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Child and constructor: creative workshop at home

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Child and constructor: creative workshop at home
Child and constructor: creative workshop at home

The development of a modern child is hard to imagine without a constructor. He likes both boys and girls. Children can play with it, starting from the age of six months. A huge assortment allows you to choose any composition, size and type.

What is the use of a constructor?

Everybody knows that building games are useful. The child acts by connecting the blocks together, while developing the small muscles of the hand, because you need to hold the details, make an effort to connect them. The process of building from the details of the designer also develops coordination, because you need to accurately combine the details, getting the spikes of one block into the grooves of another.

Since the blocks for the designer are produced, as a rule, multi-colored, the color perception of the child also develops, which remembers and distinguishes red, blue, yellow and other details.

Parts of construction sets come in different sizes, which helps to consolidate the ability of the smallest to distinguish between size, recognize and find large and small blocks.

house constructor

A universal component of any game

Themes of children's gamesare quite diverse, it is difficult to find a toy that would be useful in any game. However, there is a rare case of versatility: if the baby has a constructor, you can create any models at home - vehicles, buildings, and even animals.

For example, when playing with cars, a child not only uses parts of the construction kit to create cars, but also as a “cargo” for a dump truck, like bricks for building a garage and a road. In a situation of tea drinking, played out with dolls, the details can become "cookies", when playing in a store, they can play the role of money, goods. The construction process can become interesting and exciting, because a designer can create a huge variety of different buildings: houses, wells, towers, garages, palaces and others.

LEGO and other manufacturers: buy cheap or high quality?

The modern industry offers consumers a huge selection of children's development kits. One of the most common and high-quality is the LEGO constructor. There may be several different sets at home, but it is desirable that they are compatible with each other. Coming to a children's store, the buyer first of all notes that LEGO sets are slightly more expensive than similar toys from other manufacturers. Of course, parents can buy a cheaper construction kit for their child, but having bought legit-compatible blocks, you need to be prepared for the fact that they do not always fit exactly. The child will be nervous because the blocks do not fit snugly, and instead of joy from creativity, he will get grief from meeting difficulties.

lego house

Little architect and constructor houses

Is it possible to use an ordinary constructor for children's construction? Houses and other buildings can be created by connecting blocks together. However, it will be much more interesting for a child to play with a special building kit. Today you can find a huge variety of them, for every taste, age and budget. Manufacturers offer small wooden, plastic or ceramic bricks, windows, doors and even special cement. Operations and manipulations with such a constructor are as close as possible to real conditions and will allow you to learn new knowledge about the construction process, try them in practice. Toddlers love to imitate adults in their activities. Having received such a toy, the child will feel like a real architect who can design and build anything, showing his creativity. Let's name another advantage that distinguishes such a constructor: a house for children leaves the right to make a mistake, that is, you can always disassemble and redo the created structure by immersing it in water for a while.

All children love to take apart different objects and toys. Without this, their development does not take place. These are not just destructive actions, this is how the child learns the world. To provide the baby with the opportunity to disassemble and assemble will help the purchase of the designer.

How best to store?

Many parents are afraid that if a child sits down at the designer, a lot of details will be scattered all over the floor at home. This problem can be solved by properly organizing storage. Boxes mustbe durable and comfortable so that the baby can easily get and collect particles. It is better to use low but wide containers to allow more access to parts, so children do not have to pour the contents on the floor to pick up the right part.

constructor house for children

The designer develops the child's imagination, and its direction is suggested by various series and collections. These are police officers, doctors, cooks, robots and fantasy characters. Within the framework of the theme given by the set, children can improvise, showing ingenuity and imagination. There are technical sets for children who are fond of cars, construction sets for little architects, pirate sets for adventure lovers, and many other stories.

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