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How a guy and a girl behave after the first date to develop relationships

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How a guy and a girl behave after the first date to develop relationships
How a guy and a girl behave after the first date to develop relationships

Congratulations, your date went great! You probably can't wait to meet again. How a guy behaves after the first date is a rather topical issue. A well-crafted farewell plays a significant role in the continuation of a relationship. But! Women and men behave differently after the first date. Why this happens, we will consider in the article.

Different perceptions

How does a guy and a girl behave after the first date? Women's psychology is such that the feeling of love and affection in the fair sex arises much faster than in men. Most girls who return home after their first date are absolutely sure that they are in love. The guy in this situation feels only sympathy. Men take much longer to understand their feelings.

girl and boy drinking coffee

One kiss is enough for a girl to consider that theybecame a couple with a man. But despite their different views on the relationship, both partners need time to realize their feelings.

Psychological factor

Relationship development after a first date isn't always the same. Some couples may take time to sort out their feelings, while others look forward to their next meeting.

Girl paints her lips

Feature of male psychology is that the rational component always prevails over emotional impulses. Therefore, the guy not only tries to build on the impression that the girl made on him, but also analyzes the meeting, the advantages and disadvantages of the partner. It makes no sense to hope for the continuation of the relationship due to the male instinct. The girl, on the contrary, is completely subject to emotions. And if she chooses a wedding dress after the first date, then this does not mean at all that she has lost her mind. Relationships are different and can end badly, so the fair sex needs to learn to control their feelings and emotions.

Initiative from a man

Many girls are interested in the question of what to do after the first date if the guy does not call. Probably, many representatives of the fair sex understand that the initiative should always come from a man. Therefore, it is in your interest to wait for an invitation to a second date from your chosen one. If a man is really interested in you, then you won’t have to wait long and soon he will announce his desiremeet you again.

Remember that a man likes the role of a hunter, so do not interfere with him. When there is sympathy for a girl, the guy is interested in seeing her as quickly as possible. Therefore, a woman should not be nervous while waiting for a call. If he likes you, he will definitely call.

How should a girl behave after a first date?

If you are aiming to remain a serious and dignified girl, then leave on an upbeat note. That is, the guy should have a desire to get to know you better. Remember that men are hunters, so they need to give up their thirst for prey. Otherwise, their interest will be lost. Therefore, do not give in to the impulse of feelings and emotions, behave with restraint, but do not forget to show the chosen one that you are interested in him.

relationship after first date

The question of how a girl behaves after the first date is always relevant. Remember that you should always behave beautifully near the chosen one, and not just at the moment of acquaintance. It is unlikely that a man will want to meet you again if your date ends in silence or a sharp change in mood for the worse.

As mentioned above, a man himself must take the first step. If on the first date you behaved correctly and used the techniques of female influence and charm, then he will definitely call you for a second rendezvous.

Recommendations for girls

Relationships after the first date develop well for most couples. To be on the safe side, girls need to know how to behaveend of first date:

  1. At the moment of parting, be sure to thank the chosen one for the evening spent.
  2. Don't be serious. On the contrary, smile and build eyes to the chosen one. He must understand that you are genuinely interested in him. A serious facial expression can scare away the chosen one. He may decide that you don't like him and he won't dare ask you out again.
  3. If a man decided to walk you home, then agree. In the event that you do not want the man to find out your place of residence, you can allow him to take you at least to a taxi.
  4. It is advisable for girls on the first date to avoid passionate goodbye kisses. If a man himself approaches you, then accept his affection. But remember that the first kiss should be gentle and slightly palpable. If you just met, then a light touch with your lips on his cheek will be enough. Leave the more sensual manifestations of feelings for later, and for the first date, a gentle hug goodbye will do.
  5. Do not call the chosen one after the first date. Try to calm down and mind your own business. If you are interested in a man, he will call you and invite you to the next date. Therefore, there is no need to worry.


What should a guy do after a first date? You need to understand your feelings and understand if you want to meet this girl again. If yes, then feel free to invite her on a second date. She must have been expecting your call for a long time.

Some guys consider sex on the first datethe absolute norm. And you can even find girls who do not see anything reprehensible in this. It is important to understand that intimacy is not always a reason to continue the relationship. Therefore, before taking such a decisive step, you should get to know each other better. People should have a psychological attachment, often stronger than sexual. Moreover, some guys after sex on the first date will draw not very good conclusions about the girl. Accordingly, the second meeting may not take place. Does this arrangement suit you? If yes, then you should not limit yourself to passionate impulses on a first date.

The guy kisses the girl

It is worth noting that most girls dress in such a way that a man immediately understands what this evening is leading to. Perhaps bodily pleasures are much more important to you, so you don’t care what the chosen one thinks. It's your decision. Sometimes, but very rarely, sex on the first date really develops into a full-fledged relationship. But statistics on this issue give disappointing numbers.

After the first date

How should a guy behave if he is really attracted to a girl and he wants to continue the relationship with her? After seeing off the fair sex and getting home, you should write her a message thanking her for the evening spent or call and say that you really enjoyed the time spent with her. You should not immediately make the next date, the girl also needs time to analyze her impressions and sort out her feelings.

man looking at phone

If you decide to talk to your chosen one on the phone, and not just send her SMS, then tell her that you will call tomorrow. Such words will be the best end to the first date. This is how you show your sincere interest.

If you promised to call the next day, you must fulfill your promise, otherwise the girl will take you for a liar and is unlikely to agree to a second date. Moreover, a lot of thoughts about a possible wife and children can be born in a woman’s head during this time. Moreover, she may decide that you are a typical pick-up artist, and she is your next victim.

You can start her day with a nice SMS, which will contain a compliment. If you are one of the more resourceful boyfriends, then send her a bouquet of flowers by courier. You can use the postcard through social networks. It all depends on your imagination and financial situation.

When a girl ignores

So we figured out the topic of how to behave after the first date to develop relationships. Sometimes it happens that a guy calls a girl, but she does not answer his calls. The reasons for this behavior can be very diverse. If during a date a representative of the fair sex sincerely showed her sympathy and interest, then indifference and ignorance can be immediately excluded from possible conclusions. Moreover, if a girl allowed herself to be kissed, then you can be sure that she really liked you.

Man with flowers

Look for the reason. Perhaps the representative of the beautifulPaul is waiting for you to take more decisive action. Or she decided to show you her inaccessibility so that you understand that she needs to be sought.

Why is this happening

What should a man do after the first date if the girl ignores him? It is common for the fair sex to not answer calls to the guy they like after the first meeting if they suspect any deception. Suppose a girl could see her chosen one, having a pleasant conversation with another girl or hugging a person of the opposite sex. Most likely, she made hasty conclusions from what she saw and no longer wants to communicate with a possible liar who is also dating other women.

how to act after a first date

To deal with this situation, the guy needs to find ways to meet. You can wait for her after school or work. Most likely, she will listen to you, and you will be able to solve the problems that have arisen. And if the spark between you really ran, then your relationship will develop further.

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