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Chicco Polly Magic high chair: description, reviews
Chicco Polly Magic high chair: description, reviews

The subject of this review is the Chicco Polly Magic 3 in 1 highchair. What are its main technical characteristics, what distinguishes this model from other offers on the highchair market and what do real buyers think about it - these and many other questions we will reveal in the article. In addition, we will provide a list of the pros and cons of Chicco Polly Magic, based on consumer reviews.

Benefits of the chicco polly magic highchair

Mom's helper for many years

With the birth of a child, many people begin to understand how fleeting time is. And also how soon the kids grow up, and at the same time most of their things - toys, clothes and various household items - become unusable. That is why the purchase of branded and expensive household items for a child seems to many to be an unreasonable waste of the family budget. But! The Chicco Polly Magic highchair is nota one-time purchase, but a profitable investment for years!

This highchair model is designed to be used literally from the birth of the baby. Features of its design allow you to transform the chair into a safe and comfortable lounge chair. As the child grows, it can be modified, turning it into a full-fledged chair, which is attached to the "adult" table, at which the whole family dine.

chicco polly magic high chair


What are the main parameters that distinguish the Chicco Polly Magic 3 in 1 chair model? Its weight is 12.5 kg. This is a pretty impressive figure, but for a children's chair, this is more of an advantage than a disadvantage. After all, the mass, coupled with the special design of the frame, makes the chair more stable compared to miniature and lightweight counterparts.

The height of the Chicco Polly Magic chair when unfolded is 104.5 cm, when folded - 100 cm. This model is 55 cm wide. Thanks to this small indicator, the chair will fit in almost any kitchen and will not interfere with the free movement of households. If the conditions in the apartment are cramped, the high chair can be compactly folded when it is not needed. This is done simply, without any extra effort. In addition, it is not necessary to remove the side table from the structure when it is in the assembled position. Chicco Polly Magic Highchair 85 cm deep (27 cm when folded).

Highchair Chico

How to take care of your high chair

This question is particularly relevant inthe time the baby is six months old. It is at this age that mothers begin to introduce complementary foods into the child's diet, and this process does not always go smoothly. Porridges, curds, fruit and vegetable purees, juices and soups are not only in the baby's mouth, but also on all surfaces adjacent to the child. Therefore, the high chair should be made of easily washable materials. Case for Chicco Polly Magic is made of eco-leather - a material that has the following properties:

  • beautiful appearance;
  • good wear resistance;
  • outer coating that prevents the penetration of moisture and dirt into the fibers of the fabric;
  • nice texture.

Additional mattress made of cotton. Thanks to this, the child, while in the highchair, comes into contact only with natural and safe material that does not cause diaper rash and allergic reactions. Chicco Polly Magic soft details are removable. The mattress and extra pillow insert are machine washable, but only on a delicate cycle.

Special care for the frame is also not required, it can be wiped with a damp cloth, and heavy dirt is removed with mild detergents of organic origin. Scouring powders and other harsh chemicals should not be used. It will be quite difficult to completely remove it from the surface of the chair. Once on the skin, it can cause a local allergic reaction, and if the baby licks a poorly washed highchair element, it can be very poisonous.

Cover for chicco polly magic chair

Featuresuse for age 0+

This chair model will be a real find for those mothers who do not have help around the house. In order to calmly go about their business in the kitchen, clean the apartment or load things into the washing machine, it is enough for a woman to set the Chicco Polly Magic seat to a reclining position and place the child in the resulting deck chair. The baby will be at a sufficient height to observe everything that is happening around, and will not be able to worry about the fact that his mother left him alone. In addition, an arc for toys is attached to the chair, which will not only entertain the child, but also contribute to the development of his tactile, visual and auditory sensations. Another additional advantage is the presence of wheels on the rear support of the frame. With their help, the chair can be moved from one room to another without any extra effort and noise.

Dimensions of the chicco polly magic chair

Chicco Polly Magic highchair 6-12 months old

At the age of six months, mothers begin to sit down their babies. The Chicco Polly Magic highchair is perfect for this. The high and soft sides on the seat fit the body of the child, which is especially important for the smallest, because at first they often fall sideways in a new position for themselves. Wide seat belts with height-adjustable pads provide additional fixation of the child in the seat. They are closed with a latch that unfastens the upper and lower belts by simultaneously pressing two fingers on the buttons. It will be very easy for mom to do this, but the child himselfcan't get rid of the protection. The ability to adjust the backrest in three positions (except lying down) allows you to seat the child with maximum comfort.

Adult place for baby

Children grow very fast and want to become adults even faster. With Chicco Polly Magic, parents can very easily satisfy this desire of their child, because the high chair will easily fit next to a regular dining table. To do this, you just need to remove the side table and adjust the height of the seat of the chair. This is done using the Easy Touch button system, which allows you to change the position of the child seat with one touch. It is adjustable in six height levels, and the footrest itself can be adjusted to suit your child.

These features are very handy for parents of wayward kids who have outgrown their "baby" stuff and don't want to use it. By moving the child to the common table, the mother will provide him with a comfortable environment and psychological peace, because he will not be cut off from the family in his separate place from others, but will be located on the same level with his relatives.

Highchair 0+

Optional accessories

A significant advantage of this model is that it is equipped with various convenient and practical accessories that make the work of all mothers easier and more enjoyable:

  • side table has an overlay-tray with a compartment for a glass or a non-spill cup and sides around the perimeter;minimize crumbs and dirt in the kitchen;
  • Chicco Polly Magic high chair cushion insert will keep even the smallest child comfortable;
  • capacious mesh basket attached to the back of the chair will not let your favorite toys get lost;
  • Removable hanger bar keeps babies entertained - the included rattles and teethers attach and remove effortlessly, allowing you to change them as often as mom and baby need.

This highchair model is presented in different colors, regardless of color, all additional elements are organically matched to the base - the body and the seat and do not stand out from the general style either in terms of ergonomics or shade.

Reviews of the chair Chico Polly Magic

Advantages and disadvantages

Due to the fact that there are not so many minuses in the Chicco Polly Magic chair, let's start with them:

  • price - this model is not cheap, but given its functionality and quality, the high cost of the chair is fully justified;
  • arc - some users note that it is not very securely attached to the chair frame;
  • the problem with washing, namely with cleaning the metal elements of the seat, if they are not dried well, they can rust.

Chicco Polly Magic has much more pluses:

  • reliability and durability - many mothers note that they have used the highchair for several years, while none of its mechanisms have failed during this time, the quality of the cover is also above allpraise;
  • in this model, everything that is possible is regulated - the backrest, footrest, seat height, table, angle of inclination of the arc and even its proximity to the baby;
  • simplicity of movement of the chair - for this, wheels are mounted in the rear steps;
  • Safety - straps and a special leg divider attached to the tabletop ensure your child won't slip off the chair.

User reviews

In general, parents who have already purchased this model for their child have a good opinion of it. If we take into account user ratings, then the chair deserves at least 4.5 points from grateful moms and dads. Many of them recommend that others opt for the Chicco Polly Magic model. Reviews also say that the chair is comfortable for the children themselves, and therefore they are happy to be in it at six months, and a year, and two.

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