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White discharge during pregnancy: causes
White discharge during pregnancy: causes

With the onset of a long-awaited pregnancy, a woman begins to be more attentive to her body and the changes that occur in it. There is no doubt that certain processes are being launched, many of which are quite objective. But many people associate white discharge during pregnancy with problems and diseases of the female genital organs. In order not to harm your unborn baby in any way, to prevent complications during its gestation and subsequent childbirth, you should not neglect the fact that even slight discomfort brings. But not always unpleasant symptoms are evidence of the disease. In particular, white discharge during pregnancy in most cases is the norm. When should you sound the alarm? This is what we will try to understand within the framework of this material.

white discharge without smell during pregnancy

Physiology of discharge

Vaginal discharge, which is the norm for the female body, has a white translucent color without odor. Such symptoms should not cause any concern among the fairer sex, on the contrary, they indicate the full-fledged work of women'sgenitals. In the cervical canal of the cervix, through the work of the glands, mucus is produced - it is she who moisturizes the vagina and protects the uterine cavity from infection.

What changes during pregnancy? Perhaps only the intensity. Is white discharge a sign of pregnancy? This question is asked by some of the fair sex. In fact, by their intensity, one can conclude about certain changes in the female body. Indeed, white, odorless discharge during pregnancy is also considered the norm. But they become more intense, which is why they sometimes scare expectant mothers. And all because the main goal is to keep the pregnancy and help the body bear a strong and he althy baby.

First half of pregnancy

We just found out that with the onset of pregnancy, the amount of mucus produced by the glands increases. This is primarily due to hormonal changes in the female body. Progesterone in early pregnancy plays a crucial role in the normalization of hormonal levels. Its role is to protect pregnancy. Progesterone begins to be actively produced immediately after ovulation in the corpus luteum of the ovary. It is under its influence that the menstrual cycle is suspended, which allows the embryo to gain a foothold on the walls of the uterus and begin active development. Later, as the placenta forms, progesterone begins to be actively produced in it. White becomes even more intense, which is associated with the need to more diligently protect the fetus from infection.

whiteweek of pregnancy

White discharge during pregnancy in the first trimester may become pinkish or brownish. And here some women mistakenly confuse them with menstruation. In fact, this is implantation bleeding, indicating the fixation of the fetus on the walls of the uterus.

Second half of pregnancy

By the 20th week of pregnancy, a woman's hormonal background is undergoing new changes. During this period, the level of estriol literally rolls over, which indicates the normal development of the fetus. The woman's body is actively preparing for labor, which is accompanied by the same whites. But what is interesting is that it is liquid white discharge during pregnancy, and every week they become more and more liquid and transparent. A periodic increase in intensity indicates leakage of amniotic fluid and an impending birth.

white discharge sign of pregnancy

Norm or pathology

We found out that white discharge during pregnancy is the norm, we can talk about pathology if they begin to change color to pinkish, brown, yellowish. Changes in consistency, primarily the appearance of blood clots, lumps, may also indicate problems. The appearance of a sharp unpleasant odor is another reason to visit a specialist. As a rule, such changes lead to discomfort, itching in the vagina, sometimes making it difficult to urinate, accompanying it with a sharp pain.

Blood clots

White discharge during early pregnancy sometimesaccompanied by the appearance of brownish mucus. There is no cause for concern, because this is how the female body reacts to all changes, first of all, the fixation of the fetus. But if such symptoms are accompanied by a sharp pain in the abdomen, weakness, dizziness, there is cause for serious concern. Often this evidence is:

  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • threatened miscarriage;
  • fetal death.

In this case, you should immediately seek qualified medical help.


At any week of pregnancy, white discharge is too intense, sometimes the result of a weakened immune system. It's no secret that he is one of the first to suffer from a new life developing in the womb. Insufficiently effective body defense catalyzes and provokes exacerbation of chronic infections, including genital ones.

white thick discharge during pregnancy

The shade of discharge will tell you what kind of infection develops in the female body.

Yellowish green

The appearance of white discharge during pregnancy with a yellowish-green tint and an unpleasant odor is a messenger of pathology:

  • Allergy - such a reaction can be caused by intimate hygiene products or materials from which underwear is made. That is why all gynecologists strongly recommend avoiding tight, uncomfortable underwear made of synthetic fabrics, giving preference to materials with a natural composition, models without seams.
  • Inflammatory process - in the grouprisk uterus and appendages. Treatment should be immediate so that under no circumstances should the pregnancy be terminated.
  • Venereal diseases - discharge in this case becomes greenish, accompanied by itching, pain when urinating. Such diseases are especially dangerous for the expectant mother and her baby, as they can cause fetal pathologies and abortion.

