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Can't get pregnant with my second child. Why can't I get pregnant with my second child?
Can't get pregnant with my second child. Why can't I get pregnant with my second child?

A woman who once felt the happiness of motherhood, in the depths of her soul always wants to relive these wonderful moments of waiting and the first meeting with the baby. Some of the fair sex think about re-pregnancy immediately after the birth of their first child, others need time to make such a decision, while others plan their next child only when the first one starts going to school.

But things don't always work out the way you want them to. Quite often, women who have had no problems conceiving their first child realize that they cannot get pregnant with a second child. What can we say about those women who had a hard time giving birth to their first baby.

There are several main reasons why you can't get pregnant with your second child fairly quickly.

can't get pregnant with second child
can't get pregnant with second child

When you cantalk about infertility?

It is worth recalling that such a diagnosis is made only after two years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child. For women over thirty, this period can be reduced to one year.

The doctor can preliminarily make a similar diagnosis when a lady complains: “I can’t get pregnant with my second child!” And only after some research, the verdict is confirmed or refuted.

When is the best time to get pregnant with a second child?

Specialists have found that the most favorable age for conception is in the range from 20 to 29 years. It is at this moment that a woman is at the peak of her reproductive age. She is quite strong physically and mentally, the body has completely completed its formation and prepared for the birth of a new life.

If you are thinking about having a second baby and are in this age range, then get started.

Of course, you can have a baby after 30 years. Some women manage to do this even after 40. However, it must be remembered that at this age the body is already beginning to rebuild and prepare for menopause, the number of eggs decreases, and ovulation no longer occurs every month.

unable to conceive a second child
unable to conceive a second child

Why can't I get pregnant with my second child?

Quite often, after the birth of their first child, women soon plan a second pregnancy. Why can some people conceive the first time, while others have to wait months and years for another miracle? There may be severalreasons. Let's try to understand each in detail and answer the question of how to quickly get pregnant with a second child.

why not get pregnant with a second child
why not get pregnant with a second child

First Reason: Breastfeeding

If you have recently become a mother and breastfeed your child, then that's great! You have chosen the best food option for your little one. However, this can become an obstacle to the conception of a second baby. Let's figure out why this is happening.

When a woman produces breast milk, the production of many hormones is blocked. The body directs all its power to the production of prolactin. It is he who is responsible for ensuring that you have enough milk for the crumbs. Thus, the production of estrogen and progesterone (without which pregnancy is impossible) is greatly reduced.

There are situations completely opposite to this, when a lady is sexually active without contraception, hoping that breastfeeding will prevent her from getting pregnant and will soon find out about her new position.

Second reason: body restructuring

It happens that a woman fails to become pregnant with a second child due to recent childbirth. During the gestation of the fetus, the female body experiences a strong load. All organs work with a vengeance. A woman's uterus is undergoing tremendous changes.

All this restructuring and severe wear of the body does not allow re-conception to take place. The nature of man is so arranged that the body will not “work” to the detriment of itself. That is why andre-pregnancy does not occur.

I want to get pregnant with my second child
I want to get pregnant with my second child

The next reason why you can't conceive a second child: stress

When your little child grows up, you worry about him every minute. Did you fall and break your knee? Broke a toy and got upset? Every little thing can make you worry. What can we say about those cases when the child does not obey, throws tantrums or gets sick.

When you were planning your first baby, there were no all these worries and stresses. You lived quietly in your pleasure, and therefore the conception happened so easily. Now the situation is different. You have to learn to live with this stressful situation.

how to get pregnant with second child fast
how to get pregnant with second child fast

Another obstacle to having a second baby: he alth problems

Perhaps after the first birth you have some problems with the reproductive system. There may also be hormonal imbalances. Or is it your partner? After all, men also do not get younger every day, and sooner or later the quality of their sperm begins to deteriorate.

Some commonplace pathologies can cause you to go to the doctor with the problem: “I can’t get pregnant with my second child!”

Psychological fixation

When a woman has the idea to give birth again, she does not see or hear anything around. She only does what she says: “I want to get pregnant with my second child!” What is it like for a man in this situation? Quite often, women do not realize that in these moments they get hung up on planning,counting favorable days for conception, conducting endless tests. A man is a male by nature, he is used to achieving. But when sex life is strictly on schedule, he no longer feels like the leader.

In this case, the reason why not to get pregnant with a second child lies in the psychology of a married couple. A man can also be scared away by a woman's obsessive desire to have another child. That is why it is necessary not to get hung up on your problem, especially if your planning period is still very short. Just relax and enjoy life.

If the desire to track favorable days for conception and control the work of your body does not leave you, then try to do it less noticeably. Do not constantly tell your partner about your auspicious days. Keep the intrigue.

When is the best time to get pregnant with a second child?
When is the best time to get pregnant with a second child?

Not getting pregnant after a caesarean section

It is quite common for a woman to have trouble re-conceiving after giving birth to her first child by caesarean section. In this case, you need to contact a competent specialist.

You certainly need a series of surveys. It is necessary to find out what condition the uterus and the scar on it are in, whether there is an adhesive process in the abdominal cavity, which is quite often a complication of surgical interventions and in some cases leads to infertility.

Also, during the operation, an inflammatory process could begin, which sometimes is the reason for the absence of a long-awaited re-pregnancy. When planning, keep in mind thatthe moment of delivery by caesarean section, at least two years must pass. Before re-conception, it is necessary to conduct a series of examinations with a specialist.

What to do to conceive a second baby?

What should distressed women do? Is it really possible to have a second child now? There is always a way out.

First you need to remember how long you have been planning a pregnancy. If this range is less than one year, then just sit back and wait.

In the event that planning lasts more than a year, and there is still no good news, it makes sense to consult a doctor. First you need to visit a gynecologist. Tell him about your fears and say the main phrase: “I can’t get pregnant with my second child!”

Surely after everything you hear, the specialist will prescribe you a series of examinations. It is worth saying that in these cases a man is supposed to pass only one analysis - a spermogram. And for a woman, there is a more detailed list. That is why it would be logical to start by examining the man.

If the reason for the lack of pregnancy is identified, the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment for you, after which you will soon become happy parents, but already two babies.

unable to conceive a second child
unable to conceive a second child


So, if you're having a problem and you're telling yourself, "I can't get pregnant with my second child," maybe you should change your attitude.

Think about how some couples wait years for their first child, and there are times whenfamilies are completely barren. Remember that you already have a small child. Hug your baby more often, talk about your love for him. Direct all your efforts to conceive a second child in another direction. And you will see that the baby will not keep you waiting long.

In case of prolonged absence of pregnancy, contact a specialist. He will answer all your questions and help you solve the problem.

Give birth and be he althy!

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