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Burmese cats: description, character, care features, photos and owner reviews

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Burmese cats: description, character, care features, photos and owner reviews
Burmese cats: description, character, care features, photos and owner reviews

Small cute Burmese cats are very popular in the USA. They are well known in Europe, although their numbers are slightly lower there. In our country, this is a rather rare breed. It is little known to Russians, since its active development began only in the mid-1990s.

Burmese cat has a specific appearance and friendly character. The owners of these animals believe that the Burmese cat breed (reviews of experts confirm this) perfectly combines ideal body proportions with the size and color of pets.

Burmese cats

Features of the breed

To appreciate all the advantages that Burmese cats are endowed with, you need to know a little about its history. Joseph Thompson brought an unusual cat from Burma to the United States in 1934. They have lived on the Indonesian island for about 500 years. The image of animals with a similar appearance belongs to the XIV-XVII centuries.

The first animals with a unique fur color were bred in the USA in the 20th century. American breeders crossed the oriental beautywith Siamese relatives. As a result of the experiment, a new, very nice branch appeared.

chocolate burmese cat photo

The Burmese cat breed has continued to evolve over generations. Breeders sought to give her the proportions of Persian cats. At the same time, they sought to preserve the unique rich chocolate shade of wool. The progenitors of the subspecies were called "copper cats". If you have ever seen this animal, you should understand the reason for this name. The wool of this beauty is silk, very delicate. It shimmers every second and changes tone as the animal moves.


Cats of the Burmese breed today are represented by two varieties: European and American. What are their similarities and differences? The American Burmese cat breed has the following features: a rounded muzzle and smooth body shapes, devoid of any sharp corners. Ears - medium length, flattened, rather wide set.

European Burmese cat breed

American Burmese is divided into two types: modern and traditional. They are judged at exhibitions according to a single standard, but at the same time they have a different type and blood lines. Breeders most often try not to mix them in breeding. In this regard, the American Burmese cat breed (traditional and modern) exist in parallel within the same standard.

The appearance of the breed in Europe

In 1949, three Burmese cats were brought to England by Lilian Derby (breeder). Unusual animals immediately attractedthe attention of experts. In the mid-50s, a club of lovers of this breed appeared in the UK. To increase the number of its representatives, breeders also used Siamese. This is how a new, more modern type of breed appeared, if you like, more refined.

Over time, the appearance of European representatives began to differ from relatives from America, they had more sophisticated forms. European breeders thought about getting new colors, but their American counterparts did not share this idea. They believed that a chocolate Burmese cat (you can see the photo in this article) will lose its individuality as a result of such an experiment.

In the early 90s, CFA representatives began to notice that the number of Burmese cats in Europe had decreased. It turned out that English breeders did not exhibit animals due to a visible difference in phenotype with the "Americans". In 1993, it was decided to separate two lines: the European Burmese and the Burmese cat.

cat breed burmese reviews

American Burmese

American Burmese cats are medium-sized animals with well-developed muscles. These beauties weigh much more than it might seem at first glance, so they are often called jokingly “bricks wrapped in silk.”

Attentive, expressive look makes these pets unlike other felines. Burmese cats have a head in the form of a blunt short wedge. It is slightly rounded, with well-defined cheekbones. Looking at the animal from the side, you can see howBurmese have a rounded forehead. This makes the transition to the nose more expressive. The ears are slightly inclined forward, they are of medium size, wider at the base and rounded at the tips. The eyes are large, expressive, widely set, rounded. They can be from light yellow to dark amber in color. The richer the color, the more valuable the individual.

cat breed american burmese

The tip of the nose and chin are on the same line. The neck is well developed, short. The body is compact. The chest is round and wide. The limbs are proportional to the size of the body, moderately thin. Paws are rounded, small. The tail is straight, of medium length, slightly tapering towards the tip.


Burmese wool is thin and shiny. Its texture is reminiscent of satin. The hairs are very close to the body, they are short. The undercoat is missing. In any color, the underside of the body is lighter than the legs and back, but the transition should be smooth, without stripes or spots. A slight contrast is acceptable on the ears and muzzle.

European Burmese

The European Burmese cat breed is distinguished by its narrowed, wedge-shaped muzzle. The ears of the "Europeans" are pointed at the tips and set much closer than those of their overseas relatives. And the look of large oval eyes seems a little more cunning than that of the "Americans".

Burmese cat breed

The hind legs are slightly longer than the front. Paws are oval. The coat is fine and short, lying close to the skin.


Sable - the base color for which this cat is now known throughoutthe world. The body of the animal is colored uniformly in brown, which can vary from a shade of coffee with milk to dark brown. It is important that the paw pads and the tip of the nose are of the same color.

Chocolate - representatives of this variety are very similar to the previous ones, but have a darker muzzle. The underside of the paws and nose can vary in color from cinnamon to dark chocolate.

Blue is one of the most charming varieties of "burmochki". They differ from Russian blues by a softer shade of wool, and from the British by a light tone of color. Paw pads and nose bluish gray.

Purple - these Burmese cats seem the most touching. This color is unique. Only a Burmese cat can boast of it.

burmese cats owners reviews

Platinum is an unusual and sophisticated color. May have different shades. But the most valuable is light platinum with a pinkish tinge.


Despite being closely related to Thais, Burmese cats are the epitome of calm. It is surprising that with such a temperament, this cat can quite stand up for itself in a fight with other cats. She will not be intimidated by much larger opponents.

Burmese cats are extremely inquisitive and playful, and these qualities do not disappear with age. Burmese kittens are able to play for hours with their owner and with each other. And mature animals explore every corner of the apartment.

Burmese easily makes contact with people, does not pose any danger tochildren, gets along well with dogs. Unlike many other breeds, this cat easily tolerates travel, including car travel. There is another unique feature of this beauty - it lies in her ability to feel the most insignificant failures of her master's bioenergetics. Moreover, the animal is able to correct it. And future owners should also be aware that Burmese cats get worried when they witness quarrels and scandals.

Burmese cats


It's worth noting that these adorable creatures are for residential use only. Such cats do not tolerate cold at all and are very sensitive to drafts due to the lack of undercoat. If owners plan to walk their pet in the future, it should be taught to the street and a leash from a very early age, but only after all necessary vaccinations and treatment with insecticides.

A Burmese must have a sleeping place (house or couch). Animals are very clean, so you need to carefully monitor the cleanliness of their bowls and tray. In addition, your pet should have several toys. Since both varieties of the breed are short-haired, they do not require special care.

European Burmese cat breed

Owners do not notice the hairs on the sofa or carpet even when the animal is shedding. You should bathe such a cat only in cases of emergency, for example, if she is preparing for an exhibition or is simply very dirty. It is important to know thatsuch a pet's wool is hypoallergenic. Even allergy sufferers can afford a four-legged friend.

To protect the he alth of your baby and keep the exquisite iridescent shade of her coat, pay close attention to her diet. In addition to high-quality dry food, the diet should be supplemented with fish, meat and poultry.

Burmese cats: owner reviews

Today there are not very many of these charming animals in our country. Nevertheless, the happy owners of these kitties describe their pets with delight. According to them, these are extremely affectionate, neat and cheerful creatures. They are not picky about food, do not require complex care. Most owners note that kittens get used to the tray surprisingly quickly, practically do not shed, which makes care much easier.

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