How to fall in love with a lover: advice from a psychologist
How to fall in love with a lover: advice from a psychologist

Video: How to fall in love with a lover: advice from a psychologist

Video: How to fall in love with a lover: advice from a psychologist
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Countless people of both sexes have been trying for a huge number of years to understand why, from a certain time, they have been irresistibly drawn not to the person with whom they once connected their fate, it would seem, forever, but to a completely outsider.

Some of them even wonder how to make their new chosen one fall in love with them. Some experience such a passionate attraction that desire makes them cross all the boundaries of the rules formed in the society in which the person was brought up and grew up.

Physiology and love

Physiological arousal pushes for a sexual relationship, sometimes so hot and boundless that a woman begins to understand that something has happened to her that she cannot refuse under any circumstances. But her partner is limited only to beautiful gestures, passionate intimate meetings. About love, which would have a serious continuation, he does not think. And a woman is excited by the thought of how to make her lover fall in love with her so that unity is not only in bed, but also insouls. And sometimes dreams go even further.

Alpha males

fall in love with an ex-lover
fall in love with an ex-lover

It's very easy to confuse falling in love on the verge of frenzy with a serious relationship that inevitably leads to marriage when two people aspire to it. It happens that a woman never manages to fall in love with her lover, an alpha male by nature as a candidate for the role of the main man of her life. These charming men will easily break the rules they have created, they will not allow even a slight hint of the supremacy of someone over their actions.

In order for such a man to plunge into a relationship that will end in a serious continuation, it is necessary to fall in love with a lover as an individual who has lost his head, so that his personal needs cease to be dominant in his desires, and the concept of "necessity" subordinates his frivolous moods to family interests. Alpha males have a reputation for being a ladies' man all the time, but that's true until the point where his lead begins to wobble under pressure from questions and problems.

As a rule, such men fall under the hypnotic influence of sexual attraction and falling in love even in their young years of life, and become husbands with the best intentions. But the biological characteristics of their bodies begin to take precedence over the once given vows of fidelity with age, and they begin to love by no means their halves. But at the same time, family relations are not broken due to various reasons. The “lucky woman”, who got in the way of such a Don Juan and bought into his irresistibility and charisma, comes tohead to think about how to fall in love with a married lover. Dreams of living together with her chosen one push her to think that she can be better than a cheating wife. A woman, not being afraid of condemnation, can ask her friend: “How can I make my lover run after me?” Advice can vary, up to the point that it would be nice to get plastic surgery and become even more beautiful or to intoxicate him with a potion over which to cast a spell.

A friend may not know how to fall in love with a male lover, but she will not refuse to help with advice. Moreover, she heard that one of her work colleagues, after turning to love magic, managed to get an adored subject, while silently saying that the individual was not married.

how to make a lover fall in love
how to make a lover fall in love

If he's not free…

The task of getting a person who is not burdened by marriage is different from the idea of luring a married lover out of the family without returning. How to fall in love with a man who feels responsible for the fate of his children? In general, it's easy. There are many methods of seduction - from inviting smiles to active actions. The insanity of the father of the family can come against the backdrop of a crisis in relations in his house. But the main reason is that women's ways to make a married lover fall in love with themselves are skillfully used to ensure that he leaves the family for the sweetheart. The compliance of the strong half is explained by the fact that most men are initially ready to change their partner or simultaneously combine sexual relations with several women.

Falling in love with a married lover to the point of madness threatens that jealousy and distrust may arise in relations between partners. Male love insanity may not be based on a deep feeling and a strong heartfelt attachment, but on falling in love and passionate attraction. Comparing a mistress with a wife who has become familiar, the representative of the stronger sex becomes a blind man with a clouded mind. Suspicion and suspiciousness can develop greatly if he becomes aware that his current girlfriend, who brought him to leave the family, once had a passionate relationship with someone.

