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I want a lover: psychologist's advice, where to find and where to start?

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I want a lover: psychologist's advice, where to find and where to start?
I want a lover: psychologist's advice, where to find and where to start?

I want a lover! How often such a phrase can be heard from married friends … Lovers' relationships are more diverse and deeper than family ones. But often they add up exclusively with other men. How to find a lover, and where to start looking, we will consider in the article.


It is believed that the concept of a lover was formed from the word "love". Therefore, when the thought arises: “I want a lover!”, Then one can understand without a doubt that in life there are not enough of those very feelings that excite the heart. Today, such a relationship is not ruled out. And every woman subconsciously sees in her lover the father of future children and her husband. But real life is very far from the ideal picture. And when there is no love in her, perhaps finding a lover will come in very handy.

Relationship with husband

I want to find a lover! Such a desire arises in a woman when everything is not going well in relations with her husband. It is not often that people manage to maintain passion and spark in a relationship throughout a long union. Sooner or later, partners begin to annoy each other.

Women tend to lose interest in him after a long time in a relationship with one man. They no longer feel the thrill of being touched, the desire to have sex disappears, and so on.

I want to find a lover

Often, with age, men stop caring for themselves, begin to look older than their years. And the woman has the thought: “I want a young lover!”. And when a pretty trainer catches your eye in the gym, then such thoughts begin to visit the lady more often.

The reasons are different, but most often the problem lies in the lack of attention from the spouse. Therefore, before rushing into the pool with your head, you need to think it over well. And sometimes it will not be superfluous to discuss the problems of relations in marriage with your spouse.

Relationship Benefits

I want a lover, what should I do?! Such a statement must have been heard by more than one woman from her friend. Probably, you should not rush headlong into a new relationship thoughtlessly. It is better to analyze the current life situation and approach its solution wisely.

Let's look at the benefits of being in a relationship with a lover.

  1. Gynecologists recommend having a lover for a woman's he alth if there is no husband. However, it is important to give preference to one partner, as the frequent change of men can lead to unpleasant diseases.
  2. A lover is like a kind of social elevator. Women are encouraged to choose a partner with a high position in society and good material we alth. People use low! But here, most likely, we are talking about a mutually beneficial exchange.
  3. Relationship with husband
  4. A lover brings a holiday into your life every time. In relations with her husband, sooner or later, the candy-bouquet period ends, and life is a routine. With a lover, you do not have a common life, household chores and troubles. And since he does not want to offer you a joint future or is in no hurry to do this, it is in his interests to keep you. And this means that he will regularly pamper you with gifts, flowers, romantic surprises and other joys of life.

Where to look?

I want to have a lover, where can I find it?! Everywhere! If you work in a hospital, you have a huge number of single male patients going through you. If in a bank, then there are many security guards, programmers, managers and managers around. Even if you work in the library, men often go there too.

If you have a negative attitude towards mixing work and relationships, then you can visit clubs, concerts and other places in search of a partner. But still remember that it is extremely dangerous to contact strangers.

What are the benefits

Many people meet in public transport, at meetings of friends and other events. In itself, the place of search does not matter much, but the method associated with how to get a lover.


There is an opinion that there is no woman who could not get the desired man. There are quite a few strategies to create a relationship with a man.

The most effective technique is considered to be a feelingadmiration for the male intellect. Requests for help in the professional field in which the desired man is employed work no less well. Anything can be used - skiing, diving and asking for help in any matters at work. Let the man know that you admire him. And in gratitude, it will not be superfluous to invite you for tea or a glass of wine. The rest is up to the right tactics.

Where to looking for?

A woman who is standing on the road near her car with an open hood is already making her want to help. A neighbor of a country house, who is trying to fix the TV antenna, causes no less desire to help her and show her male talents to the fullest.

