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Choosing videos for a child

Choosing videos for a child
Choosing videos for a child

When deciding to purchase videos for a child, it should be borne in mind that the optimal age for their development is 4-5 years. Since the child already walks freely, he independently coordinates his movements and learns everything new with amazing pleasure, especially such an exciting activity. The main thing, having bought videos for children of 5 years old, is to turn learning into a game, without creating the feeling in the child that he was in a lesson. It must be remembered that children only in the game maintain an interest in the process, even if not everything turns out right away.

How to choose skates for a child?

roller skates for kids

In stores today, an incredible number of these skates of various price ranges from different manufacturers. Consider the main parameters that should be considered when choosing videos for a child:

  • take socks with you (preferably special ones) in which the baby will ride in the future: they are made in such a way as to remove excess moisture, while protecting the legs from slipping;
  • it's better to stop your eyes on sliding rollers, in children the leg grows quickly, buying a new pair everya year at the same time an invoice will be enough;
  • Wishing for the baby's feet to "breathe", you should choose soft models, but if you want protection - plastic, hard ones. There is practically no chance of injury and damage in them;
  • if you don't want to spend time fixing skates on your leg with laces, buy skates with instant lacing;
  • make sure that they have a special rubber brake, it is much easier for beginners to brake with it;
  • if you are interested in how much videos for children cost, you need to remember that savings in this matter are inappropriate. But at the same time, for starters, buy only simple models that are not designed for aggressive riding. With this option, it is impossible to learn how to ride, they are suitable for already experienced skaters;
  • how much do rollerblades for kids cost
  • "to load" buy protection: elbow pads, knee pads, helmet. This will make it possible to soften blows, as well as minimize sprains and injuries. If the child is already an adult, he will try to refuse it. Try to explain to him that wearing a cast all holidays is stupid, and this can happen if he suddenly gets injured.

Rollers for a child: learning to skate

If you want to quickly and easily teach your kid to ride, you should take him to a special rollerdrome, of course, if there is one in your city. If it is missing, here are the rules by which the baby will learn to roller skate:

  • the correct stance for skating is half-bent legs, while the heels are together, socks apart, tilted slightly forwardtorso;
  • start learning on the lawn, then move to the asph alt. If the baby on the rollers is still unsteady, you need to take him by the hands and lead him along. The main thing now is to feel the movement.

Main figures for practicing skating:

  1. Snake: Keep your feet together while wiggling from side to side.
  2. Movement on one leg only.
  3. Braking with foot angled back or stock brake.
  4. Turn and turn with the lower leg tilted inward.
  5. rollers for children 5 years old

Practice exercises for 2 legs, constantly reinforce skills moving forward. Ride only in dry warm weather on a hard surface or smooth asph alt. In the rain, braking and traction are worse, so unnecessary scratches, abrasions and falls cannot be avoided in this case.

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