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Veterinary clinic "Jungle" in Penza: services, reviews, address

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Veterinary clinic "Jungle" in Penza: services, reviews, address
Veterinary clinic "Jungle" in Penza: services, reviews, address

Veterinary clinic of Penza "Jungle" has proven itself in the market of medical services for animals. Experienced doctors, who regularly improve their level of knowledge, carefully treat each patient, providing all the necessary assistance and taking actions for his recovery.

veterinary clinic jungle penza reviews

About the blade

One of the most visited veterinary clinics in Penza is "Jungli". Competent and attentive medical staff, modern equipment and a diverse range of services will impress even the most demanding visitor. In the veterinary center, you can not only get the help of specialists, but also buy a pet in a pet store, as well as everything you need to keep, feed and care for him.

Spectrum of medical services

What does the clinic offer?

  • Reception of a general practitioner. Veterinarians of the clinic will conductcareful examination, diagnosis, prescribe treatment. All types of injections, sanitary and hygienic treatments, physiotherapy are performed at the zoo center.
  • Surgery. Qualified specialists of the center perform both planned and emergency operations. The clinic provides castration, sterilization, emergency surgery, including surgical treatment of fractures, cosmetic surgeries.
  • X-ray, ECG, ultrasound. Timely diagnosis of diseases increases the effectiveness of treatment. The examination is carried out on modern highly sensitive and accurate equipment by competent specialists.
jungle veterinary clinic penza kalinina
  • Viral diagnostics. The rapid detection of serious diseases allows you to immediately begin treatment where time goes by for minutes. In cats, diseases such as coronavirus, panleukopenia, giardiasis, viral leukemia, immunodeficiency are determined, in dogs - distemper, adenovirus, parvovirus, coronavirus.
  • Vaccination. According to the saying "Prevention is better than cure", the clinic provides vaccinations for both small and adult animals, imported drugs are used, not only cats and dogs, but also rabbits and ferrets can be vaccinated.
  • Wide range of tests. The specialists of the center conduct a study of general and biochemical blood tests, urinalysis, oto- and rhinoscopy, examination of skin scrapings.
  • Dentistry. Animals, like humans, have dental problems. Symptoms of the disease may include poor appetite, increased salivation,tooth damage and enamel discoloration. These signs indicate the need to seek specialist advice. Dentists at the Jungle veterinary clinic in Penza will conduct a quality examination and, if necessary, treatment.
hygienic care of animals
  • Chipping. In Russia, the phenomenon is new, but in many countries this procedure has become mandatory. A microchip is a small capsule that is implanted under the skin of an animal with a syringe without incisions and pain. This is a kind of identifier, the carrier's passport. It allows the owner to accurately identify his pet, speed up the process of finding the owner in case of loss of the animal. This procedure is safe and does not cause discomfort to the furry.
  • Consultation on keeping, feeding and caring for animals. Experienced veterinarians will tell you in detail about the features of each animal and the intricacies of caring for it. They will give useful recommendations on maintenance and feeding.
  • Grooming. This procedure includes not only the usual hair cutting and grooming, but also skin care, removal of unwanted hairs, clipping of nails, cleaning of the glands, hygiene of the oral cavity, ears and eyes. Regular grooming is a guarantee of cleanliness, safety and he alth of four-legged animals. An experienced specialist will provide an individual approach to the animal, taking into account the age, breed and characteristics of the coat, and home visits allow you to carry out all the necessary care activities as comfortably as possible for the caudates.
Grooming and hygiene care

Hygienic pet care.For he althy growth and development of the animal, regular hygiene is necessary. This includes bathing, combing, cutting, treating the eyes, nose, ears, examining and getting rid of fleas and ticks. All this takes time and certain skills. The specialists of the zoo center will take care of all the hygienic care of animals

Grateful reviews of the Jungle veterinary clinic in Penza speak of a high level of service, competent specialists who find a special approach to each patient, a wide range of services and the provision of qualified assistance.

Pet shop

A pet shop operates at the Jungle veterinary clinic in Penza, where anyone can buy a new pet - pets, birds and even reptiles. The store always has a large selection of products for the care and maintenance of animals. A wide range of high-quality feed, as well as medicines that can be bought at the pharmacy of the zoo center.

veterinary clinic jungle penza phone

Working hours and contacts

The center is glad to receive its visitors from Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 to 21:00 without breaks and days off. Address: Penza, st. Lozitskoy, 1. The contact phone number of the Jungle veterinary clinic in Penza can be found in the city directory. Specialists are always happy to help animals. Recently opened another veterinary clinic "Jungle": Penza, Kalinina, 4.


According to numerous clients of the veterinary clinic, the prices for services there are moderate,and doctors are attentive to animals, they take on the most difficult case. Specialists treat competently, benevolently, show compassion. Animals feel this, so they behave calmly, which is important during the period of illness. Here they treat oncology, poisoning, sterilize. However, there are also negative reviews, in which the owners say that they do not help animals in critical condition, refuse to take any action, and drag out time.

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