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How to pronounce the response words of the hero of the day to the guests: in verse or prose? The main thing is from the heart

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How to pronounce the response words of the hero of the day to the guests: in verse or prose? The main thing is from the heart
How to pronounce the response words of the hero of the day to the guests: in verse or prose? The main thing is from the heart

When guests come to you, congratulate, give gifts, say kind words and wishes, it is certainly very pleasant. The rules of etiquette indicate that invited friends and relatives should also enjoy the holiday. That is why the response words of the hero of the day to the guests should be heard at the celebration. If your anniversary is approaching, and you are getting ready to receive congratulations, then our article is just for you, it will tell you how to accept gifts and thank guests.

words of gratitude from the hero of the day

Poetry is a way to convey feelings

Anniversary is a great occasion to bring together everyone you want to see. This date is not only a summing up of the past years, but also a new starting point. The celebration must develop according to its plan. It has a place for everything: songs, dances, jokes, toasts, congratulations and gifts. The bright moment of the holiday should be the response word of the hero of the day. Poems can help to vividly express your emotions and wishes, they will definitely attract attention with rhythm and emotional performance.of all those gathered, and having sounded from the lips of the hero of the occasion, they will reach the heart of each of the guests. We bring to your attention the following poetic fragment:

I feel so good this evening

Spend here with friends.

And everyone, of course, understands

That I am the happiest of all people.

Around my favorite faces:

Friends, colleagues and family.

I guess it's only a dream, So pinch me!

Everywhere the eyes of native radiance, Smiles cute round dance, Fun and partying with might and main, And now it's not the New Year.

Oh yeah, happy birthday today

You came to congratulate me, I want now, as best I can, Reply words to say.

Thank you, dear guests, For coming here

What congratulations are like this

Found for me today.

I won't forget this day, It will take a long time to remember.

Here on the table drinks, dishes, It's a pleasure for me to treat you.

Move the plates closer

And the tastiest morsel

Put them in them. What do I see?

Is the glasses empty? Just shock!

I will ask guests to fill it up

Drink strong cups of you.

And you drop all the problems

Today, here and at this hour.

I invite you to raise your glasses, I ask you to have a drink without any fuss

And I proclaim this toast

For you, dear guests!

If not poetry, then prose

A poetic performance is suitable for bright creative natures withartistry and expressiveness. If the verses are not suitable for your case, then the response word of the hero of the day in prose may well be uttered. You can choose the words yourself, expressing everything that is in your heart. But at such an exciting moment, experiences can ruin speech. The necessary words suddenly disappeared somewhere, and everything that I wanted to say was forgotten. This is characteristic of a person in a state of emotional peak, so it is better to prepare phrases in advance. We offer you several options to choose from.

response word of the hero of the day poems

Friends - help on the path of life

My dear guests! I have been working towards this day for many years, and now it has arrived. Today I'm standing here, and I can't believe that this is it - the fiftieth anniversary (or other date)! Today you said so many warm words and wishes to me, and now it is time to say the response words of the hero of the day to the guests. My life path was not simple and even, there were bumps and meanders on it. I fell and got up again, took off and fell again, but those who were next to me, my close people, always helped me to get up. I want to tell my friends (here you can refer to everyone by name) how much I love you and appreciate that you are always there in both joyful and sad times. Even if we rarely see each other, I know that there are people whom I can call at any time of the day or night and hear in response: "I'll come now." This confidence gives me strength, inspires me to further work. And it's good that there are holidays when we can all get together like this at the festive table and chat about this and that.We often do not tell those who are dear that we love. And we don’t talk about it at all, but we know and feel each other. I want to drink now for all my friends who came today to share the joy of the solemn event, to mark another milestone in my life's journey. And I ask you all to support my toast. For friendship! And for friends who are always ready to help.

response words of the hero of the day in prose

The response words of the hero of the day to guests may contain specific appeals to his wife or husband, children, parents. Here are examples of such statements.

To the dearest person

I want to turn to the dearest person, my soul mate. Thank you for your love, tenderness and care. When you're around, I can do everything. New successes, accomplishments and achievements are also your merit. I can live, work, create, because I know that a reliable rear is waiting for me at home. There is a person who will always listen to any of my nonsense, understand and even advise something. Thank you for being there! I love you very much and every day I thank heaven for what you are! Without you, today's celebration would not have happened. The words of gratitude of the hero of the day are now directed only in your honor! I want to ask you all, dear guests, to drink with me for my loved one, for my soul mate, for the love of my life!

good words

To those who gave life

My dear guests, I am sincerely glad to see you all! And first of all, I want to say thank you to those people who gave me life.Dear Mom and Dad! Thank you for raising and educating me. If it were not for my mother, who gave birth to me fifty (different date) years ago, today's wonderful banquet simply would not have taken place. You have always been by my side, supported and helped me, no matter what happened. I want to utter the kindest words that would convey the depth of my feelings and the full magnitude of my gratitude, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to pick them up, and therefore let me hug you tightly and kiss (touching kisses and hugs follow). Dear Parents! Everything I have learned in this life, I owe to you. Live long, be he althy and happy, and I will try to help you and upset you less! Dear guests, today is my anniversary birthday, and for my he alth you have already drained more than one glass, and now I ask you to raise the bowls in honor of my dear and beloved dad and mom!

response words of the hero of the day to the guests

Enjoy the holiday yourself and please the guests

The date of your celebration is approaching and you are getting ready to receive friends and receive gifts and congratulations? Enjoy this moment from the bottom of your heart. And do not forget to prepare in advance the response words of the hero of the day to the guests.

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