interventions, as well as anesthesia, are carried out after telling the owner about the risks associated with this service, and after his written consent.
  7. Staying at the clinic may be delayed, so it's better not to plan anything for this day.

Location and opening hours

The veterinary clinic "Bagira" is located in Penza: on Ternovsky 203 and Ukhtomsky 3 A.

The center is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.

Animals, like people, can get sick - and that's okay. There is no need to be afraid to take your pet to the doctor, home treatments are not always effective. And in order to prevent the disease, it is enoughvisit the veterinarian once a year for prevention.

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