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How to get 100 percent pregnant? What days can you get pregnant

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How to get 100 percent pregnant? What days can you get pregnant
How to get 100 percent pregnant? What days can you get pregnant

Many couples who want to become parents have to go long and hard towards their goal. Unfortunately, in our time, more and more young men and girls hear that they are infertile. Infertility is diagnosed only after one year of unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child, subject to regular unprotected intercourse.

Many girls are interested in the question of how to get pregnant 100 percent. Let's try to understand this issue.

Menstrual cycle

In a normal, normal state, a woman has her period once a month. This is a discharge from the genital tract that has a red color. At the time of their release, the fairer sex loses the endometrium, which is necessary for the attachment and development of a fertilized cell.

After the end of menstruation, a woman enters the follicular phase. It usually lasts from one to three weeks. During this period, several follicles grow and develop in the female ovaries, but only one of them will open and release a mature egg. Also at this time, a new endometrium is growing, ready to receive a fetal egg.

When the follicle has reached the required size, it ruptures and releases the femalea cell that begins to move slowly through the fallopian tubes. If in the next day the cell meets a sperm cell, then fertilization will occur and pregnancy will occur. The days closest to ovulation to get pregnant are considered the most favorable. If conception did not occur, then after about two weeks, the woman begins her period and a new cycle.

how to get 100 percent pregnant
how to get 100 percent pregnant

How to get 100 percent pregnant?

In order to increase the likelihood of conception and pregnancy, you must have sex on the day of ovulation and the next couple of days. How to calculate these most fertile days? There are several methods for determining them. Let's analyze each in detail.

cycle get pregnant
cycle get pregnant


One of the most accurate ways to determine favorable days is the method of conducting special tests. It consists in detecting an increase in luteinizing hormone, which contributes to the rupture of the follicle and the release of the egg from it. Once you get a positive result, the percentage of getting pregnant increases dramatically. It is on this day and the next 2-4 days that you must have sexual contact.

It is worth noting that testing must be carried out strictly at the same time, from noon to 20 hours.

Temperature detection

percentage get pregnant
percentage get pregnant

Another way that doctors recommend is to record your basal body temperature daily. With this method, you can get pregnant on the day of ovulation. The essence of thisoption is that every day a woman should measure the body temperature in the rectum for five minutes. After that, you need to write down the result.

Based on the constructed graph, we can conclude that just before ovulation, the body temperature decreases slightly. The next day there is a sharp jump, and the temperature rises to the level at which the rest of the cycle remains. You are most likely to get pregnant on the day of the jump in indicators.

Tracking selections

Another way to determine fertile days. Many women who are wondering how to get 100 percent pregnant receive a doctor's recommendation to monitor their discharge. Indeed, the consistency and intensity of the fluid coming out of the genital tract changes throughout the cycle.

On the days closest to ovulation, a woman feels that the vagina becomes wet and the discharge becomes stretchy. Many of the fair sex note that this liquid is similar to raw egg white. It is colorless and odorless. It is in this mucus, located in the vagina, that male spermatozoa can survive up to five days.

Immediately after the end of favorable days, the nature of the woman's discharge changes dramatically. They become less abundant and thicken. Their appearance resembles a thick cream. Also, the discharge may become white, but still odorless.

days to get pregnant
days to get pregnant

Ultrasound examination (folliculometry)

One of the most reliable methods of explaining how to get pregnant 100 percent is to conduct an ultrasound examination several times per cycle. During the diagnosis, the doctor notes the number and size of follicles and calculates the approximate date of ovulation. The next consultation, as well as diagnostics, is scheduled approximately two days before the expected release of the female cell from the ovary. By that time, it will be possible to determine the approximate date of ovulation to the nearest day.

The doctor prescribes the next examination after ovulation. This is necessary in order to make sure that the exit of the cell took place.

Calendar count

get pregnant on ovulation day
get pregnant on ovulation day

Many ladies are interested in the question of whether it is possible to get pregnant immediately after menstruation. The answer to it depends on the length and regularity of the female cycle. If the fair sex has a regular short cycle, in which the follicular phase lasts only one week, then the onset of pregnancy immediately after the end of menstruation is very likely.

In order to calculate fertile days on your own, without the help of tests, examinations and temperature measurements, you must have a clear set cycle. Think back to your last three menstrual cycles and add up their lengths. Divide this number by three and you will get the average length of your normal cycle.

Assuming that the second phase lasts from ten days to two weeks, subtract these numbers from the resulting cycle length. Thus, you should get the average day of ovulation. Two days before her and a couple after her are the most favorable moments for conception.


So how do you get 100 percent pregnant? For the highest probability of fertilization, combine several methods for calculating fertile days. For example, when using the method of temperature measurement and testing, you will definitely not miss an auspicious day.

It is also possible to combine the study with an ultrasonic sensor with a calendar method of counting.

In order for the probability of conception to increase, it is necessary to take breaks in sexual intercourse. Do not try every day, and even more so several times a day. With each ejaculation, the number of male cells in the sperm decreases. It is better to choose a certain tactic and have sex every other day.

After ejaculation, do not jump immediately. Lie down for a while and let the sperm penetrate as deep as possible into the uterus.

If pregnancy has not occurred after one year, you should consult a doctor. Perhaps the doctor will order some tests for you and your partner and find out the reason for the lack of pregnancy.

is it possible to get pregnant right away
is it possible to get pregnant right away


It is worth saying that none of the above methods will give you a 100% chance of pregnancy. They only help to calculate the most favorable days. Even conception under artificial conditions and implantation of embryos into the uterine cavity does not give a 100% guarantee that the fetal egg will hook on and begin its development.

Plan your pregnancyin advance and with any questions and doubts, contact the doctor.

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