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Holistic dog food: overview, types, composition and reviews
Holistic dog food: overview, types, composition and reviews

The owner who has got a dog must not only properly care for it, but also provide it with a balanced diet. You can feed your pet homemade food, but if there is no time to prepare balanced meals for the animal, then natural food can always be replaced by holistic dog food. They are the best of all and are made only from the highest quality products.

Characteristics of holistic feeds

The very word "holistic" is translated from Greek as "holistic", which in relation to the nutrition system means a balanced diet. For the preparation of dry food, products suitable for food and for humans are used. In such food, the meat content ranges from 50 to 80%. Each manufacturer has its own dry food recipe. They may contain several types of meat, fish, various vegetables, fruits and berries, as well as many medicinal herbs and cereals. There are grain-free feeds.

What is holistic food? This includes drysuper-premium food, created using the most modern technologies with the preservation of all nutrients. This is a new innovative approach to dog nutrition, which is based on the instincts of wild animals that ate the meat that they got. Pasture was also eaten - wild herbs and berries. All products in the composition of feeds undergo minimal heat treatment, retain all their nutritional properties and taste as close to natural as possible. Dry food does not contain flavors, dyes and other substances harmful to the animal's body.

Vets strongly recommend eating this food for dogs that rarely go out and those pets that walk only on a leash.

About the composition of dry food

dog food holistic

Holistic dog food is able to provide the pet with all the substances necessary for their life. As a result of their consumption, the animal feels great, is in excellent he alth and has a good mood.

Ingredients in the feed belong to the NaturCroq category, which means that the products can be consumed not only by animals, but also by humans. It clearly indicates what kind of meat or fish is contained in dry food, it is these products that act as sources of animal fat. The need for vegetable protein is provided by brown rice, peas or lentils. Herbs, berries, vegetables and fruits are also added to dry food, which saturate dog food with additional vitamins, trace elements and fiber, which normalizes the digestive system.systems. Holistics also contain semi-saturated fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6.

Approximate composition of premium food:

  • dehydrated lamb meat (one third of the total composition);
  • fresh lamb meat;
  • oats;
  • apple;
  • vegetables (carrots, potatoes);
  • peas;
  • medicinal herbs (mint, chicory, fennel).

Able to provide the body of the animal with all the necessary substances holistic food for dogs. Its composition differs from others in balance, and all ingredients undergo minimal heat treatment.

A hallmark of holistic food

dry food for dogs holistic class

Holistic dog food has a lot of useful properties and has several distinctive features. First of all, this:

  • balanced composition;
  • no unidentified ingredients;
  • no gluten products;
  • using only expensive forms of protein instead of cheap organ meats;
  • contain no chemicals such as dyes, flavors or preservatives;
  • saturation of dry food with vitamins, minerals and prebiotics.

All holistic foods are designed according to the individual needs of the dog, its breed, age, physiological state and mobility of the animal. Due to the high nutritional value, such food is consumed quite sparingly. They are the most useful and he althy food, whichwill keep your dog he althy for many years.

Holistic dog food list

holistic dog food list

This food appeared on the shelves of pet stores quite recently, but thanks to its high-quality composition, it managed to win the favor of many dog ​​breeders in our country. Premium holistic dry dog ​​food is more expensive than the rest, as it has an all-natural composition, below are the brands under which such food is sold:

  • Canidae. Produced in the USA. Has an extensive range for dogs of various breeds. There is a classification by age and activity of the pet. The product contains chicken, lamb, turkey and ocean fish.
  • Holistic Blend. Country of manufacture: Canada. Produced for the dog at all stages of its life. Processing of raw materials takes place gradually, at a low temperature. All the beneficial properties of natural products are preserved in the feed.
  • Timberwolf. Dry food is made in the USA. Food is made for different ages of dogs. They are easy to digest, high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Enriched with useful substances.
  • Legacy Value Tradition. Released in Canada. They contain three sources of protein, these are salmon, chicken and lamb. They differ in energy value: for large, medium and small breeds. There are categories for adult dogs and puppies.
  • Power of Nature. Production - Germany. Ready-to-eat feed made from high quality lamb, chicken and fish. The only cereal that is added is rice.
  • FirstMate. The food is made in Canada. They have a balanced composition. They are completely free of cereals. Contains up to 70% protein.
  • Grandorf Sensitive Care. Food from France. Hypoallergenic. There are both with the addition of cereals and without them.

In addition to the brands described in stores, you can find food brands such as Applaws, Acana, Grandorf, Belcando, Farmina N&D, Earthborn Holistic, Orijen, Golden Eagle, Pronature Holistic, Orijen and others.

