How to prevent pregnancy without pills: educational program on contraception
How to prevent pregnancy without pills: educational program on contraception

Video: How to prevent pregnancy without pills: educational program on contraception

Video: How to prevent pregnancy without pills: educational program on contraception
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Everyone knows how to prevent pregnancy without pills, using modern means. Not many understand what type of protection to choose - this applies to both women and men. There are not only condoms or pills - there are many: products for women (from pills to tubal ligation), for men - the same (drug therapy and surgery).

Basic methods of contraception

The main means of protection are pills that protect a woman from unwanted pregnancy. These are hormonal drugs that block the receptors responsible for the production of lubricants that help spermatozoa reach their “target”. The most common and affordable look that any couple can afford. True, you need to consult with your doctor to choose the "right" hormone and schedule the intake.

Even in ancient times, people drank herbs and ate animal droppings to protect themselves from another conception. Fortunately, today there are good methods of contraception, from which you won’t faint, but you won’t become 100% protected. This applies even to simple, seemingly harmless pills.

Harm of hormonal medications

Couples know how to protect themselves without pills, using only a condom, but many men find it degrading when a woman does not covertly use drugs, but visibly put on a "cloak" on the penis to render it harmless. Do not be offended by the notorious worldview of the strong half of humanity. It is important to know that in addition to hormone therapy and condoms, there are many other ways:

  1. Condoms can only be "against" if both the man and woman can test positive for HIV status - a negative result allows the use of the pill.
  2. Unprotected intercourse is possible when using oral contraceptives, but a woman must be aware of the consequences.
Oral contraception - hormones
Oral contraception - hormones

How to protect yourself without pills, any gynecologist will tell. And all because this method does not guarantee protection against sexually transmitted infections and STDs. There is also a risk of getting hepatitis, transmitting chlamydia, and more. Who periodically donates blood is a donor, he is more likely to use modern methods of contraception. Hormonal pills are almost a thing of the past:

  1. According to statistics, almost 28 women out of 100 have become pregnant in the last year.
  2. Effectiveness of drugs may decrease depending on the amount consumedfood, other drugs that reduce the effect of hormones.
  3. Women could become infected and even become carriers of HIV infection due to the appearance of a new partner in their lives.

Therefore, it is worth bearing in mind other ways to protect yourself without a condom and pills. This is better than worrying about your he alth or causing discomfort to your partner and constantly interrupting sexual intercourse.

Guide to Modern Tools

Hormonal pills allow you to create an artificial background that suppresses ovulation. They do not protect against the maturation of the egg, its entry into the fallopian tube, where fertilization can occur and, as a result, an ectopic pregnancy.

Knowing how to protect yourself without condoms and pills, you can calculate the best way to protect yourself - the intrauterine device is now popular. Suitable only for women who have given birth, but even young girls put it in medical practice. Its advantages are that it affects the maturation of eggs - this process is inhibited, and therefore there is no ovulation. And this: well-being, and the absence of discharge, painful days.

Is it possible to get pregnant after a spiral?

The intrauterine device is an exclusively female solution, since it does not affect the male body in any way. However, with deep penetration, it can move or damage the cervix.

How to prevent pregnancy without pills by folk methods?
How to prevent pregnancy without pills by folk methods?

Allowed at any age, but the risk of remaining barren still exists. The fact is that the spiral clogs the neck, maybefuse with the body and tissues. You will have to extract it by making an incision, cauterizing the extreme wall - this can lead to infertility. Also, practice shows that the "umbrella" of the spiral can exert pressure, leading to an inflammatory process within 5-7 years - the period for which the spiral is installed:

  1. There are coils with copper - they can cause an inflammatory reaction in the uterus. The egg will not pass into the uterine cavity, but may "rot" on the way to it.
  2. A foreign body in the genitals can cause bleeding, discharge mixed with blood. Increased menstruation.

Spirals with hormones are the most effective, which work like birth control pills, performing a barrier function. Not knowing exactly how to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy from this area, it is better to consult a doctor first.

Harm of intrauterine devices

Due to the fact that the coils can be installed along with a dose of hormones, a woman may experience a number of ailments:

  1. Head failures.
  2. Failure of the menstrual cycle.
  3. Increased body temperature.
  4. Increasing the effect of the spiral and a double dose of hormones.

Because there are other options that are less dangerous, it is worth considering alternative ways to protect yourself without pills and coils. These are more modern contraceptives, reliable and less costly.

Types of condoms as an alternative to traditional latex

How to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy?
How to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy?

Female condoms became widespread when women in Africa needed to be protected from violence during times of chaos and disaster. Then it was invented: to create a female condom that will be installed inside, like a bowl. In the case of unplanned sex, the girl will not become pregnant. Now you do not need to walk the streets in such "armor", and therefore at home you can use it as an alternative to the male condom. Here's how you can use contraception without pills without harming your own he alth.

Pregnancy prevention injections

There are alternative hormonal drugs that are administered intramuscularly or intravenously in the form of injections. Injections contain hormones, but they should not be taken every day or every other day, but several times in 2-3 weeks. No need to think about when to take pills, remember the dosage, see a doctor often.