Crisis relations

Male irritability sometimes goes beyond. Willy-nilly, a woman will have to make excuses, and she herself will have to think about the fact that she will not be able to tell even her closest friend about how her lover in love behaves. In mutual relations, anger and hostility may begin to appear. And now she will not ask: “How can I make my lover run after me?”, But she will start thinking about breaking up the relationship. Jealousy isn't the only thing that makes couples suffer.

Crisis relations come with the disappearance of romance, with the beginning of the perception of each other as a mandatory necessity. Psychologists have come to the conclusion that if earlier the period of transition from fabulous cohabitation to routine stretched up to seven years, now, with the complication of social relations and the increase in workloads, personal relationships suffer faster. The period for which partners begin to be disappointed in each other has been reduced to 3 years. It happens that couples meet less and lessand less often, but interest in each other does not disappear completely. A woman who does not seek to change anything in her established relationship will need the advice of psychologists on how to fall in love with her lover again. More on this later in the article.

Is it necessary?

To begin with, it will not be superfluous to assess, without cunning, how necessary it is for yourself. After all, being a lover means resigning yourself to the fact that a man is only sometimes there, that the chosen one on the side is not the person who at any moment will calm and caress, as they say, “turn his shoulder” and help.

It would be nice to decide whether he needs this connection. Perhaps he calls less often now, and avoids meetings with mutual acquaintances. Was the time spent together only to satisfy passion, or did the man need more than just sex?

Recalling the first meetings, it is necessary to analyze what pushed the partners into a joint embrace, whether any obligations were expressed at the beginning of a love affair, whether the renewal of the connection will bring joy and reassurance to both partners.

It takes time

If a woman is determined that this man is valuable to her, but it's time to look around a little and pause, then she will do the right thing. Let circumstances arise when a distance is established between the partners and there will be no opportunity for her to even call. Let a sufficient time pass during which there will be no attempts on the part of the woman to see or somehow make herself felt. But at the same time, you need to be aware of what is happening to a man. That is, you should give himthe opportunity to understand that he must definitely meet his mistress, he needs her, he just missed her.

And now the moment will come when the man will appear again. By this moment, a woman should always be ready, because falling in love with an ex is not only pleasant, but it can also be costly. During the separation, the lover should become much more attractive than before the moment of his last departure. After all, thousands of lines have been written and millions of words have been said about what men love with their eyes. All this came from those people who faced such a situation in practice.

But if the man himself did not take the initiative, did not call, did not ask for a meeting, and the woman feels that the break in the relationship has dragged on, and besides, the talkative neighbor said that she met this acquaintance, and for some reason he was so sad, you will have to act on your own. Remembering the first contact, your image at that moment and comparing it with the current one, it is advisable to try to return the lost, of course, correcting it taking into account the past time.

The mood of the first meetings

how to make an unmarried man fall in love
how to make an unmarried man fall in love

How to fall in love with an unmarried lover with whom there was a temporary separation? Not necessarily again becomes the same as it was on the first date or at the first meeting. But the mood that you charged him then should return to him again and stir up his feelings.

If the meeting is random and the woman will have to take the initiative in her own hands, it is not advisable to show obsession and hot emotions, but also to enter into the image of an inaccessible "snowyQueen" is impossible, so as not to scare off a former lover.

One should be joyfully surprised, remember some episode pleasant for both, ask about the successes achieved during the separation in the plans that he shared during previous meetings. That is, you need to make it clear that the woman has been thinking about him all the time, but is not going to impose herself, and now she is running out of time, but there is a minute for a cup of coffee in the nearest cafe.

How will he take it?

lover ran after me
lover ran after me

According to the reaction of a man to her new image and an unexpected meeting, it will not immediately be clear how ready he is for the resumption of relations. If the chatter over a cup of coffee ends with an offer to drop by right today, to see what kind of settings in the computer are so upsetting to his interlocutor, then the evening of the former lovers, striving for reconciliation, will end in a common bed.

When the passion provoked by separation subsides, it will be possible to figure out whether the relationship will continue or not. A newly flared love can develop into a deeper feeling. During the breakup, the man, most likely, was able to decide what the degree of need for his almost lost girlfriend was for him. It may also happen that a woman, having lived for some time in a mode of freedom from constant expectations and again plunged into it, does not want to continue the relationship herself as a mistress, and the man will not make a marriage proposal.

