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Fairy tales for a child 3 years old: what can be recommended to parents

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Fairy tales for a child 3 years old: what can be recommended to parents
Fairy tales for a child 3 years old: what can be recommended to parents

At the age of three, a baby is a completely conscious being who already has his own idea of ​​the surrounding reality and the processes that take place in it. And it is during this period of the life of a little one that one should begin to form basic values ​​in him, which over time will transform him into a highly moral person. Of course, we are talking about kindness, responsiveness, courage, honesty, responsibility. How to develop these qualities in a child? Fairy tales are one of the main tools here. Yes, yes, it is they who can clearly demonstrate to the little man what is good and what is bad. And here parents face a difficult dilemma: what fairy tales are recommended for reading for a 3-year-old child?

We were all children

It should be noted that a fairy tale is an integral part of children's education. We all read fascinating stories about Baba Yaga, Koshchei the Immortal, the Serpent Gorynych and other unusual heroes. Parents have an important task - to help the child understand the meaning of morality, which is contained inin magical legend. It is with this in mind that the question of which fairy tales for a child of 3 years old should be chosen in the first place should be decided. Unfortunately, not all parents bother to specially go to the bookstore and buy a really educational "pulp" for the little one.

Fairy tales for a child 3 years old

As a rule, this process is spontaneous, and the mother acquires for her child the first thing that comes to hand.

First books for baby

And yet, what kind of first fairy tales can you recommend for a child of 3 years old? Naturally, those that will be interesting and easy to understand, that is, having a simple plot.

Children's teachers and psychologists recommend starting with the works that were read to all kids in the USSR: "Gingerbread Man", "Masha and the Bear", "Ryaba Hen", "Teremok". Also, experts advise opting for the works of Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky: "Cockroach", "Fedorino's grief", "Moydodyr". It is in them that the negative qualities are ridiculed in an absolutely accessible language and the positive ones are emphasized. Believe that after reading them, your kid will understand that you can’t be lazy, arrogant and ignorant.

Tales of Andersen

Of course, the question of which fairy tales for a 3-year-old child should be adopted by parents should be decided on an individual basis. However, fathers and mothers should not forget that the full development of the little man depends on the quality of the material that will be read to the child in early childhood.

Beforebuy this or that fairy tale in the store, try to evaluate it from the point of view of children's interest. As practice shows, kids prefer Russian folk art more. Our fairy tales are understandable, instructive and at the same time kind, which cannot always be said about foreign works.

About animals

Of course, not a single peanut remains indifferent to works about animals, since each representative of the fauna is the personification of dignity or vice. So, Lisa Patrikeevna is associated with cunning, Oblique - with speed, and Mikhail Potapych with clumsiness. Don't know what fairy tales to read to children 3-4 years old at night?

Fairy tales for children 3-4 years old at night

You can advise the following: "Wolf and seven kids", "Geese-Swans", "Zayushkina hut", "Fox and Wolf".

Don't forget the epics

However, parents should not only read Russian fairy tales to their offspring. For children 3 years old, epics about heroes are also suitable. For example, "Ilya Muromets and Kalin Tsar", "Volga and Mikula", "Dobrynya and the Serpent". It is from these folk opuses that the child learns about courage, ingenuity, courage and determination. The kid will love epics no less than fairy tales.

Andersen's Magical World

And, of course, Andersen's fairy tales, which are a pleasure to read, contribute to the moral development of the child. The writer came up with an amazing world of magic for kids, in which good always triumphs over evil. In dozens of works by the famous storyteller, the main human vices and shortcomings are ridiculed: greed, stupidity, indifference,cowardice, hypocrisy. Of course, the kid should learn about the "Snow Queen", "Ugly Duckling", "Ole-Lukoy", "Thumbelina".

It is Andersen's fairy tales, filled with kindness and sincerity, in a veiled form that help to discuss with the baby unpleasant topics that parents try to avoid in everyday life. Carried away by an exciting plot, the little one tries to put himself in the place of the main character - thereby developing abstract thinking.

Russian fairy tales for children 3 years old

Besides this, the child's imagination, fantasy work, and vocabulary is also replenished. The ability to build contact with parents is an integral part of the proper development of the offspring, and Andersen's fairy tales play one of the key roles here.

Fairy tale tale strife

Unfortunately, not all modern fairy tales help set the right vector for a child's development. Of course, 99% of them contribute to the growth of children's imagination, however, in some folk opuses, plots are described in which prosperity can be achieved through lies, betrayal and deceit. In everyday life, this leads to disappointment, and sometimes to spiritual degradation. Often, parents themselves are not able to answer the children's question: "Why?", which almost always suggests itself after reading or watching the fairy tale "today".

Then what modern fairy tales should be read for children? "Developing", - authoritative psychologists will answer.

Fairy tales for children developing

Today, experts advise buying audiobookswhich fairy-tale plots, using specific examples, will demonstrate what qualities of character need to be "tempered" from an early age, thereby awakening the child's personal potential.


Of course, today, under the dominance of computer technology, it is simply necessary to instill in a child a love of reading. How to do it? Just by personal example. When the kid sees that dad or mom cannot tear themselves away from reading, he will pick up a fairy tale and begin to imitate them. If in this way you maintain interest in reading, then the child's vocabulary will expand, and his thinking, fantasy, logic, speech will move to a new stage of development.

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