White color combined with curdled consistency

White discharge without itching during pregnancy is the norm, but when they become thick and dense, their consistency becomes similar to cottage cheese, there is reason to think. These are typical signs of the so-called thrush. The reason for the appearance of such an unpleasant disease is the rapid spread of a fungal infection caused by a weakened immune system. Again, in this case, white thick discharge during pregnancy requires emergency intervention by specialists and a targeted fight, as it can harm the fetus.

white discharge during pregnancy

Greyish white tint

It is quite often accompanied by a fishy smell - symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. The main reason, again, is a weakened immune system. The danger in this case lies in the likelihood of developing complications that can lead to premature birth.

Watery consistency with blood streaks

But the appearance of these symptoms is especially dangerous, because it may indicate cervical erosion. The woman should immediately contact the person observing her.doctor. He will make a decision on treatment only based on the results of an examination on a gynecological chair, taking into account the degree of development of the disease. With severe damage to the cervix, cauterization is prescribed, but not with nitrogen, but with more gentle methods, which allows you to maintain the natural elasticity of the tissues, as well as ensure the normal course of childbirth.

What to do

If a woman has white, odorless discharge during pregnancy that has nothing to do with pathology, there is no reason to worry. No treatment is required in this case. But it’s certainly not worth getting rid of them on your own using the methods of modern and traditional medicine. All that is required of the expectant mother is to observe basic personal hygiene measures. During pregnancy, it is worth avoiding flavored products, as they can provoke an allergic reaction and irritation of the vaginal mucosa, resulting in unhe althy white discharge during pregnancy.

If symptoms of a pathology appear, you should immediately seek medical help. He will prescribe a vaginal smear test to determine the infection. The faster the diagnosis is made, the higher the likelihood of getting rid of the disease without the use of potent drugs that can harm the developing fetus. In the fight against infection, doctors have long developed a scheme of action that they adhere to. To eliminate thrush, topical preparations are most often prescribed, which are distinguished by a sparing effect. These are creams, ointments, suppositories suitable for home use.use. The sooner treatment is started, the less costly and lengthy it will be. So, let's say, at the early stage of thrush, it is quite possible to get by with "Pimafucin", the neglected form requires an integrated approach using modern antifungal drugs.

white discharge during early pregnancy

Effective in the fight against itching and burning traditional medicine, for example, douching with infusion of oak bark, marigold. But it is necessary to resort to them only after consulting with a supervising doctor. In no case do not engage in self-diagnosis and self-treatment, because this can not only start symptoms, but also lead to irreversible consequences.

In no case do not self-medicate, it is strictly forbidden to take medications and turn to traditional medicine methods without consulting a gynecologist. The fact is that most of the drugs aimed at fighting the infection are prohibited by women in the first months of pregnancy. Quite often, doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory and antifungal drugs with a sparing effect.


In order for white discharge not to become a harbinger of complications, a number of preventive rules must be followed:

Regularity of hygiene procedures

For washing it is better to use ordinary baby soap, it is better to refuse panty liners with aromatic additives.

Thoroughly wipe the genitals after hygiene procedures

Warm, humid environment - excellent conditions fordevelopment of pathogenic bacteria, including fungal bacteria.

  • Using wet toilet paper or wet wipes after a bowel movement to prevent intestinal micro-organisms, including bacteria, from entering the vagina.
  • Using cotton underwear.

Natural fabrics provide optimal microcirculation of air, in such underwear the skin breathes.

Using clothes and underwear to fit

During pregnancy, it is very important to wear comfortable clothes that fit the size, nothing should overtighten and pinch. The comfort of the expectant mother is the key to her well-being.

white discharge without pregnancy itching

Summing up

We covered in detail the topic of discharge during pregnancy. It is important to learn that in such an interesting position, a woman should be under the regular supervision of a gynecologist, in which case she will save herself from fears and fears. Vaginal discharge is the norm for the female body. They can have different density, viscosity, shade, which largely determines the cause and degree of danger. Feeling the slightest discomfort, a woman must definitely inform the observing doctor about it, in no case should she self-medicate, which can harm her he alth and disrupt the full development of the fetus.

We sincerely hope that our advice and recommendations will help maintain women's he alth and give birth to a strong baby.

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