To once again fall in love with a married lover, as if there were no previous disagreements and misunderstandings, who returned to the bosom of the family, the task is verydifficult.

It is not difficult to get back a strange man, who himself does not mind slipping away from the boring life into an atmosphere built for him and all his desires. But to create conditions so that he can treat his girlfriend on the side as his most important woman, that is, not everyone succeeds in truly falling in love with a former lover. This requires finding out about the merits and demerits of his wife, but not from the man himself. It is not necessary to ask directly, but it is necessary to analyze his appearance, grooming, clothes, taste habits.

Forget about tantrums and reproaches

How to make an ex-lover fall in love and keep him?

A few tips:

  1. You should never throw a tantrum on a man, but let there be some tears at the moment of parting.
  2. Do not talk about the affairs of your girlfriends, but emphasize all the time that he is the most important friend.
  3. When sharing your own dreams and plans, put the emphasis on the fact that you will be glad to have him participate in them.
  4. Don't reproach broken promises, but with a quiet sigh, let it be known that you are still waiting for their implementation.
  5. Don't put on tons of eye shadow and lipstick before he arrives, but neatness and attractiveness should accompany a woman at any time of the day or night.
  6. Give him an occasional favorite dish, but never out loud compare your culinary skills to his wife's, let him do it himself.

You must always remember that a man is only a male, and all the virtues of a mistress only set off herexcellence in sexual relations. Be for the lover in bed a riddle that he wants to solve. Then you will not be tormented by the question of how to fall in love with a lover again.

how to make a married lover fall in love with you
how to make a married lover fall in love with you

Unwritten rules for guys

It happens that a representative of the stronger half needs a mistress not even because of sex and chic appearance, but because unwritten rules require it. It is not uncommon for men of a certain social standing to regard having a beauty on the side as a necessary attribute of their existence.

In this case, the lover, suspecting her of prudence, sees in a woman only a means of satisfying his physiological and aesthetic needs on the basis of trusting and material relationships. But not all women get in touch because of their commercialism, some just love their respectable gentleman.

As psychology says, you can make a lover run after you if you manage to convince him that he will not be able to find a more faithful and beautiful wife.

If the lover is older

Much depends on the age of the man. A mature lover looks at a young lady not as a woman, but as a girl. In addition to sexual desire, the feeling of a patron, almost a father, begins to awaken in him, although not everyone can realize this.

All people over the years, regardless of gender, tend to think about their age. Possession of the young body of a mistress creates in men the illusion of their own long-termfullness, stimulates his sexual activity. Therefore, a woman who seeks to fall in love with her lover as a future husband, and not as a stepping stone to high material security, will have to adapt, first of all, to his libido and sometimes put up with her own dissatisfaction. After all, a long time ago people concluded that true love is sacrificial.

The time has passed when age-unequal marriages caused bewilderment and pity for the young wife. Now studies by sexologists convincingly prove that thirty-year-old and forty-year-old, sometimes even fifty-year-old partners, in fact, are people of the same generation, have the same interests and similar views. The development of their own physical abilities in men has become not just a fashionable trend, but is also supported by society's attention to this issue. Morning jogging, regular dosed exercises in the gym improve he alth and, accordingly, increase male sexual potential.

That is why the desire of a mistress to marry an age admirer is justified not only by sensual relationships, but also by the physiological abilities of a person. The coincidence of temperaments is a decisive factor in the stability of love relationships. Falling in love with a lover as a man with similar needs will be the key to either a long romance, or close relationships will develop into family ties by themselves. Although the transformation of a tender love affair from time to time into permanent cohabitation with or without a stamp in the passport most often happens if the age differenceinsignificant and no one has to adapt to the physical needs of a partner. But are love relationships always stable, even if they are not easily achieved?

fall in love with a married man
fall in love with a married man

If the lady is married

If suddenly there comes a moment when the look of a new acquaintance burns, and you don’t remember what color your husband’s eyes are without tension, then female happiness once deceived you and sent you along a road that led to a dead end. Men tend to take advantage of women's weaknesses, even if they are someone else's wives.

