How to wish a good morning to a guy: beautiful and original phrases, examples
How to wish a good morning to a guy: beautiful and original phrases, examples

Video: How to wish a good morning to a guy: beautiful and original phrases, examples

Video: How to wish a good morning to a guy: beautiful and original phrases, examples
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What could be nicer than long-awaited or completely spontaneous greetings in the early morning? Such words always inspire hope, charge with positive, give energy for the whole day. But how to say them correctly? What exactly needs to be said? Where to begin? And how to wish good morning to a guy?

good morning darling
good morning darling

Starting with a good mood

If you have a person you want to say hello to in the morning, start with personal preparation. Since you are planning to wish a good morning to a guy in SMS and give your opponent a pleasant feeling, in order to convey positive emotions, you need to tune in to a good wave yourself.

To do this, follow these simple steps:

  • Get out of bed in the morning, stretch and smile broadly.
  • Imagine today being the best day of your life.
  • Feel your heart fill with love.
  • Fill yourself with joy and positive emotions.

And only after a good emotional mood, you can think abouthow to say good morning to a guy.

Correspondence with loved ones
Correspondence with loved ones

Call the guy by his name

So, you have a phone or a PC in your hands, what's next? Start by talking to your boyfriend or the man you love. At the same time, it is best to address him not as “bunny”, “cat”, “sun”, etc. As a rule, many men and guys do not like such "cuties".

The ideal option is to call your loved one by name. Believe me, nothing amuses pride and raises self-esteem like the sound of your own name. And here it is also not worth saying: “Dimonchik”, “Kolyusik”, etc. Specify a common name. You get something like: "Good morning, Sasha!"

Correspondence with loved ones
Correspondence with loved ones

Take an interest in the guy's affairs

Wishing a good morning to a guy, as we described above, is not enough. Complete your wish with questions showing your keen interest in the person being interviewed.

In the continuation of the conversation, be sure to ask how he slept, what plans for the day. The main thing is not to overdo it with questions. Otherwise, you will be mistaken for an annoying and annoying girl.

Chatting with a guy
Chatting with a guy

When to send a morning greeting?

It's beautiful to wish a good morning to a guy, strange as it may sound, not every girl knows how. To begin with, it should be done at the right time.

Don't send your greetings at, say, 5 or 6 am. It is possible that your beloved does not wake up so early. Sending a message at such an early hour can not only wake you upbeloved, but even anger him. And then you will get the exact opposite of the expected effect.

Write to the guy when you have already woken up yourself, he is on the Web and is already showing some activity on the Internet. For example, if it's a social network, wave hello to it first. And only then write: “Good morning, Andrey! How did you sleep? What did you dream? What are your plans for today?”

hugs with cute
hugs with cute

How to say good morning to a guy in your own words?

When it comes to a simple good morning wish, don't bother with the choice of phrases. Your greeting should certainly be short and easy to read and understand.

Do not overload the male brain in the morning. So tell your sweetheart something simple and in your own words. Here's how to say good morning to a guy without too much context: “Hi, honey! Good morning!” or “Good morning, Igor! Wake up and sing!”, “Good morning, country! It's time to get up, Vitalik!"

man sleeping
man sleeping

Should we continue the conversation?

In order to understand whether it is worth continuing the conversation after your kind greeting, pay attention to the reaction of the opponent. If he answers briefly and does not ask a counter-question "How are you?", do not write anything else.

This will indicate that at the moment the interlocutor is not ready to continue the conversation. And the reason may not lie in you, but, for example, in the fact that he has not yet fully woken up. But don't take it to heart. This behavior is easy to explain. And it has nothing to do withthe fact that you decided to wish good morning to your beloved guy, as if at the wrong time.

Good morning
Good morning

Should I add tenderness to my morning greeting?

It depends on how close you are to the person. If you already have some kind of relationship, then adding some gentle words to the traditional morning communication is useful. Below are some examples of how you can wish a good morning to a guy:

  • "Hello my love! I woke up in the morning and realized that I really missed you tonight.”
  • "Good morning, honey! I dreamed about you today. I so want to hug you and feel the warmth of your hands.”
  • "Good morning, sweetheart! Today will be a beautiful sunny day. Let him remind you of me, my gentle and sweet man!”

