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Can I eat shrimp when pregnant?

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Can I eat shrimp when pregnant?
Can I eat shrimp when pregnant?

The diet of a woman who is expecting a baby should be correct and complete. You need to keep track of every bite that you want to eat. Vitamins and trace elements in different products are contained in different amounts. Seafood has such a set of various vitamins that they can only be replaced with synthetic multivitamins. Choosing the right vitamin complex during pregnancy is very difficult. Therefore, it is much easier to eat seafood in its natural form.


shrimp food

The required amount of protein can be found in shrimp. Is it possible to shrimp during pregnancy? This is a legitimate question, as too much of the beneficial substances contained in them can be harmful.

With the birth of a new life in a woman's body, her lifestyle changes completely. It used to be possible to consume different foods without worrying about the consequences. "Interesting Position"suggests some restrictions in the diet, since some substances that enter the body of the expectant mother can harm the fetus.

The absence of negative reactions to this seafood in the normal position suggests that nothing will change during pregnancy. They can be absolutely safely eaten, but only within reasonable limits. It is also worth listening to your body. Shrimp can be eaten during pregnancy. The diet of the expectant mother should be varied and saturated. This is what a doctor would say to any pregnant woman.

shrimp seafood


Benefits of shrimp during pregnancy:

  1. The proteins, iron and acids contained in them in large quantities can strengthen the body without additional nutritional supplements.
  2. They have a positive effect on the formation of the skeleton of the unborn child, it becomes strong and flexible, the central nervous system and the brain are formed correctly. Therefore, shrimp during early pregnancy are very useful and important.
  3. This is a fairly light product. Digesting, it does not leave heaviness in the stomach, while saturating the body with iodine, which has a positive effect on it, especially considering the entire ecological situation.
  4. Seafood is of particular benefit to people who live in the city, where oxygen levels are low and the industrial environment has a negative impact on people.

It's important to cook them right

But it must be remembered that shrimp during pregnancy are only useful when they are properly cooked. If athey will be half-baked due to insufficient heat treatment, then you can get poisoned.

You can eat shrimp during pregnancy if they were in the diet of the expectant mother before. But it is better not to overdo it with them. Carrying a child under the heart, you need to be especially careful about exotic dishes, even if they were eaten all the time before.

How to eat for the first time?

If you've never tried shrimp but really want to taste it, you can eat just a little and see what the reaction will be. And it is better not to abuse them to avoid possible negative consequences.

How much can I?

can shrimp during pregnancy

To saturate your body and your baby, it is normally allowed to eat shrimp during pregnancy up to two hundred grams per week. If there is no desire to consume them, then you do not need to force yourself. Other food for vitamins is no less useful. And it’s better not to force yourself to eat seafood by force, as you can achieve disgust and earn indigestion and poisoning.

Shrimp alternative

During pregnancy, the body weakens and needs more vitamins than usual. If you do not feel like eating shrimp, then it is quite possible to replace them with squid, which contain iodine and hematopoietic elements that are needed to maintain the functioning of the body in a normal state.

When will shrimp be harmful?

From the information provided above in the article, it becomes clear that shrimp can be eaten during pregnancy. And when givencan seafood harm a pregnant woman?

Before you buy them, you need to make sure that the product is fresh and stored in the right conditions. If you buy shrimp stale, then the consequences after eating them will be extremely unpleasant.

shrimp photo
  1. You should not buy seafood in markets where sellers do not have certificates from the sanitary and epidemiological station, quality certificates. If sellers do not have the necessary information about how much and under what conditions this product should be stored.
  2. Sometimes you do not want to cook yourself, so the dish is purchased ready-made. In this case, you need to carefully read the composition of the product. You can provoke heartburn with a large amount of vinegar, spices and preservatives, as the gastric mucosa will be irritated. It is recommended to buy groceries from large supermarkets and prepare them at home.
  3. Lobster, squid and shrimp may have elevated levels of mercury. For an adult, mercury can cause irreparable harm to he alth, and for a fragile little man, it can be fatal. The central nervous system will be improperly formed or incompletely formed if mercury enters the body of a woman. Therefore, it is better to buy finished products in a store where they are tested in accordance with GOST.
  4. The accumulation of heavy metals in the body of this marine inhabitant is very easy. It could also be arsenic. And this is another point where eating shrimp can be harmful.
  5. A large amount of cholesterol, which is contained inshrimp is harmful not only to pregnant women, but also to those who carefully monitor their he alth and monitor their well-being.

Adding this seafood to the diet is allowed, you just need to carefully monitor the quality of the purchased product.

How to cook?

In order for shrimp to be not only tasty, but also he althy, they need to be cooked properly. This is especially difficult for pregnant women, as most of them are quite picky eaters.

shrimp cooking
  1. It is necessary to bring the water to a boil, throw the shrimp into the boiling water (they should be there for at least 6-7 minutes). If they are evenly milky white, they are done.
  2. It is forbidden to eat ready-made products from cans if you notice that there is no integrity of the package. Also, products that have stood in the refrigerator open for more than three days are not allowed.

Shrimp is an ideal product for a pregnant woman who cares about herself and the he alth of her unborn baby. After all, the development of the fetus in the womb of a future mother largely depends on the substances that it receives from the outside.

It is not necessary to eat shrimp during pregnancy if the woman does not like the smell of the finished dish or if the product does not like the taste.

Today, it is very difficult to find this seafood that can be consumed without fear for one's own he alth. They have long been grown artificially with the help of synthetic additives. In shrimp organisms, antibiotics and hormones can often be found, whichadded to make them grow bigger. Therefore, you should choose your products with great care.

in the early stages


Products that a pregnant woman consumes should be nutritious, and most importantly, the diet should be balanced. If for some reason you don’t want to eat shrimp, which are just a cornucopia of various vitamins, then you can replace them with other products or synthetic vitamins. And, of course, you should not overeat, this can adversely affect the condition of a pregnant woman.

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