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Height difference between couples. Tall girl and short guy
Height difference between couples. Tall girl and short guy

Scientists have found that the taller a guy is, the more attractive he is to girls. The growth of the head of the family affects the self-esteem of a man and the relationship between partners. However, many famous couples can be cited as an example, which completely contradict this rule. In the article, we will consider the ideal difference in the height of men and women, as well as modern stereotypes, which are considered to be the standards of beauty.

Psychologists' opinion

According to the research of experienced professionals, the difference in height in couples has a huge impact on the well-being of relationships between lovers. Here are just some of the arguments that psychologists give:

  1. Tall men give women the right to feel secure.
  2. The tall guy has a significant increase in self-esteem and income.
  3. The head of the family with great stature achieves high social status.
A girl with a tall guy

And these are not just hypotheses, butscientifically proven facts. Statistics show that tall men earn $166 more per month on average than their shorter counterparts.

The Bible also says that "a wife should be in the shadow of her husband." This rule is much easier to follow when the head of the family is much taller than his partner.

Perfect difference

According to experts, the difference in height between a man and a woman should ideally be 12 centimeters. Studies have shown that it is this number that affects the durability of the pair. If you change it to the big side, the girl will begin to feel uncomfortable next to a huge man in the role of a "slave owner". If the difference is reduced, then the beauty will interfere in the affairs of the man, thereby exposing him as a "bad leader".

Perfect height for kissing

Also, the number 12 is based on the physiological characteristics of people. According to psychologists, it is with such a difference in height that couples get the maximum pleasure from kissing. A man should always tilt his head a little during an intimate moment, and a girl should rise on her toes. If the pleasure of the kiss is maximum, the feeling of euphoria will not leave the beloved even after the wedding.

Stereotype 1: "Great marriage"

It is believed that the difference in height in couples affects the relationship between people in love. If a man is taller than his girlfriend, he feels much more confident in society. The beauty, on the other hand, feels much more feminine when she is next to a tall partner. Suchcouples look beautiful from the outside, even if the lovers are completely incompatible characters.

The guy picked up the girl

Most men subconsciously try to find a girl who is shorter than them. Communicating with the "inch", they feel real superiority and domination, the instinct of the alpha male turns on. The girl, on the other hand, feels fragile and innocent next to a tall gentleman. In a relationship, she will subconsciously obey a man, thanks to which the couple will be able to create a strong marriage.

Stereotype 2. "Equality"

The same growth of partners in a relationship leads to mutual understanding and equality in the family. Such couples usually make important decisions together, and family responsibilities are divided almost equally. You can often find how partners with the same height are engaged in joint activities. An unbreakable trusting relationship is built between them. Both man and woman are ready to fully accept each other's shortcomings.

The girl is the same height as the guy

Why does this happen? The thing is that a man does not feel strong dominance over his partner. The girl subconsciously puts herself in the same position with her lover. Such couples do not recognize the term "head of the family" and solve all domestic issues together. Relations between lovers are more like business than love. However, it cannot be said that passion between people is completely absent. It just fades into the background, giving way to logic.

Stereotype 3: Tolerant Marriage

When a girl is several centimeters taller than her boyfriend, a man has to endure a look from above. Subconsciously, the beauty will want her partner to manage family affairs. However, she will always doubt the correctness of the man's actions, offering him various "advice", since "she knows better." In such a relationship, the guy will always be in the shadow of his girlfriend. Although in public, the couple will do their best to show their normality.

The girl is taller than the guy

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. For example, a man can surpass a girl in social status, because of which she will treat him with respect. Also, a guy can prove his supremacy with various talents and merits that a woman cannot boast of. The duration of such relationships directly depends on the nature of the head of the family. If a man stands his ground to the end, then the marriage will be strong.

Stereotype 4. "Mama's Boy"

What about the relationship between a short guy and a tall girl? Couples of this type are rare. As a rule, they arise when a girl despairs of finding a partner who is taller than her. From the outside, a man in such a pair will look like a small child, and society will in every possible way "poke fun" at his beloved. Because of this, relationships between young people may begin to gradually crumble.

Image "Mama's boy" in a relationship

It is also worth noting that a marriage between a short guy and a tall girl will bring a lot of inconvenience to both partners. A man will constantly experience a feeling of embarrassment, and a woman - discomfort. However, if the lovers can endure all the ridicule and gossip, then they will have a long and happy life together. After all, if the relationship does not collapse from serious factors, then the trust between partners is only strengthened.

Stereotype No. 5. "Total control"

Now about what's in store for a couple of a very tall guy and a little girl. Such lovers also stand out very much against the general background. However, all ridicule is most often uttered by people behind their backs (the fear of grabbing a couple of slaps in the face takes its toll). A man in a couple will feel dominant, but a girl may have a hard time. Even if the head of the family does not behave like a dictator, the woman will be subconsciously afraid to object to her partner.

The guy is much taller than the girl

Every girl wants to feel fragile and feminine. However, in a relationship with a bully, the beauty will feel like Ann from the famous feature film "King Kong". The people around her will always look at her with pity, as if she entered into a relationship against her will. If a woman shows all the strength of her spirit and is not afraid to show her character, a man will also begin to feel much more comfortable.

Should stereotypes be followed?

Agree that no centimeters or opinions of strangersshould influence people's feelings for each other. Even if your girlfriend is taller, this does not mean that she will treat you like her son. Of course, the pattern of dependence of happiness in a couple on the difference in height is based on certain studies. However, every study has its exceptions, which could be you! If you really love a person, his height should not play a big role for you. Otherwise, you will simply become a gray mass that follows generally accepted stereotypes.

If this argument is unconvincing for you, then consider this. Should all couples in the world be based on whether people match each other physically? Is it really then that every person should look for a partner of his height, physique, skin color, gender? People love those who make them feel special, who make them want to live life to the fullest. Winnie the Pooh once said that even small things can hold a huge place in our hearts. Consider the words of this funny bear, because they are the simple truth.

Video and conclusion

We hope this article has helped you understand if height difference matters in a relationship. If you still do not have your own opinion on this matter, we recommend that you watch a short video. It details what drives guys and girls to choose a partner and how height differences affect relationship success.

As you can see, you don't have to be tall, handsome or petitegirl to be loved. It will be enough to find a person who will accept you with all the "flaws". Most importantly, treat yourself with love and respect. And then you will definitely have a strong and warm relationship, on which the difference in height will not have any effect. We sincerely wish you happiness and family well-being!

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