With any ailment, they can be canceled without prescribing additional therapy during recovery. How to prevent pregnancy without pills and hormonal drugs? Be observed in the clinic and periodically change the method of protection.

How to use patches?

Patches - an unusual method of contraception, which consists in the use of special stickers with a dose of hormones. However, they are supplied to the body in a different form, so we can say that they are more effective and less dangerous. If you do not know how to properly prevent pregnancy without pills using patches, you can consult a gynecologist.

Hormonal pills forwomen
Hormonal pills forwomen

One piece applied once a week. It is installed directly on a part of the body (shoulder or thigh, pelvis) in such a way that the designed line from it to the floor is perpendicular and forms a right angle.

What are birth control rings?

These are hormonal products that are rings. They are installed on the cervix from the outside, squeezing it, protecting it from getting sperm inside. If other means are less pleasant, and you do not know how to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy without harm to he alth, this method is the safest and most humane.

You also need to remember - the rings are changed once a month. It is advisable to do this in the gynecologist's office, as it is not always possible to put it on correctly. Unpleasant sensations may occur, there is a risk of incorrect installation. And such a position will not protect, and will cause significant discomfort.

Spermicides, cervical caps and implants

Spermicides are substances that block the entrance to the uterus. They kill sperm, reduce the risk of conception, but do not completely eliminate it. The only way to prevent pregnancy without pills and injections is to use joint contraception in the form of hormones and spermicides.

They come in different forms - candles, creams, aerosols. They have practically no side effects, although the effectiveness is not the highest. The only difficulty is that it is not always possible to calculate the exact date of sexual intercourse, before which a specific dose of the drug must be administered. The partner may experienceallergic reactions.

How to prevent pregnancy without pills?
How to prevent pregnancy without pills?

Cervical caps are mini condoms for women that do not cover the vagina, but only the cervix. Sensitivity is preserved, there is a barrier effect. But you need to choose the right size, otherwise there will be no sense from them.

The implant is inserted under the skin with a dose of hormones for a period of three years. It looks like an injection, a spiral, but it works more efficiently without negative consequences. True, there is a risk of inflammation at the installation site.

Diaphragms and sponges

Diaphragms are larger than caps, put on just before sex. Therefore, they do not require a visit to a doctor to install them.

Diaphragms are bigger, caps are smaller. They can only be used by women who have given birth and whose cervix is wider. Girls are not protected from conception, since the diaphragm is not able to fully “sit down” on a narrow hole, forming a vacuum. Sperm can then penetrate through it, conception occurs.

Sponges are also an alternative to the cap, which is soaked in spermicide. At the same time it is a mechanical barrier and hormonal protection (spermicide kills spermatozoa). Knowing how to protect yourself without pills and condoms, the methods indicated above can make life much easier in every sense.

Surgical methods: tubal ligation

How can you protect yourself without a condom and pills?
How can you protect yourself without a condom and pills?

A cardinal method that not all couples resort to. In the Russian Federation it is allowed to make a dressingfallopian tubes only for women over 35 who have 2 children. The Second World War notes that during the childbearing period, the psyche of a woman may not be able to withstand if she wants to have children, but can no longer. Only IVF remains - artificial insemination, but the chances are reduced to 35% of 80% possible for the rest of the women.

This is perhaps the only case of how to prevent pregnancy without pills should not be. There are no absolute indicators for infertility, since the relative number can change - if the procedure is performed with an error, there is a chance to get pregnant.

Male sterilization is more radical - it does not involve subsequent conception, as the seminal ducts are tied up, and sperm no longer enters them. Men need to think twice before agreeing to this. Of course, in modern conditions, some people try in this way to protect their descendants from the transmission of HIV infection, but there is a therapy that allows you to give birth to an absolutely he althy child. As such, there is no point in the procedure.

Oriental wisdom: herbs against pregnancy

Now women resort to the most effective method - douching with citric acid (lemon juice), which kills the action of spermatozoa. By the way, it was previously believed that acid can injure the epithelium of the vagina, because acids corrode alkali. This leads to the following consequences:

  1. The composition of the vaginal flora is disturbed.
  2. Itching and irritation may occur.
  3. Mucus is practically corroded.
  4. Hormonal imbalance.

If necessary constantlyresort to such methods after sex, it is better to give preference to methods of urgent oral contraception. The only option on how to prevent pregnancy without pills using folk methods is to brew herbal teas, which are dispensed by the gynecologist as directed. In Muslim countries, these methods were considered legal, despite the opposition of men, because everyone wanted to have an heir.

How to protect yourself without pills and spirals?
How to protect yourself without pills and spirals?

Women more often faced with the issue of ovulation - before and after it, you can not worry about a possible pregnancy. Since the egg matures (before ovulation) and leaves the ovary (after), this is the most optimal period for conception. The difficulty is in predicting the "safe" time, so even doctors have a hard time determining this time.

To choose the best method of contraception, you can take a training course. Gynecologists in the antenatal clinic can talk about the most appropriate and modern methods of protection against pregnancy, choosing the ideal option for a married couple. Do not neglect the advice of specialists - the reproductive system is not always treatable.