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Gift for a 12 year old girl: original ideas
Gift for a 12 year old girl: original ideas

Birthday is one of the most favorite children's holidays. This is the time when you don’t think that every year you become more mature and life flies by quickly, but you simply rejoice at congratulations and gifts. It is very important for children that on their birthday they have relatives and close friends, cheerful music sounds and a festive table is decorated with a chic cake with candles. Sometimes there is a difficulty in choosing a gift for a birthday. I would like to give you something original. Especially if you choose a present for a teenager. After all, this is almost an adult who will not be happy with dolls and toys, as in childhood. In the article we will tell you what gift to give a girl of 12 years old.

Everything for the beauty of a young fashionista

Girls from childhood are attracted by their mother's cosmetic bags. After all, there are so many interesting and bright cosmetics in them: lipsticks in beautiful tubes, shiny varnishes and many more outlandish things.The older the girl, the stronger the craving for cosmetics becomes. Teenagers are slowly beginning to comprehend the basics of makeup, learning to emphasize their natural beauty. But cosmetics, like mom's, are contraindicated for young skin. It can provoke acne, make the skin dry and enlarge the pores. For young fashionistas, there are special cosmetic sets. This would be a great gift for a 12 year old girl. It is sold in a bright, beautiful box. The set includes lip balm, soft lipstick, shadows and blush. Also, young beauties love to do manicures. Girls will be happy with multi-colored varnishes, unusual stickers and rhinestones for nails. But cosmetics for problem skin, shampoos against dandruff and hair loss, deodorants should not be given. After all, teenagers are very impressionable, such gifts can lead them to unpleasant thoughts.

makeup kit

Bags and backpacks - an original gift for a girl of 12 years old

This option is a win-win if you want to please the birthday girl. Girls have so many things that you always need to carry with you: wallet, keys, comb, mirror and more. In addition, a stylish bag or backpack will be a great addition to the everyday look of a teenage girl. We advise you to choose small bags that can be worn on the belt or over the shoulder. Avoid black, because teenagers are attracted to everything bright and colorful. A good option would be cream, turquoise, soft pink and purple. The main thing is that the bag should have more pockets, decorated with unusual locks. Teenagers love to watchpopular series. Therefore, a backpack with your favorite characters is a great gift for a girl on her 12th birthday.

backpack for girls

Creative natures

Girls are creative natures. They can spend hours embroidering, knitting or painting. Girls love to create useful things with their own hands, such as making shorts from old jeans or knitting a trendy phone case. The young artist will be delighted with the new palette of colors and a set of brushes. If a girl loves to make jewelry, then give her a set of multi-colored beads. From it you can create a lot of original jewelry (earrings, bracelets, necklaces) or embroider a picture. Also in fashion are bracelets made of small rubber bands, which are sold in large sets. An option for a gift for a girl on the DR of 12 years will be a certificate for a creative master class. At these events, you can learn a lot of useful things. Soap making kit will be an actual gift. This is a very exciting process in which parents will be able to participate together with the birthday girl. Where to buy all of the above products? In special stores that sell a huge number of sets for young needlewomen. The sellers will help you choose the right product for you, as well as beautifully wrap it in a gift box at the checkout. There is such a huge selection that it's dizzying.

for creativity

Do-it-yourself gift for a girl of 12 years old

It's always nice to get an original present. After all, this is an indicator of how much your loved one appreciates you. The best gift is the one made by hand. After all, inA lot of time and heartfelt has been invested in it. Moreover, DIY jewelry sets are in fashion now. Arm yourself with beads, rhinestones and beads and create beads, earrings and a necklace for the birthday girl. The girl will be delighted. Your gift will please her, because only she will have such a decoration. If the birthday girl has long hair and she likes to make beautiful hairstyles, then give her a headband or hairpin decorated with rhinestones and colored beads. The process of creating an accessory is not complicated. Feel free to give such a birthday present to a girl of 12 years old. You can't go wrong!

