Cat food "Mnyams": types, compositions, reviews

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Cat food "Mnyams": types, compositions, reviews
Cat food "Mnyams": types, compositions, reviews

Video: Cat food "Mnyams": types, compositions, reviews

Video: Cat food "Mnyams": types, compositions, reviews
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Cat food "Mnyams" appeared on the shelves of pet stores relatively recently. Its range is very diverse and can satisfy the tastes of even very fastidious cats. What is included in the feed? And how useful is this type of prepared food? We will consider these issues in the article.


Mnyams dry cat food is produced by Landguth (Germany) and Pro Pet (Austria). The same enterprises produce delicacies, as well as canned food and pouches with the taste of meat and poultry. Fish feed production is located in Thailand. They are made from fresh seafood. For the manufacture of cat food, the manufacturer does not use frozen meat and fish, as well as soy products. This ensures the high quality of the product. This feed is supplied to Russia by V alta Pet Products.

Fresh fish
Fresh fish


The manufacturer claims that Mnyams cat food belongs to the super premium class. This means that the product contains a sufficient amount of natural meat. In himonly very high quality by-products are present. Free of artificial additives, soy, ground bones and skin.

This food can be given to cats all the time. It contains all the substances that the animal's body needs. When switching to super premium food, the pet does not need additional nutrition.


Mnyams cat food is a new product that has recently appeared on the market. However, he has already managed to gain popularity among pet owners. This brand of cat food has the following benefits:

  1. High protein content. The composition of the product includes at least 18% protein. Its source is meat, fish and high-quality offal. Ingredients are not frozen and retain all useful substances.
  2. No harmful additives. The food is free from artificial colors, flavor enhancers, flavors, and GMOs.
  3. The presence of delicacies in stock. Feeds from the "High Cuisine Dishes" series are prepared according to the culinary recipes of the peoples of different countries. This allows you to treat your pet to the most delicious food. This diet is suitable for finicky animals.
  4. Balanced diet. The product contains a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. This allows the animal to get all the nutrients from the finished food. You can completely switch your pet to Mnyams cat food. There is no need to add regular food to the diet.


Unfortunately, this type of food is not withoutshortcomings. The disadvantages of the product include the presence of a small amount of pesticides in it. This is due to the fact that vegetable raw materials are used in the manufacture of feed. The manufacturer assures that these substances are contained in very small quantities and cannot be harmful to he alth. However, cats prone to allergies and indigestion should not be fed this food.

There are no medicinal feeds in the "Mnyams" line. Many cat owners also consider this a minus of this brand. The product is intended only for animals in good he alth. Special types of food are only food for pregnant and lactating cats. Some types of dry and wet products are recommended for neutered animals.

Food "Mnyams" is not yet widely used. Some of its varieties are rarely found on sale. They have to be ordered from pet stores or online in advance.


The "Mnyams" line is distinguished by a rich assortment. It consists of the following feed series:

  1. "Gourmet cuisine". These are delicacy foods prepared according to the recipes of Italian, French, Greek and Portuguese cuisine. Their composition is unusual and unique.
  2. "Cat Fedor". The series includes spiders with poultry, rabbit, fish and seafood. Delicacies are also available in the form of mixes and sticks.
  3. Wet food. This is a canned meal of tender meats, poultry, fish and seafood.
  4. Treats and delicacies. The series includes pillows and drops withvitamins, minerals and hair removal agents.

Let's take a closer look at these types of cat food.

Gourmet cuisine

The Haute Cuisine series is the most exquisite food for cats. The composition of this line includes spiders and dry food. The following ingredients are used as a protein source:

  • chicken and chicken meat;
  • ostrich;
  • rabbit;
  • beef;
  • lamb fillet;
  • trout;
  • salmon;
  • lobsters.
Pouches "Lobster in Catalan"
Pouches "Lobster in Catalan"

Feeds also contain vegetables, fruits, rice, herbs and wild berries. Most of the products are intended for the nutrition of adult animals. Kitten food is represented only by Marengo chicken food.

Series "Cat Fedor"

Pouches, mixes and tidbits are produced in three varieties:

  1. "Hunter's Feast". The food contains meat of wild birds, domestic duck and rabbit.
  2. "Fish Festival". This is a product based on trout, salmon and shrimp.
  3. "Meat carnival". Meals include turkey, chicken, duck and lamb.

Spiders from the series "Cat Fedor" is a complete diet for adult cats. As for sticks and mixes, they are included in the menu as an additional food. These treats can be given to kittens from 3-4 months old.

Mix "Fish Festival"
Mix "Fish Festival"

Wet food

Wet food series for"Mnyams" cats are represented by pouches with the following types of meat:

  • chicken;
  • lamb;
  • beef;
  • salmon;
  • rabbit.

Spiders "Chicken in sauce" are available for both adult animals and kittens. All of the above foods in this series can be included in the diet of sterilized cats. They contain natural substances that prevent the formation of kidney and bladder stones.

The "Wet Food" series also includes canned jelly with the following products:

  • chicken;
  • ham;
  • beef;
  • cheese;
  • salmon;
  • tuna;
  • anchovies;
  • dorado;
  • mackerel;
  • shrimps.
Canned chicken with cheese
Canned chicken with cheese

Canned food is intended mainly for feeding adult cats. Small kittens should only be fed Chicken in Soft Jelly.


Mnyams brand produces a variety of treats for cats:

  1. Traditional delicacies. They are produced in the form of sticks and pieces based on animal, poultry and fish meat.
  2. Wet cream treat. It contains chicken, tuna and scallop.
  3. Vitamin treats. This product is designed to strengthen the body, remove hair and prevent diseases. Treats with vitamins and trace elements are available in the form of drops and crispy pads.
Treat for kittens with turkey
Treat for kittens with turkey

Treats are not meant to beconstant power. Their share in the diet should be no more than 10%. Sticks, cream and pads can be added to dry food, canned food and pouches.

Expert Opinion

Veterinary reviews of Mnyams cat food are mostly positive. Experts consider this product nutritious and useful. Such food is well absorbed by the body of cats. For complete saturation, animals need small portions. This type of food does not usually cause any digestive problems.

You can find a lot of good reviews from veterinarians about Mnyams wet cat food. According to experts, the "High Cuisine Dishes" series deserves special attention. The spiders in this line contain beneficial substances that promote muscle growth, good coat quality and strong bones.

Reviews of veterinarians
Reviews of veterinarians

Specialists also highly appreciate the Mnyams dry cat food. It consists of dried natural meat and is rich in he althy proteins. The granules also contain berry extracts that cleanse the kidneys and prevent urinary tract diseases. Specialists especially recommend this food for spayed cats.

Opinion of cat breeders

Pet owners leave positive feedback about Mnyams cat food. Breeders note that there are no special additives in the product to give a rich taste and aroma. Nevertheless, animals very easily switch to this type of food and eat it with pleasure.

Cat with appetite eats food
Cat with appetite eats food

Reviews on wet cat food "Mnyams" from the series "High Cuisine Dishes" are quite contradictory. Such exotic food is suitable for those animals that love variety in food. The products of this line have an appetizing smell and exquisite taste. Many cats enjoy eating spiders.

However, in some animals, hair loss and allergic reactions were noted after eating exotic dishes. Not every cat's body is able to perceive unusual types of meat. In this case, it is better not to purchase ostrich and lobster spiders. You should switch to wet food made from chicken, lamb, trout or salmon. Such food is more familiar to cats and less likely to cause allergies.