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Bird market in Novosibirsk: what can you buy and how to get there?

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Bird market in Novosibirsk: what can you buy and how to get there?
Bird market in Novosibirsk: what can you buy and how to get there?

In the heart of Novosibirsk, near the Studencheskaya metro station, there is a bird market. The institution corresponds to the historical meaning of the term: the place is visited not only by potential buyers, but also by those who like to look at unusual animals. A large selection and low prices attract residents of neighboring cities here, and zoologists from other countries come here for rare species of birds and fish.

What is a bird market?

The term "bird market" in the Middle Ages was dubbed by clusters of private traders who smuggled rare breeds of animals from neighboring countries, the hunting of which was prohibited. The opening of the bird market attracted the attention of the entire city: a crowd of people flocked to the stalls as if to an exhibition, looking at outlandish animals.

Bird Market

Over time, affordable goods began to appear in such establishments: domestic rodents, dogs, fish and the bird market became synonymous with a pet store. The largest network of pavilions with plants and animals is located in Moscow, but alsoNovosibirsk can surprise many.


Hundreds of different products from dozens of botanists and breeders are presented outdoors and in the pavilions of the bird market in Novosibirsk. You can buy a lot:

  • Plants: potted flowers, aquarium algae, rare herbs (eg hornwort).
  • Pets: cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs.
  • Birds: pigeons, canaries, owls, parrots.
  • Aquarium and river fish.
  • Snakes and arthropods: crayfish, mollusks.
exotic fish

The bird market in Novosibirsk boasts exotic animals. Parrot long-livers from the genus Hyacinth Macaw, rare breeds of dogs. But the main pride of the local zoo market is a rich selection of fish: from freshwater guppies to oceanic sea snakes and decorative orandas.

You can't buy at the local bird market, except perhaps an alligator and, oddly enough, a catfish. According to the owners, breeding the latter is difficult and unprofitable due to low demand. Prices for non-exotic products are comparable to the Russian average for such markets, and prices for fish and plants are lower than in the vicinity of the city.


The bird market is located in Novosibirsk at the address: st. Trolleynaya, 17/1. The easiest way to get to it is from the Ploshchad Marksa metro station: follow the signs to Titova Street, go towards the intersection with Stanislavsky Street, turn right onto Trolleybusnaya. The bird market will be in front of the railway station Novosibirsk-Zapadny. You can also walk alongKotovskogo Street: from the Studencheskaya metro station towards the Gorsky pit to Kotovsky, and from there straight to the entrance to the market.

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