do it yourself

Technical innovations

In the modern world there has been a serious technological progress. If earlier children had practically no phones, now in elementary school everyone has trendy gadgets. Girls and boys expect such a gift from their parents. They ask in advance to give them the right thing. Usually children dream of iPhones, tablets and laptops. But if your child already has all this, then we advise you to choose one of the options below:

  • Electronic book. An invention that is rapidly gaining popularity among both children and adults. It can help increase your child's interest in reading. You can also download school textbooks to the gadget. Now your child doesn't have to carry around heavy textbooks.
  • Wireless speakers. Your child will be able to take them with him for a picnic or for a walk. After all, with their help, you can listen to your favorite music at full volume and without any problems.
  • Baby smartwatch. This advanced watch can be used as a telephone. With their help, you can track the location of the child and even set the zone for which the child, for the sake of his safety, should not go.

These are all great birthday gift ideas for my 12 year old daughter.

technical innovations

For lovers of sports lifestyle

Sport is becoming more and more popular these days. After all, regular exercises improve the proportions of the figure (and this is very important for girls) and strengthen the muscular corset. Many young beauties go in for dancing or attend other sports sections. Based on this, it is worth giving them new, comfortable sneakers or special shoes for dancing. Evening walks in the park will become more interesting if you learn to roller skate or bike. These devices will be a great gift for an athlete. Lovers of dancing and outdoor activities will love the dance mat. It needs to be connected to the TV and to the cheerful music, click on the lit parts of the rug. You can arrange a competition for the most incendiary dance. While running, I want to listen to my favorite music, but it’s not convenient to practice with headphones and a phone in my hands. Wireless headphones are a great solution in this situation. By the way, a good gift for a girl on DR at 12 years old.

Fancy gifts

  • Luminous toys. They can be used as lamps at night, and during the day they will decorate the room. Girls are always happy to receive a soft, plush toy. And they will be doubly happy with the luminous one.
  • Certificate for a photo shoot. Give the girl the opportunity to reveal her full modeling potential and feel like a famous fashion model. You can choose a topic for a photo shoot in advance, focusing on the tastes and preferences of the birthday girl.
  • Photo puzzle. A great gift idea for a 12 year old girl. Choose the best photo and give it to the photo studio. There, they will make puzzles out of it, which the birthday girl will collect. Having collected her portrait, the birthday girl will be able to hang it in her room. It will become an original element of decor.
  • Flip flop portrait. The birthday girl will be able to draw her portrait. For this, she does not need special artistic talent. It will only be necessary to paint the white sheet with paints. It can be multi-colored, it can be in a chaotic manner. And then remove excess paint with a film. And now the portrait is ready. The birthday girl will love this original idea.
unusual things

Sweet Tooth

As a rule, all children love sweets. This is especially true for girls. But giving chocolate or a set of sweets is boring and banal. We advise you to order an original cake in the form of a fairy princess or a magic shoe. At your request, it can be decorated with a colorful inscription with pleasant words. The birthday girl will be delighted with a bouquet of sweets. Also, sweet tooths will like a set designed for making homemade chocolate. It turns out much tastier than what is sold on store shelves. A gift for a girl for another 12 years will be a large box filled with Love is chewing gum. The birthday girl will be able to collect a large collection of stickers with confessions inlove.

sweet dream

Musical natures

  • A ticket to a concert of your favorite artist. Teenagers love to listen to music. Often it is not entirely clear and their parents like it. Children idolize their idols and collect pictures and notes with their favorite performers. One of the best gifts for girls will be the opportunity to attend a concert of their favorite musicians, sing along with other fans, and receive a memorable autograph after the concert.
  • Musical instrument. It will be a good gift if the birthday girl is fond of music and plays the guitar, piano or any other instrument. You should not give such a gift to a child who is not fond of music. The tool will stand idle and gather dust.
  • A set of CDs with songs from your favorite artist. This is a good birthday present for my 12 year old sister.

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