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What to do if a boy fell in love with you? Tips for girls

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What to do if a boy fell in love with you? Tips for girls
What to do if a boy fell in love with you? Tips for girls

What to do if a boy fell in love with you? This question is asked by all teenage girls who are not interested in how to achieve reciprocal sympathy from any guy. Of course, for situations related to personal feelings, there cannot be one correct solution for all. Only your own intuition can suggest the only correct course of action. In other words, listen to your heart.

But what if both the heart and intuition are silent? This happens if a boy who falls in love does not cause either sympathy, interest, or hostility. In such situations, girls often find themselves and, as a rule, worry about this, blaming themselves for emotional callousness. So what to do if a boy fell in love with you, whom you simply never noticed? First you need to make sure that sympathy really exists.

Why is the boy not confessingdirectly in your feelings?

Understanding that a boy is sympathetic or even in love is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Of course, if the boy sent a note with a confession or a proposal to meet, an invitation to the cinema, then the situation is clear, and there can be no question of any ambiguity in it.

But young people do not always show determination and act directly, especially when it comes to sympathy for a girl. As a rule, teenagers are embarrassed, afraid of being both rejected and accepted, worried, and often simply do not understand what they should do.

We must not forget that boys mature emotionally much later than girls. And this leads to a different idea of ​​how exactly one should behave in the presence of sympathy. Quite often, girls simply do not understand that the behavior of a young man is dictated by falling in love, because they are waiting for completely different actions.

boy 12 years old fell in love what to do

However, it happens no less often that a girl begins to "panic" for no reason. They often wonder what to do if a boy fell in love with you, without any evidence that the young man has sympathy. Sometimes a casual look, a phrase, or a request for help with a school assignment give rise to girlish fantasies about love.

How do you know if a boy is in love?

Before you decide what to do if a boy fell in love with you, you need to make sure that this is really the case. It seems that everything is simple. But how exactly to do it?Not every girl is able to approach a young man and directly ask a question on such a delicate topic. Moreover, even if a girl has the courage to do so, not every boy will have the courage, courage and determination to answer “yes”, that is, in fact, to confess his feelings.

Accordingly, you need to watch the young man. As a rule, teenage boys show signs of the behavior of a person in love when they are alone. This means that if the guy is surrounded by friends, it makes no sense to watch him at this moment. If a boy is in the same class as a girl, you need to look in his direction during the lesson. Although there are a lot of people in the room, but in the classroom it is usually everyone on their own. And if what the teacher says is not particularly interesting, then teenagers inevitably plunge into their thoughts and dreams, while completely impersonating their behavior.

what to do if you have a crush on a boy you don't like

Of course, the signs by which you can understand that a teenager is in love depend on his age. But there are also the same manifestations of sympathy, characteristic of both 12 and 16 years old. These include:

  • "special" looks;
  • attempts to take a seat closer to the girl, for example, in the corridor at recess or in the dining room;
  • confusion and redness on the face upon contact, any question;
  • drawing attention to yourself - loud conversations with friends, bravado, too much laughter.

This is how both boys at 16 and boys at 12 behave.“I fell in love” and “what to do” are concepts in adolescence that invariably accompany one another. What is ordinary and natural for an adult, for teenagers can become an event of a “universal scale”, with which something must be done. Especially when it comes to likes or love.

What to do?

As a rule, this question is asked if the boy who feels sympathy does not cause absolutely no emotions in the girl. That is, the young man is not disgusting, but at the same time not pleasant. This means that he was never interesting as a person, I didn’t want to be friends with him, and no one paid much attention to him, his girlfriends didn’t talk about him. This list can be continued. The bottom line is that the boy for the girl does not seem to exist at all, he is just part of the surrounding landscape. It is this attitude that is called indifference.

There is no need to make hasty decisions in such a situation. Give the young man a chance to prove himself. Without knowing a person, you can not refuse a relationship with him. It is quite possible that this particular boy will turn out to be the one and only. Dealing with this is easy enough. You need to invite the lover for a walk in the park or for some city holiday. It is not worth calling to the cinema for several reasons. Firstly, it will not be possible to communicate with the young man, the maximum that will turn out is to discuss the film he has seen. Secondly, there is a great risk that the chosen movie is not to the taste of the young man, or that he will draw the wrong conclusions about the girl, based on the film she has chosen. Although often in such situations tickets are taken simplyso, on what is suitable for the time of the session. Thirdly, a movie ticket costs money, and a teenage girl, as a rule, does not have her own money.

what to do if you have a crush on a boy you don't like

After spending some time with a sympathetic boy, the girl will stop wondering what to do. The guy will like or cause antipathy. It is quite possible that such a meeting will not become an impetus for great love, but will serve as the foundation for strong friendship.

You shouldn't wait for an invitation from a boy who is indifferent. He may not have the courage to do so. And if you start flirting with him or otherwise hint that you can be more determined, the guy will take it for sympathy, which actually does not exist.

What if the boy is not liked or is younger?

What do you do if a boy you don't like falls in love with you? Talk frankly with him, report a lack of sympathy. In no case should you use the feelings of a young man and start dating him in anticipation of a "real prince" or because "everyone has a boyfriend." This attitude will lead to the habit of "settle for what is" in the future. And this is a direct path to the lack of personal happiness in life.

what to do if a boy who is 5 years younger than you fell in love with you

What to do if a boy who is 5 years younger than you falls in love with you? The issue is extremely relevant for high school students and students of pedagogical universities who are practicing in schools. First, you don't needconsider such a combination of circumstances to be something immoral or unacceptable. After all, no one is surprised by the love between adult men and young girls. So why not vice versa? But, without a doubt, it is not worth encouraging a boy in love, because there are no relations between high school students and students of the middle group, as well as pairs of students and schoolchildren. If the sympathy is mutual and sincere, then in a few years, when the boy grows up, the relationship will definitely begin without any effort or action.

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