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A fairy tale about numbers. Numbers in proverbs, sayings, fairy tales
A fairy tale about numbers. Numbers in proverbs, sayings, fairy tales

All parents want to raise their children to be smart, capable of science. And early math lessons can help. However, children are not very fond of this complex science. A fairy tale about numbers will help kids get acquainted with the basics of mathematics.

Math can be learned with play

It would seem, what kind of games and fairy tales can we talk about when it comes to such a serious science as mathematics. However, wise teachers argue that even younger preschoolers can be explained various nuances in this direction if the lesson is made interesting and exciting for kids. Stories featuring living beings who are given names - numbers and figures - are perceived by novice mathematicians more effectively than a dry statement of material, facts and laws.

fairy tale about numbers

Besides, all children love stories in which fiction is intertwined with reality, where good triumphs over evil. Therefore, a fairy tale about numbers is still useful for kids, and because it not only gives mathematical concepts, but also reveals the essence of human relations in a traditional allegorical manner.

The tale of decimals andbit units

Modern children enjoy reading fairy tales about numbers and figures. And there are a lot of them written by children's writers. Even the guys themselves make up amazing stories that feature numbers.

For example, one girl came up with an amazing fairy tale about a kingdom ruled by the wise and kind Queen Thousand. She loved her subjects very much, whom she constantly rewarded, multiplying by herself. And the inhabitants of her state from this became more majestic and significant.

there lived numbers a mathematical fairy tale

But then a disease happened to the queen, which turned her into 0, 001 with the help of a terrible virus - “a semicolon shifter”. And now, multiplying her subjects, the queen reduced them a thousand times … And no one could cure, except for one very wise doctor. It was he who again instilled in the queen a shifter virus, which returned her to her former size. This is such an amazing story about numbers.

City Tens

This is a fairy tale about numbers from one to ten. They, like people, lived in their own city, made friends, quarreled, put up and made mistakes. So, with the words "Once upon a time there were numbers", the mathematical fairy tale begins …

In a beautiful small town that spread out on the banks of a forest stream, there were small multi-colored houses. They were very small, just tiny, no bigger than a matchbox. But to the inhabitants of this city, the houses seemed quite large. And all because the inhabitants of this settlement themselves were tiny, tiny, as tall as a bean.

new fairy tales

But, despite the small size of the inhabitants, passions were in full swing in the town serious. And one of the wise old-timers of the town, whose name was the number Six, decided to write down the most amazing stories in a book and call it “Tales about numbers and numbers.”

The first story about numbers called "Who is more important?"

Naturally, the story began with the words "Once upon a time there were numbers." A mathematical fairy tale, like any other, seems to be a lie, but there is an important hint in it, which should become a lesson for good fellows and wise girls.

The numbers lived together and in harmony. Everything was especially fine with four inseparable friends: Ones, Twos, Threes and Fours. And only once did they have a dispute about who among them is more important. The Four started it:

- Although I love you, my bosom friends, but I must tell you one thing. In fact, I am the most important among us. Look: the house has four corners, the table has four legs. The same number of paws for dogs and cats, wheels for cars. And therefore, from now on, you must address me as “You”!

- How stupid! – outraged number Three. “The most important number among us is me!” Just look: the number 3 in fairy tales is magical, magical. The sons of the kings are always three, the tasks must also be completed not four, not two, but three. And the most important thing happens on the third day. So you better call me "Mr. Three".

- Well, that's how you look, - the Deuce hesitated. - People usually look for a mate to create a full-fledged family. A person also has a pair of hands and feet. Onlyimagine that people walk on four legs - it's incomprehensible to the mind! A person has two eyes and an ear. So let's better address me with "You", it will be fairer.

- So something like that, but something is still wrong, - Yedinichka laughed. - Although I am the smallest among us, I am the very first in the number row. And during the competition, for some reason, the winner is awarded first place and given a gold medal. And for the second, only silver is supposed … I won’t talk about the third and fourth places here - it’s somehow immodest.

The highest quality people always call first-class. And second-rate or, even more so, third-rate goods, most buyers will bypass the party. Yes, and the skill of specialists is most often indicated by categories, where the first indicates the highest level.

And if we talk about the structure of the human body, then the organs that people have one at a time are the most important: the heart, liver, brain.

If you think about our main purpose - to participate in mathematical operations, then only I can divide any number by myself without a remainder, and in such a way that it will not even notice it.

You know what? I think we are all equally important! And so there is no point in arguing about it. Let's not argue anymore. And let the words “Amicably and according to lived-there were numbers” our mathematical fairy tale will end. And new stories will be about interesting events that will take place in a town where residents do not argue or swear with each other.

And since then, One, Two, Three and Four have not figured out whothe most important of them.