But there is one important condition, without which such strategies will not bring the proper result. A girl should always look great. Be in good shape at any time of the day, no matter where she is - on the road, at work or at home. It is unlikely that an attractive country house neighbor or fellow traveler will want to help a tortured and nondescript woman. And talking about a cup of tea does not make sense at all. The nature of men is so arranged that if you look amazing, then only a man who is not suitable for the role of a lover will refuse a cup of tea in your company.

Pitfalls of secret relationships

I want a married lover! Such a statement can often be heard from married women. It is this format of relations that is the safest, since it is unlikely that over time, in the case of strong attachment, the partner will begin to demandleave her husband and family for him.

Things to keep in mind 7

But on the other hand, love can also arise from a woman. At the beginning of such a relationship, the fair sex feels like a happy, beautiful and significant woman. After a while, she risks losing her head from love, as well as making mistakes that will complicate relationships in marriage. Indeed, there are often situations when one of the partners begins to take a relationship on the side for true love simply because he received (a) a lot of attention and passion, which have long been lacking in marriage.

Therefore, it is very important not to overestimate the significance of such a relationship, otherwise you can seriously suffer. Perhaps your relationship with your husband needs variety, and passion will flare up in them again. If this happens, then the question of finding a lover will become irrelevant.

Tips & Tricks

I really want a lover! This phrase can be heard from most women who lack love. But in order not to destroy the family, you need to follow some tips:

How to keep
  1. Remember that a sudden change in work schedule or routine of your usual day can cause serious suspicion in your spouse. Plan your schedule ahead of time. Report a planned "trip" to a seminar, a beauty salon, or a workout at the gym.
  2. If you have a connection on the side, do not tell anyone about such a relationship. No one should know about a lover, even relatives and people close to you.
  3. Avoid meeting your man in the presence ofchildren.
  4. Think in advance about who can insure you. A well-thought-out alibi is the key to caution in a love relationship.
  5. Try not to show your spouse that you have moved away from him. On the contrary, give him a few compliments or be jealous of a mutual friend. This way you can lull his vigilance.
  6. Remove possible compromising evidence in time. It can be joint photos, messages and so on. You should be as careful as possible with gifts from a fan.
  7. If your spouse knows what is happening, then you need to stop meeting for a while.
  8. Be safe!
  9. Avoid sudden changes in appearance, such as hair color, drastic changes in hairstyle, underwear and wardrobe.
  10. Don't spend time with your lover in public places. You will probably meet someone you know there. And if this happens, then do not be nervous, but behave absolutely calmly. You never know who you met, maybe it's an old friend, a former classmate or just an acquaintance.

How to keep? Psychologist's advice

I want to return my lover, what should I do? To avoid such questions, it is necessary to do everything in advance so that the man himself does not want to leave you.

How to keep

Let's look at the most popular psychologist's advice on this topic.

  1. Try to satisfy the man in bed as much as possible. It is necessary to regularly innovate and change the already familiar sex.
  2. Never turn down a man's offer of sex. But,of course, everything should have reasonable limits. Do not show your lover that you tend to get tired and fall off your feet. He sees a tired woman in a dressing gown at home every day. You should always be beautiful, active and ready for any shock.
  3. Charge a man with new emotions. Embark on extreme journeys that will charge you with a good dose of adrenaline. After such joint adventures, you will remain in his memory for a long time.
  4. It will not be superfluous sometimes to show off and express your desires. It is natural for men to fulfill women's requests, this is how nature works.
  5. Try not to start talking about his family and children. And even more unflattering to speak of his wife. Often, the attachment to a mistress is weaker than the legal bonds of marriage.

What to remember?

A married man only accepts the role of lover when his marriage is in crisis. But this does not mean that he is ready to abandon his family and go to his new girlfriend.

And being in the role of a mistress in such a situation, a woman should be clearly aware of her place in this relationship.

As for women, the situation is similar. The only difference is that the representatives of the weaker sex are much more emotional and can easily fall in love with their lover. Therefore, when starting a relationship on the side, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons in advance.

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