A married woman's love relationship develops with her lover in different ways. Much depends on whether her new chosen one is free or is also married, whether there is a difference in age and what financial situation her lover has. Sometimes a married woman doesn’t even think about how to make her lover fall in love with her, because she doesn’t need it at all from an outside relationship.

She remains a diligent mother, trying to seem like a loving wife, housekeeping does not become her burden. Outwardly, nothing changes. From a love affair on the side, she expects only tickling of nerves and satisfaction of her physical attraction. Often, after all, husbands with a weak libido try to compensate for their reduced sexuality by paying more attention to the needs of the family, becoming loving fathers and caring husbands.


There is no need to make a husband guess that his wife has an interest in another man. But sometimes it’s even useful to unwind, get aroused from passion, so that guilt makes you look at your husband notonly as a slightly fed up sexual partner, but also to appreciate his loy alty and devotion. A smart husband, with all the reinsurance actions on the part of the woman, will still feel a strange alienation, and possibly indifference on the part of the woman, and will try to correct the situation, considering himself guilty of what is happening.

Considering the option of a married woman's strong love for a married man-womanizer, it must be noted that in this case, the weak half may become dependent on the desires and capabilities of the lover, and, as a result, ignoring family responsibilities on both sides. The result of such a passion is women's thoughts about how to fall in love with a lover, if she is married, he is married, and no one plans to destroy their own families. After all, the beginning of a new relationship is always accompanied by novelty and sharpness of sensations, which gradually subside.

This is known to both partners-lovers, because the accumulated experience over the time that has passed in marriage signals that everything that happened before can happen again now. But the physical attraction that natural instincts endowed every he althy person can be difficult to overcome. This is how a couple of lovers meet for many years, occasionally enjoying stolen happiness, but without destroying the peace of their children and spouses.

What should a married lady do?

how to fall in love with yourself
how to fall in love with yourself

What should a married woman do who has fallen in love with a free man and their feelings are mutual? A so-called love triangle is created, in which it is difficultfind out which of the three is the injured party, and who is the main culprit of what happened. If a self-sufficient beautiful woman was subjected to violence in the family due to unreasonable jealousy, then she has a natural reciprocal internal resistance, leading to the search for a new partner. But severing family ties is not always possible. The reason for the impossibility of leaving the husband's family is most often the concern either for the elderly father-in-law and mother-in-law, or for joint or adopted children.

Maternal beginning takes precedence over love experiences. Moreover, not always a married woman has complete independence and has the opportunity at any time, in the absence of inhibitory reasons, to control her fate. Well, you have to accept the conditions that life creates and adapt to them. An unmarried lover is free from obligations and, if his feelings correspond to what he convinces his woman, he will be able to organize a joint business trip or vacation without arousing suspicion from her husband.

The connection of a married woman with a free man will certainly make her worry and think about how and with whom he spends his evenings without her. But on the other hand, intimate meetings can be more frequent, because he is not busy resolving family problems. He does not have to pretend to his wife that he is interested in her. A single lover is always ready for a date, so there is no need to sneak around during lunch breaks. Therefore, women's disposition towards men who are not connected by family relations does not have black colors and spirit.rivalry, suspicion, and sometimes envy.

The question remains how to hide all this from your own husband. Here, trips to friends will always help out, or there will be an hour or two in between visits to the hairdresser and beautician. Over time, the passion will subside, the meetings will not be so hot and long-awaited, or, conversely, they will move to the level when the husband becomes aware of everything, and you will have to make a decision to break up with someone alone.


We think the article made it clear how to make your lover fall in love with you. As you can see, this is not very difficult to do. You just need to think in advance whether it is necessary so much so that later you don’t regret everything and don’t suffer from unfulfilled hopes.