Holistic pet food rating

dog food super premium holistic

To find out which are the best holistic dog foods, the rating of this product will help. If there is no brand in this list, this does not mean that the product is of poor quality, it is simply less popular. So, holistic-class dog food has the following rating:

  1. Acana.
  2. Artemis Holistic.
  3. Canidae.
  4. GO! Natural Holistic.
  5. Innova Evo.
  6. Orijen.
  7. Pronature Holistic.
  8. Grandorf.
  9. Now Fresh.
  10. 1st Choice.

The use of these foods makes the dog's coat thick and beautiful. Normalizes the process of digestion. Helps to keep her he althy. Allows the dog to stay cheerful and active.

Pronature Holistic Dog Food

dog food pronature holistic

Pronature Holistic is one of the most popular brands of holistic food developed using the latest biotechnology. Only fresh meat is used for food production andfish, from cereals - brown wild rice, oats and barley. The food contains herbs, vegetables and fruits, which not only give the food a more piquant taste, but also saturate it with useful vitamins and minerals.

The feed data line is divided into categories. This poop:

  • for puppies;
  • adult dogs of all breeds, improving the condition of the skin and coat;
  • adult animals without added cereals;
  • pets from 1 to 7 years old, both indoors and outdoors;
  • older and inactive dogs.

Despite the fact that this brand does not have a division of food by dog ​​breed, dry food can be selected based on the age of the animal and its activity.

Acana dry food (Canada)

Dry food of this brand is produced taking into account the biological nature of the animal. The company's specialists claim that dogs are adapted, despite all their domestication, only to eat meat. Therefore, the taste of natural meat is preserved in the feed as much as possible. The line of this food includes products for puppies, adults, senior dogs and animals of all ages. Grain-free pet food available here.

Regular consumption of this food normalizes metabolism, has a positive effect on all vital processes occurring in the dog's body. Improves the condition of the dog's coat, skin, teeth. Such food, saturated with proteins, vitamins, macro- and microelements, makes the dog joyful and mobile, prolongs his life, maintains he alth.

Dry puppy food

what are the best holistic dog foods

Holistic dog food can be given not only to adult animals, but also to puppies from the age of one month. If the puppy has not yet erupted teeth, then the food is soaked in water. With the appearance of fangs, he will already be able to gnaw it in a dry form. Typically, this food is divided into small, medium and large breed puppies.

A balanced diet is of great importance for dogs under the age of one. The composition of such feeds contains fresh meat and fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables that undergo minimal processing. Such food is high in protein, as small dogs need it to build muscle mass. Puppy food should contain a minimum amount of carbohydrates.

Food for older animals

Holistic dry food for older dogs is designed to improve he alth and prolong life. For such a dog, food, consisting mainly of meat, is very important. It is this diet that is able to maintain the dry muscle mass of the pet. Premium feed for such animals contains little carbohydrates, which prevents the onset and development of diabetes mellitus and prevents obesity. For the latter reason, cereals are completely excluded from the feed, and those cereals used in the production of dry food have a low glycemic index.

The ingredients that make up the holistic feed are not frozen and do not contain preservatives or other chemical elements. The most useful for the aging bodydogs.

Holistic food reviews

dog food holistic grade rating

Super premium holistic dog food is loved by many dogs. Reviews of dog breeders note that animals eat them with great pleasure. They indicate the balance of feed, as well as the presence of not only meat, but also eggs, cottage cheese, vegetable oil, and a large number of vegetables. All this makes the animal's coat shiny, normalizes stools, and improves the digestion process. Helps maintain a dog's sense of smell and lose weight.

There are also negative opinions about such feeds. Dog owners note that some dogs with regular use of dry holistic food developed eye problems, hair began to climb and the skin began to itch, and some pets even recovered from such food. In addition, people note the high price of such food, but they say that due to the high nutritional value, it fully justifies itself, since the animal has to be given less food.

Product cost

Dry holistic dog food appeared relatively recently, and therefore there is no advertising for this product yet, but despite this, all major pet stores are already ready to offer this product to their customers.

Average cost of dry food varies by outlet, brand and formulation. So, Acana (2 kg) costs approximately 1,300 rubles, for the same amount of Applaws food, pet stores ask about 900 rubles. Product GO! Natural Holistic packing 2, 72 kg will cost dog breeders 1500 rubles, and2, 27 kg Orijen will cost between 1650-2000 rubles.

Holistic dog food is the best food for animals, not inferior in all its indicators to natural. You should not save on food, because by buying quality food for your pet, you save the most important thing for him - he alth.

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