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"Foresto" collar for cats and dogs: features and reviews
"Foresto" collar for cats and dogs: features and reviews

Foresto is a collar developed by the German company Bayer as a means of protecting pets from flea and tick bites. "Smart" collar works around the clock for 8 months. This unique protective product is designed for use on one animal only.

foresto collar

Now, with this effective collar, you do not need to treat your pet with special protective preparations in the form of sprays, shampoos and drops on the withers every month.

Features of the Foresto Collar

  1. This protective accessory can protect your pet from unwanted parasites for almost a year.
  2. Moreover, the unique matrix of the product regularly controls the release of the active substance from the collar only when necessary and with the right proportion of protective components.
  3. The Foresto collar has another advantage: it is waterproof. This means that your dog can swim in the water right in the collar, which will provide him with 100% protection against parasites even in the water! When the collar is immersed in water, the drugs remain closed and are not washed out of it.
  4. Putting on a petcollar, you can not worry that your dog or cat will come into contact with homeless animals and walk in the area where harmful parasites (fleas, ticks and withers) live. Thanks to the special protective substances contained in the collar, they will die before they bite.
  5. Foresto collar for dogs and cats has a deterrent effect on all parasites. The active ingredients imidacloprid and flumethrin penetrate the paws of the flea and cause it to spasm, so it cannot attach itself to your pet's coat. Thus, the harmful parasite falls off the animal before it has had time to bite.
  6. All substances that are in the collar are absolutely harmless, so they do not affect the he alth of your pet at all. In addition, they do not smell of anything and are released from it in small proportionate doses.
  7. Effective protective agent ideal for protecting hunting dogs, it does not affect the dog's hypersensitive sense of smell and does not interfere with his hunting.
  8. Also, the Foresto collar is suitable for animals that are prone to allergies.

Characteristics and composition of "Foresto"

In appearance, "Foresto" is a gray polymer tourniquet with two or three loops for fixing. The LED clips that are attached to the collar shimmer beautifully at night and serve as a faithful assistant to the pet owner. Also on a thin collar flaunts the Baeyr logo. The effective preparation "Foresto" fits perfectly on the animal's neck, weighs little and does not tighten the neck.

collarforesto for dogs

The Foresto Collar for dogs and cats is developed using the latest technology, its unique composition contains 2 main protective and 7 additional substances:

  • imidacloride;
  • flumetrin;
  • epoxy soybean oil;
  • titanium dioxide;
  • polyvinyl chloride;
  • propylene glycol
  • stearic acid;
  • black iron oxide pigment;
  • dibutyl adipate.

Using the Foresto treatment collar

"Foresto" - a collar that is used for the prevention and treatment of pets in case of infection with ectoparasites (ticks, fleas and withers). By wearing a collar on a dog or cat, you can even protect the animal from flea larvae that are in the environment.

foresto collar

Most pet owners buy Foresto's effective tick collar. The protective agent has repellent properties and repels parasites from the pet, which reduces the risk of infection of the animal with vector-borne diseases. The treatment collar should be applied before a period of increased tick activity occurs.

It is also used in the treatment of allergic flea dermatitis.

Instructions for "Foresto"

Each anti-flea and tick protection agent requires strict adherence to the instructions during use. It only takes you 1 minute to properly put on the Foresto and within 240 days your pet will be protected from all ectoparasites!

How to properly put on "Foresto" (collar) onpet?

  1. Open the box and take out the collar, then remove the plastic dividers from the inside of the collar.
  2. Now put a collar on the animal's neck, adjusting it to size, so that you have 1-2 centimeters of free space between the collar and the dog's (cat's) neck.
  3. Next, pass the free end of the collar through the loop, and cut off the excess with scissors.
  4. Take 3 LED clips (they are included in the Foresto set) and attach to the collar. So that they do not interfere with its removal, they must be fixed on a non-overlapping part of the product.
  5. After attaching, the clip should click. LED accessories help you see your pet at night.

Contraindications and side effects of Foresto

Foresto is a collar for cats and dogs that has no contraindications. But there is an exception when the animal has an increased sensitivity to some components of the drug. In other cases, no complications or side effects were observed during the use of Foresto in pets.

Foresto cannot be used in the following cases:

  • kittens under 3 months old and puppies under 2 months of age;
  • if you give your pet insecticides of other groups;
  • animals that suffer from infectious diseases;
  • if a month after application, the pet has redness on the skin.

Pregnant and lactating animals can wear "Foresto" only after consulting a veterinarian!

collar foresto price

Very rarely, within a few days after applying the collar, cats or dogs may experience side effects: redness of the skin and itching. As a rule, these symptoms disappear after 2 weeks.

Reviews about the collar "Foresto"

Efficient protective accessory "Foresto" for cats and dogs has been produced since 2014 by Bayer. "Foresto" is a collar that has become an indispensable thing both for pets - as protection against parasites, and for their owners - in helping to care for their beloved pets.

It has been 3 years since this unique collar was created. During this time, a huge number of these products have been sold. According to pet owners who have purchased and used Foresto successfully, the collar works effectively!

Most people were satisfied with the purchase, and after 8 months again bought new collars for their pets. According to numerous positive reviews and a survey, it became clear that in 95% of cases the Foresto collar helped rid pets of ectoparasites.

foresto collar for dogs price

Now you can walk your dog for hours in nature, take it to a camp site or on a hike. Dogs and cats quickly get used to the new protective accessory and do not get lost in the dark. Just don't forget to put a miracle collar on your pet!

Where can I buy Foresto?

Foresto's effective protective agent for cats and dogs is best purchased directly from Bayer. The manufacturer's collar is almost 2 times cheaper"Foresto". The price varies from 1600 to 2000 rubles.

Due to popularity, Foresto's sales increased many times over, and because of this, low-quality goods appeared on the market, that is, fake products. In order not to fall for a fake, it is better to purchase a Foresto collar in veterinary pharmacies or on the official website of Bayer, which sells its products worldwide.

Foresto collar: price

The Foresto kit includes a collar and reflective clips that attach so you can see your pet in the dark.

Strictly follow the storage conditions of the drug: the collar should be kept in a closed box in a dry place where direct sunlight does not penetrate at temperatures from 0 ° C to +30 ° C. It is strictly forbidden to put the collar together with food and animal feed.

foresto tick collar

Collars are available in different lengths depending on the size of your pet:

  1. Long 70 cm Foresto collar for dogs. Price - 2100-2250 rubles;
  2. Short 38cm Foresto collar for dogs and cats. Price - 1750-1900 rubles.

The shelf life of the medicinal product is 3 years from the date of manufacture, see the date on the package. After 8 months of use, the collar loses its protective and healing properties.

How to train a pet to wear a Foresto collar?

If you have put a collar on an animal for the first time, you should observe it for one week. If your pet reacts negatively to a new accessory,try using a tasty treat or favorite toy for fun. This will distract your pet from the new collar.

In rare cases, after you put on a new protective equipment for a pet, you may see that the animal itches. Do not be afraid, because this is due to the fact that your pet is simply not used to wearing a collar. Once again, double-check whether the collar is correctly put on, 2 fingers should fit between it and the animal's neck.

foresto collar for cats

The Foresto collar for dogs and cats will become an indispensable tool for your pet! With a new flea and tick remedy, you can save money. Collar "Foresto" for dogs - the price for 1 month is only 180 rubles, much cheaper than conventional drugs.

The protective accessory has received a lot of positive feedback from pet owners. Now their beloved pets are protected from harmful parasites around the clock!

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