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Children's musical instrument - musical toys for babies

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Children's musical instrument - musical toys for babies
Children's musical instrument - musical toys for babies

Children's musical instruments are toys that are not only used for entertainment. They are excellent tools for development. Such toys are usually made in bright colors. In addition, they attract babies with the sounds they make, which are unusual for those who have recently come into this world and are trying to learn everything.

Pipe Rattles

The first children's musical toys - rattles and bells. These things introduce babies to a variety of sounds. Toddlers are drawn to them, trying to perform such actions themselves so that the toys “speak”.

Children's musical toys in the form of drums, pipes and wooden spoons are available for young children.

children's musical instrument

Of course, these instruments will not be able to make professional musical sounds in the hands of children. Toddlers are only just learning their capabilities and the ability to make noise and buzz those objects that fall into their hands. They have the opportunity to solve the first problem of the researcher: why does the mother succeed, but he does not, what needs to be turned, pulled, pressed to make the toy sound. Every question needs an answeraction.

Finding talent

Children's musical instrument is also a toy. But it is considered a transition to a serious decision for parents: whether to send their beloved child to a music school. Such miniature instruments will help develop an ear for music, a sense of time and rhythm.

children's musical instruments toys

With the help of these toys, the development of attention also occurs, since the baby needs to remember which key or button the adults pressed in order for the sound to appear. The child tries to perform various actions in order to achieve a result. And this helps to develop perseverance.

As it turned out, a child who had a children's instrument (musical) in his toy set later learns to read and write better, studies well at school. Another huge plus is that he begins to master music and thus brings the whole family together, trying to create a noise orchestra. Parents and baby have time for interesting communication with each other.

Maracas and xylophone

Each toy tool will be able to find a worthy application for itself in the life of a baby. For example, maracas will be needed for the first attempts to combine music and dance movements. The kids love it so much.

Children's wooden xylophone will do a good job for young creative people. This is an old percussion musical instrument, which is a set of small wooden bars that you need to hit with wooden hammers to make sounds. The melodiousness of this original mini-instrument will captivate for a long timebaby. The xylophone will definitely become the favorite toy of the little future composer.

children's musical toys

Bells and rattles belong to the same melodic toys. And for the first acquaintance with music and sound, pipes and whistles are used. Not without reason, in the old days, clay toys were bought for kids, which could make different versions of the whistle. Each of them had their own individual melody. In addition, all toys imitating wind instruments have a beneficial effect on the development of the respiratory system.

Castanets and tambourines

Children's castanets are very loved by young children. They perfectly train the sense of rhythm. And for girls, this is a great find that accompanies a beautiful dance and develops the elegance of hand movements.

Tambourine or tambourine is also good - a children's instrument, musical and quite simple in the way of extracting sound. He turned to the side, raised it - the bells touch each other and make sounds that are pleasant to the ear.

set of musical instruments

It is undeniable that children's musical toys should be in the child from birth. It can be, for example, soft singing bears, baby elephants, dogs. They attract children, sing songs to them, and eventually become true friends.

But gradually, from infancy, children will move to another age period, in which it is simply impossible to do without educational toys. The kid should learn the sound diversity of the world around him. Distinguish between the sounds of animate and inanimate nature.

For senior preschoolage

The set of musical instruments that parents will choose can be very different. You can buy a guitar, a tambourine, a harmonica, a pipe for a child of older preschool age. All this will help to work with his ear and sense of rhythm.

In general, it is easy to call those toys that accompany the child all his childhood - these are musical instruments. And it doesn’t matter at all whether the kid will attend a music school when he grows up, but there is no doubt that in his room you can find a drum, a rattle, a pipe.

musical instruments for kindergarten

So that not a single children's instrument (musical) gets into a pile of boring things, you need to teach the baby not only to extract sounds from it, but to try to instill a caring attitude towards it. Children love it when their mother dances with them, plays the tambourine or harmonica. Perhaps such joint games will serve as an occasion for serious musical studies in the future. Such a collective pastime will become a guarantee of love for music and will be desirable for the child.

For Kindergarten

It is no coincidence that musical instruments for kindergarten are used in many activities with toddlers in any age group. The children are taught to distinguish them by their external features, by the sound and the way the melody is played.

There are two types of instruments used in preschools: noise instruments, which can be used to create an entire orchestra, and melodic ones. With the first children are familiar from birth. These include well-known rattles,triangles, bells.

wooden children's xylophone

Cymbals, drums, tambourines, spoons, maracas are especially loved by kids.

The melody is extracted by flutes and xylophones, accordions and synthesizers. Young children enjoy playing instruments, they are fascinated by music lessons. All this improves their abilities. And while playing in the created noise orchestra, children also learn a sense of responsibility and teamwork.

Alternative to store bought

You can try to make instruments for a home orchestra with your baby using improvised materials. Used plastic bottles, jars are suitable for maracas. Fillers can be very different: cereals, seeds and even dried felt-tip pens. In each case, the instrument has different tonal nuances.

Castanets are made from walnut shells. Pot lids can temporarily turn into a percussion instrument - cymbals, and the keys, assembled in a bunch, will replace the bells.

In kindergartens, as we have already said, they use a wide variety of instruments and musical toys in games. This enlivens the learning process, makes it more interesting for children and educators themselves.

Piano and synthesizer

Most often, parents choose keyboard instruments for learning music. In order for the child to get used to the future instrument, to music lessons, so that he has a strong desire to learn how to play and learn musical notation, a children's piano will come in handy.

This instrument belongs to keyboard strings. But more oftenIn total, a synthesizer is used to teach children music, which is classified as a keyboard electronic instrument. When a child has mastered a toy instrument, professional piano training can begin. You can do this from the age of five.

baby piano

Children's piano can be the starting point for serious music lessons. The thing is that such an instrument is just a musical toy with one or two octaves. The keys are small, for this reason, you will have to start mastering simple melodies with only one finger. Of course, the kid will not learn to play professionally on such an instrument. But these first experiences with instrumental music will be beneficial in developing an ear, a love for melody, and a desire to do it yourself.

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