The second story called "The Tale of the Number 5"

The incident is like this

Happened here the other day:

Suddenly the Five came running

All covered in mud, dust, burrs!

"What's wrong with you? Where were you? -

Seven and Eight were surprised.

"Oh, back off guys!

Climb where they are not asked, Ugly! I'm tired" -

So she said and fell down…

Six came out of the bushes:

"I'll tell it like it is.

This morning the number Five

I ran with the Hare for a walk.

Here the hunter runs out, As expected, shoots.

The hare falls and Five

Run away in fear.

fairy tales about numbers

I put the Hare in the basket, I lifted the burden on my back

And went home.

Five, get up! Bunny alive!

One, two, three, four, five –

Bunny runs again!

New Tales, friends, I'll compose for all of you!"

Prehistory of the third tale about the Seven-Poker

In the town of Ten lived the number Seven. The locals teased her with Kocherga - such a nickname was invented for her. And this figure, indeed, was very similar to this device for turning coals in the furnace.

As you know, a poker is a thing with a strange character. On the one hand, with its help, you can melt the stove and heat the house. A good thing, it seems to be necessary. And if you look from the other side, then you can heat it with a poker so that it doesn’t seem a little. Often in stories about our livesancestors figured this cast-iron stick curved with the letter “G” as a weapon of fights and even murders.

fairy tales with number 7

That's the nature of the Seven was also controversial. Yesterday she came up with a week, which includes 7 days, and made the last, seventh, day off. How grateful everyone was! And today I’m already angry at someone and let’s yell: “Just get caught by me - I’ll pull seven skins off you!”.

And then she suddenly calmed down and drew such a beautiful rainbow in the sky - just a feast for the eyes! She curved seven multi-colored stripes in an arc, set up fabulous gates.

Only this is not a story yet, but a saying. The beginning of the tale with the number 7 awaits the reader ahead …

How the Poker Seven got a new home

Maybe that's how it was, or maybe it's all a lie. They only say that one day the Seven decided to build a new house for themselves. Yes, not simple, like everyone else, but special, so that it was about seven walls. She thought for a long time how to do it, racking her brains. Nothing works! A bunch of paper on the drawings wasted by Seven, a pack of pencils wasted, but the matter did not move one iota.

The number Seven was very upset, right to tears. She locked herself in her old house and does not come out. All the numbers in the city were even worried that something bad might happen. They crowded around the fence that surrounded the dwelling of the number Seven, discussing the situation, thinking about what they should do. And suddenly…

They heard that amazing music suddenly flowed from the open windows. Yes, so wonderful that you can’t say it in a fairy tale, or hear it in a dream! So soft and cuddly, sothe soulful melody of the Seven turned out.

And she, it turns out, out of grief that her unusual house did not work out, came up with seven notes. And she learned to record with their help melodies overheard by the brook and rustling trees, birds singing and artisans humming under their breath. At first, she simply recorded music on a sheet of music, and then she played the flute. So to this day, musicians record their works with the help of these amazing badges.

fairy tales about numbers

And the house? His numbers were built together for their neighbor Seven! New, solid and there were exactly seven walls in it. And the numbers also painted it in seven colors, as if the rainbow itself decided to rest on it. Since then, no one has teased the Seven with Poker. After all, she alone managed to create such beautiful things - a rainbow and music. And her name became "The Beautiful Seven".

The fourth story, terrible and terrible, about a bloodthirsty dragon named Zero

In a certain kingdom, the Arithmetical State, there were numbers. A mathematical fairy tale would not be a fairy tale if various magic and inexplicable miracles did not happen in it. So the Arithmetic State was attacked by a bloodthirsty, evil and ruthless dragon. His name was Zero.

He grabbed everyone indiscriminately, multiplied by himself and destroyed. And all because after this action the numbers themselves turned into Zero. And after each crime, the dragon grew a new head, it became stronger and more bloodthirsty. Well, the population in the state became less and less. And then a terrible thing happened.The dragon has kidnapped the princess herself! Mourning was declared throughout the state.

They began to think and guess the numbers, how they could defeat the dragon, so that they could compose new, kind and funny tales and tell their children. And they decided to make friends with the dragon, although it was, I must say, not easy.

The numbers were cast, and it turned out that the number 9 had to go to the dragon to rescue the princess. In fairy tales, as you know, it is considered magical, because it turns out when multiplying a triple (which is already part of the numbers of fabulous, magical) on itself. “Thrice three times the sun will rise, three times three times the dew will fall on the grass - and a rider on a horse will appear from behind the mountain. It is he who will save the princess from a fierce snake! - said the royal prophets, performing their strange rites.