But how beautiful it is to wish a good morning to a guy in SMS if you are not so close with him? In order to say pleasant words to a person, it is not at all necessary to be very closely acquainted with him. It is enough to write something like: “Good morning! Please accept my warm and sincere greetings! May your day today be easy and full of wonderful impressions! Or you can write: “Wake up, sleepyhead! It's morning already. I wish you a wonderful day!”

How about a humorous approach?

In this case, it is worth considering the characteristics of the character of your chosen one. If he doesn’t have a very good sense of humor, this issue is immediately removed from the agenda. When a guy is positive about humor, why not cheer him up in the morning?

And here is the principle of submissionfunny greetings, you can choose different. For example, in an original way to wish a good morning to a guy, as many lovers of jokes recommend, is really possible with the help of a prank. To do this, you can contact an agency that specializes in organizing celebrations and creating draws. For a fee, professional actors will speak to your chosen one in the voice of a famous porn star, TV presenter or singer.

Call a sweetie or send a voice message can be the president of the country, a space alien or any character you order. If you wish, you can record your own greeting and send it to your sweetheart in the morning. You might end up with something like: “Good morning! Stop sleeping. The roosters are crowing, wake up. The dudes are coming, bent over!" Or like in a children's song: "Get up, get up, put on your pants!"

Add some cuteness

Alternatively, you can pick up a beautiful postcard, picture or gif, for example with cats, and send it to your boyfriend. Do not forget to write a few nice phrases for this cute card: “Get up, my dear sun! New achievements and deeds await you!”

But here it is worth considering the characteristics of the character of your dear. It is possible that only you like such tenderness. But he would have liked the standard: “Good morning! Sun is up. Get up soon!”

Brevity is the sister of talent

When sending a morning greeting to their beloved, many ladies make one unforgivable mistake. They write a long message. However, not everyone will read such a “sheet” to the end, if they read it at all. In addition, in the morning I wantto see something light, pleasant, and not delve into the details of too verbose letters.

So write a guy something short and sweet. For example: “Good morning! You have such beautiful and deep eyes in which you can drown. Today I miss you more than ever!”

Another example: “When the morning does not start with you, the day becomes long, and the waiting for the meeting drags on for a long time! Every morning I want to start with you!” Here's another: “My heart aches and hurts without you. It wants to be with you. Good morning, honey! Or: “I will meet you with this cup of aromatic coffee. Warm the inner warmth of the soul. I caress and kiss. Wake up, my gentle and affectionate friend!”

The shortest greetings

If for some reason you do not want and do not like to send long messages, write very simply and briefly. For example: “Good morning to you!”, “Good morning!”, “Morning has come. Get up!”, “And the morning came again. Have a good and productive day!”, “Sending you a sweet morning kiss!”, “May this morning bring joy!”, “Good morning, beloved!”, “Hi, darling!”, “Good morning, dear!”, “Hello my friend! Happy morning!"

Several options for warm greetings

Especially relevant such greetings will be in bad weather, a rainy day and during cold weather. At such a time, you don’t want to get out from under the covers, but you just want to bask and wrap up warmer. At such moments, the most pleasant will be good and kind words.

For example, you can say the following: "This cold and damp morning I send you a hot, passionate kiss!",“Woke up in the morning, felt incredibly cold without you. I want to hug you soon and melt from your kisses. Good morning, the only one!”, “Hello! I'm so cold tonight. Come to me in the morning and warm me! Miss you!”

You can also write like this: “Wake up, love! I'm already at your door. Open soon. I hasten to wish you good morning!”, “Hi, honey! Today is a beautiful morning. But it’s so cold for me without your warm hugs and kisses!”, “Morning has come. Missed you. How long I slept, but I didn’t see you”, “A gray and dull morning is knocking on the window. But I do not care. I want your warmth. Come quickly and embrace me!"

Which greetings are better: in your own words or poems?

In this case, it does not matter whether to write a greeting in verse or express thoughts in your own words. The main thing is that they come from a pure heart and be sincere. And of course, everything should be in moderation. Don't abuse your sweetheart's patience. Write to the topic, briefly and from the heart. The greeting should not be feigned or contain hackneyed phrases and expressions.