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Nuk bottles for newborns: review, types and reviews

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Nuk bottles for newborns: review, types and reviews
Nuk bottles for newborns: review, types and reviews

The effectiveness of artificial and mixed feeding depends not only on the mixture, but also on the bottle with which this procedure is carried out. Nook bottles are maximally adapted to the sucking reflexes of the baby and provide comfortable feeding.

About Nuk

Nuk is a German manufacturer of baby care products aged 0 to 6. Products of this brand are manufactured at company factories under the supervision of specialists in accordance with international safety and quality standards.

Nuk products became world famous in the last century. The German company has been developing devices for feeding and developing children for a long time. To date, Nuk brand products are represented by feeding kits and accessories necessary for feeding a baby (nipples, cutlery, breast pumps, baby dishes), products for mom (bra pads, nipple covers), baby care products (children's scissors, water thermometers, combs, toothbrushes). Nuk bottles are especially popular among young mothers.

All products are carefully controlled at all stages of production. The factories and laboratories use the latest equipment and advanced technologies, the development of which involves the best doctors and scientists from different fields. All Nuuk products are environmentally friendly and safe for he alth.

Nuuk bottles

Nuk bottles are the key to successful feeding

Nuk bottles are made from high quality materials that are carefully studied in laboratories. To meet the needs of young parents, the company manufactures glass and plastic bottles. Glass containers are the most hygienic and environmentally friendly. Also, such products are practical in care. Glass bottles do not scratch and are more durable. They are perfect for baby feeding.

Nuk bottles are made from borosilicate glass, which can withstand high temperatures. They can be washed and boiled many times. With prolonged use, the glass will retain its original appearance and high transparency.

Nuk also specializes in bottles made of polyamide, polypropylene and polyphenylsulfone. These materials are lightweight, durable and completely harmless to children's he alth.

Nuk plastic feeding bottles are created using a unique technology. They can be steam sterilized and even frozen.

nuuk baby bottles

Nuk Nipples

Nuk bottle teats deserve special attention. The products of this group are created with maximumfaithful reproduction of the characteristics of breastfeeding.

Nuk pacifiers are made from latex and silicone. Latex is a natural material with high strength. Due to the properties of the material, such nipples are plastic and wear-resistant. They are ideal for feeding babies who have teeth.

Sometimes children are allergic to latex, so parents are forced to buy pacifiers made of synthetic materials.

Nuk silicone teats are made from high quality material. They have a white translucent color and a smooth surface. These nipples are easy to clean and have high heat resistance. Nuk silicone nipples are odor and taste neutral.

According to the manufacturer's recommendations, latex and silicone nipples should be replaced with new ones every 1-2 months.

nuk bottle teats

Special nipples

Feelings that the baby experiences during feeding depend on the correct selection of the nipple. There are children who, due to physiological characteristics, cannot drink milk from a regular bottle. Among the defects of the jaw and oral cavity known to medicine, the most common are the "cleft palate" and "cleft lip". These pathologies significantly hinder even breastfeeding.

Nuk has developed special teats for feeding these babies. They have a unique shape suitable for children with malformed palate.

Nuk special nipples are made from latex, which is the softest material. medium holepromotes easy flow of milk with little pressure from the gums.

Nuk's special teats fit any bottle of this brand.

nuk bottles reviews

Baby Bottles

For formula-fed or formula-fed babies, Nuk has developed First Choice Plus bottles. The shape of the nipple is as close as possible to the shape of the nipple. Nuuk bottles for newborns are available with silicone and latex nipples with anti-colic holes. This series is available in pink, blue, yellow and red.

First Choice Plus bottle benefits:

  1. Unique pacifier shape. During suckling, the tapered tip of the nipple fits snugly against the palate, allowing for natural tongue movement.
  2. Small hole in the nipple. For one sucking, the baby receives as much milk as is excreted from the breast during natural feeding.
  3. Wide neck bottle. The shape of the container is convenient for washing and mixing.
  4. Embossed surface for a comfortable bottle grip.

First Choice Plus bottles are available in glass and plastic.

nuuk bottle with air valve

Nuk Classic Bottles

This series features classic bottles with orthodontic nipples. The anti-colic system ensures the removal of excess air through special openings. This reduces the likelihood of spitting up and colic.

Classic bottles can beuse for feeding babies from birth to 2 years. For babies up to 6 months, the set includes a size 1 nipple. It optimally fits the mouth of a newborn baby. Size 2 pacifier required for baby over 6 months.

Nuk Classic bottles are made from polypropylene and glass. Each bottle comes with a protective cap that seals the disc and a screw ring.

nuk bottle price

How much does a bottle of Nook cost

The price of bottles of this brand ranges from 1000 to 2100 rubles. Polypropylene bottles with a Nuk Classic series latex nipple cost 1,100 rubles. For a classic bottle with a silicone nipple, you need to pay 100 rubles more. The cost of a set of a glass bottle and a latex nipple is about 1400 rubles.

First Choice Plus products are much more expensive. The price for such a bottle reaches 2200 rubles.

nuk feeding bottles


Many mothers have highly appreciated the Nook bottles. Reviews about the products of this brand are mostly positive. Young parents noted the good quality of materials and practicality of use. The bottles are very light and easy to mix. The wide mouth allows you to quickly wash and dry the container.

Mommies confirmed the effect of the anti-colic system. The Nook bottle with an air valve perfectly removes excess air. Babies do not suffer from regurgitation and colic.

Very rare on the Internet you can find negative reviews aboutNuuk products. Some moms didn't like the size 1 nipple. According to them, the flow of milk is too strong and the baby does not have time to swallow.

More buyers noted the imperfect shape of the lid. It does not adhere well to the nipple and, as a result, the liquid easily spills from a closed container. Nuk bottles are suitable for home use only. For walks and trips, moms are advised to buy bottles of other brands.

In almost every review, parents have described the pros and cons of the bottle material. According to buyers, plastic containers quickly lose their original appearance. With frequent washing, plastic bottles are scratched and become matte. It is much more practical to use glass bottles. They serve well and withstand any type of processing. The only drawback noted by buyers is the risk of injury to the baby if the bottle is accidentally broken. Therefore, use glass bottles with care.

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