So it happened. No wonder numbers play an important role in Russian folk tales. That is why here, exactly nine days later, the number Nine, sitting on a horse, rode up to the dragon's lair to rescue the princess. And in his bosom he had a flask of spring water, which, they say, has magical powers.

numbers in Russian folk tales

And they met near the ninth mountain - the evil Zero and the selfless number Nine. Here the dragon laughed, beat with its tail, fire began to let out from its mouth. But only Nine did not lose his head, jumped up to him and stood in front of the dragon, splashing spring water, magical water into his mouth. And Nine did not forget to smile, openly and friendly. Zero was even confused from amazement … The dragon did not even have time to perform its traditional multiplication,how the numbers 9 and 0 fused in an instant and turned into one whole - the number Ninety.

And then the princess came out of the dungeon, kissed her savior, who became ten times stronger and more majestic, and gave him consent to become his faithful wife. They mounted their horses and rode home, happy and contented. Here the scary tale about numbers ended. In mathematics, those who have "excellent" or "good" in the magazine - they understood it. And whoever has weak knowledge in this science - do not blame me, learn the rules and solve examples, you see, next time you will understand everything!

Why did the king have three sons and why did the eyeless child need seven nannies?

Not only in real life, numbers play a huge role. In Russian folk tales, three sons, three tasks, three days very often appear. And dragons or Gorynychi Serpents, which also appear three times, each time have an increasing number of heads: first three, then five, seven or nine, and in the third, the most difficult, since the monster can even have twelve. Numbers in Russian fairy tales play a purely symbolic role. A child who is not yet familiar with mathematics will not visually imagine exactly the number of heads of the dragon in question. For him, such concepts as the increase in danger each time, and the fact that there were many goals are important.

Is there any algorithm that obeys the numbers in proverbs, sayings, fairy tales? Maybe there is. For example, three symbolizes perfection and harmony not only in Russian culture, but throughout the world. Therefore, we remember to this day the three heroes. And to Ilya Muromets beforeHis miraculous cure is precisely the three elders. And the distant place where the hero of a fairy tale often goes is located far away, somewhere in the farthest country.

In the Orthodox religion, there is the Holy Trinity, symbolizing the unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And in the ancient Slavic faith there was a deity with three heads. One head ruled over the heavenly world, the second - over the earthly, and the third - over the underwater.

The trail of fabulousness and sorcery also stretches behind the number seven. For example, everyone remembers fairy tales in which there are seven-league boots, Snow White gets to the seven dwarfs, just like Sleeping Beauty - to the heroes of the corresponding number.

magic numbers in fairy tales

In proverbs and sayings, the seven is also often found.

  • Measure seven times, you can cut only once.
  • Seven with a bipod and one with a spoon.
  • Seven miles to heaven.
  • Seven do not wait for one.
  • Seven nannies have a child without an eye.
  • Seven on benches.

And such fame was attached to this number, most likely because once, even before the advent of the decimal system, there was a septenary. That is, two-digit numbers did not begin after ten, but after seven.

The same goes for the number five. After all, there was a time when the number system was fivefold and even eightfold. The only mystery left is why the number eight did not leave its mark in folklore.

But the nine, even in the modern world, is often distinguished by people whoare carried away by the meanings of numbers and their influence on fate. This happens because this number, as it were, represents the beginning and end of a person's life experience. It brings the last earthly lesson of mankind - forgiveness.

However, the number two is also found in sayings and proverbs, which is not included in the category of "magic". Rather, it is a reflection of the position of dialectical materialism, which reflects the unity and struggle of opposites.

  • Two bears can't get along in the same den.
  • Two boots - a pair, but both on the left foot.
  • Chase two hares and catch neither.

And in a modern fairy tale, lazy Vovka is "helped" by two people from the chest. Yes, and often stories tell about two daughters, where one is kind and hardworking, and the second is angry and lazy.

There are modern catchphrases with a variety of numbers, for example: "Just like two and two", "Twenty-five again!", "It is better to see with your own eyes once than hear a hundred times".


Do you think that magic numbers only exist in fairy tales? Not at all! People have long been occupied with the influence that figures and numbers have on human destinies. And on this basis, numerology arose - either science, or belief in the mystical power of numbers. But, be that as it may, but very many people no, no, and they turn their attention to the fact that the numbers of a bus ticket or the numbers of oncoming vehicles seem to have the gift of prediction. Perhaps this is just a coincidence. But who knows…

Even the most inveteratecynics with great displeasure are settled in hotel rooms under the number 13 or 666. But almost everyone just loves the seventh, third, fifth and ninth. Such fame has already been fixed for them among the people - some are considered good, magical, while others bring misfortune, even devilish.

Today you can find whole scientific works in which, according to the scheme, it is possible to calculate your "number" by date of birth and read about yourself on the page dedicated to this figure. The compilers of these works connect both the character of a person, and his capabilities, and his future precisely with this "main" number. And how right they are, everyone decides for himself.

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